5 Zombie Girls in the Last Five Years

Zombies have become really popular lately in media! Of course, not all zombies have to be terrifying—in fact, some of them can be rather sweet. We thought we would show off a few of the best zombie women from the past few years, talking about all those who may not fit into the traditional definition of the undead. While there are plenty of great unnamed zombie characters for our heroes to fight off, these are a few of our favorite unusual zombies!

5. Zonmi-chan from Zonmi-chan: Meat Pie of the Dead

Zonmi-chan is just a girl in love, but she struggles with finding someone to reciprocate that love! Of course, the fact that she tends to take a bite out of people doesn’t help with her search. This is the story of a clumsy and awkward zombie girl, trying to navigate life as best as she can!

Zonmi-chan is one of the most adorable zombies we have seen yet, though we didn’t get a lot of time to get to know her. Her search for love is a familiar tale, but her adorable personality makes her one of the more unique zombies we have encountered. We can only hope she gets more of a spotlight at some point in the future!

4. Zombina from Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls)

Kimihito Kurusu was living a peaceful life after his parents went abroad—until his home was invaded by monster girls! Kimihito was appointed as the caretaker for a Lamia named Miia. After her appearance in his life, monster women soon flock to Kimihito, giving him his own harem. Thanks to the Interspecies Exchange Act, sexual relations between Kimihito and the various girls is forbidden, with an exception only for marriage. Of course, that doesn’t stop the women from making his new life just as crazy!

Zombina is a part of Kimihito’s large harem of monster women, being an undead commander of the special taskforce known as MON. She has the most sarcastic sense of humor and is rather stubborn in nature. Despite her high role as commander of MON, she loves to poke fun and mess with other people, even while following orders.

3. Rita from Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis)

Many years ago, Bahamut was sealed and the key split between the rival deities, bringing peace into the world. Favaro Leone and Kaisar Lidfard are two regular bounty hunters, going about their work in rivalry with one another. But when Favaro meets the mysterious woman Amira, his easygoing lifestyle is about to change forever!

Rita’s appearance is nothing special, other than as a young girl in training to be a necromancer. However, her demeanor hides the truth—she is actually a sentient undead woman! She was the only survivor of the Nebelville massacre, living for around 200 years with the zombies of the town. She was eventually killed after being bitten by her own parents and then mercifully ended by Kaisar. After she came back to life, she chose to follow him, lending what help she could to his cause.

2. Mumei from Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

The world is in chaos after monstrous creatures emerge, desiring human flesh and mowing down entire communities. The beings are known as “Kabane,” and can only be killed by destroying their steel-coated hearts. There are a few fortified civilizations for humanity to hide in, traveling between each location with large trains. Most of humanity is content to hide while they can, but Ikoma believes he has an invention that can kill Kabane.

Mumei is one of the main characters from Koutetsujou no Kabeneri, lending her strength to the fight with her amazing skills. Though she lives among humanity, she is actually a Kabaneri herself, though she appears to have volunteered to be one rather than having been bitten. She can be stubborn and rather solitary due to the hard life she has had, but she quickly grows closer to Ikoma, especially since he has the same condition she does.

1. The Girls of Franchouchou from Zombieland Saga

Sakura Minamoto’s dream of becoming an idol was quickly ended by her death, and when she wakes up ten years later, she has no memory of her past. A man named Koutarou Tatsumi tells her that he has resurrected her and six other women, with the idea to form an idol group to revitalize the Saga prefecture. Though not all the girls are fully sentient yet, Koutarou begins scheduling them for gigs, relying on Sakura to fulfill their goals!

We honestly couldn’t pick just one of the girls of Franchouchou to include on our list, so we chose all of them! These women might be the most unconventional zombies we’ve ever seen, using their undead nature to the advantage of an idol group! We love each one of them, and can’t wait for the next season of Zombieland Saga!

Final Thoughts

We hope our brief look at some unusual zombie girls from the past few years has helped you appreciate them a little more. Though they may not always be traditional, we think this helps their character development be more interesting!

Who are your favorite zombie girls? Let us know in the comments section!

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