The Kiss That Shook the Anime Community!!! Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 40 Reaction!

Re:Zero season 2 has been pretty dark having our Subaru go through dozens of trials/tribulations and equally has tested some of his allies as well. In the newest episode of Re:Zero we learn more about Subaru’s friend Otto—the merchant who is slowly becoming MVP of the series—and of his strange power. Otto can actually talk to animals/insects which has made him suffer but has also allowed him to understand the same issues Subaru ironically faces in his life. However, this newest Re:Zero episode doesn’t just give us more backstory on Otto but also gives us a few big moments that we fans have been craving since episode 1.

Subaru Admits His Love for Emilia…IN GREAT DETAIL

After an episode with tons of fighting—from Otto and Ram trying to survive Garfiel—Subaru makes his appearance as he tries to find Emilia. Luckily, Subaru does indeed find our silver-haired half-elf and the two sit beside one another. Before long, Subaru finally admits his undying love for Emilia—which shouldn’t shock anyone—and he is adamant on repeating his love for her over and over again. This might seem silly to say “I love you” over and over again but this admission of love has a very important secondary motive.

Subaru Begins to Save Emilia’s Heart

Emilia throughout the Re:Zero series has shown she isn’t exactly the strongest emotionally. Season 2 has definitely shown her weaker side—and how she would react if Subaru died—but has allowed Subaru the chance to prove she isn’t alone in her struggles. Episode 40 has Subaru confess his love but equally his desire to stay by her side despite her flaws. Imagine if Emilia continued to not feel strong or lacked a partner. Subaru repeating his emotions towards Emilia is what finally allows her to show her pain and equally show she isn’t going to face this dark world alone.


After some tension/arguing, Subaru grabs Emilia and does what all Emilia fans have desired for 40 episodes! Emilia and Subaru finally kiss! What does this big event mean for the future of our cute couple? We have no idea but we do know this gets Subaru ever closer to his desired future.

There Are Darker Days Ahead

We had a romantic kiss and Emilia and Subaru seem to finally be closer to being lovers but we know you readers are like us here at Honey’s Anime. You’re probably wondering “are darker days lying in wait”? Most likely, there will be some dark days ahead for Subaru but we can bet that Subaru won’t be as careless as he has been in the past. Now that Subaru is aware of the effects of his death—as these worlds still could exist but now without him—Subaru will be sure to think more about each action before he makes it. Plus, Subaru has more allies by his side and we know these allies will keep Subaru alive as best as they can!

Final Thoughts

Re:Zero episode 40 was intense by merging action and then drama-filled romance. Garfiel and Subaru end the episode by meeting up but we can’t even focus on what will happen with these two. SUBARU AND EMILIA KISSED AND THAT IS THE BIGGEST TAKEAWAY FROM EPISODE 40 RIGHT!?!? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on episode 40 and Re:Zero season 2. For more Re:Zero coverage be sure to keep stuck to our shocked hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Re-1-500x281 The Kiss That Shook the Anime Community!!! Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 40 Reaction!


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