6 Anime Like Alderamin on the Sky [Recommendations]

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In order to overcome your enemy you need to have the right mindset going into battle. Every tactician on the field knows that to outplay your opponent, you need to outsmart them. Deception is key along with having the ability to think several steps ahead of what they'll do next. This is the type of action that you'll see in our six anime like Alderamin on the Sky, where every action that is taken must be devised quickly and ahead of time in order to conquer the battlefield. Let us prepare our equipment and get ready for battle.

Similar Anime to Alderamin on the Sky

1. Arslan Senki

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: April 5, 2015 - September 27, 2015

Arslan Senki's second season is slowly unraveling, so we highly encourage you to tune in after watching the first season, since a lot more is in store for Arslan and his military contingent. Under the rule of the aggressive king Andragoras III, the once blissful kingdom of Pars find themselves in turmoil with the neighboring empire, Lusitania. Prince Arslan is the polar opposite of his father and sets out to prove his position on the battlefield for the very first time. However, when Andragoras is betrayed by one of his most trusted officials, the Parsian army is torn apart and the capital city of Ecbatana is conquered. With the army in shambles and the Lusitanians out for his head, Arslan is forced to go on the run. With respected general Daryun as his support, Arslan soon sets off on a tumultuous journey in search of allies that will help him take back his home.

Prince Arslan is up to his neck in responsibilities as he strives to become the new king of pars, while his arch nemesis seeks to kill him to reclaim what's rightfully his. What makes this very similar to that of Alderamin takes place in an era where warring states are in a constant battle to seek the throne, while dealing with corruption taking place in the underworld. Both Arslan and Ikuta are very young and initially had no confidence in their inner genius, but once they teamed up with allies that brought out the best in them, their leadership skills blossomed as well as their power. The two use very tact plans of action with the assistance of their allies, overlooking the battlefield and deciding where to place their men. The battlefield was their game of chess, and managed to outsmart the enemy at every opportunity that passed.

Arslan Senki Trailer

2. Kingdom

  • Episodes: 38
  • Aired: June 4, 2012 - February 25, 2013

Kingdom is an incredible anime that looks at China’s Warring States period, and the many ordeals that transpired during that era. In the kingdom of Qin, Xin Li, a war-orphaned slave, trains intensely with fellow slave and best friend, Piao, who shares his proud dream of one day becoming a Great General of the Heavens. Their lives change forever when the two are suddenly forced to go separate ways, and Piao is sent out to work in the royal palace by a retainer of the King. Kingdom follows Xin as he takes his first steps into the great blood-stained pages of China's history. He must carve his own path to glory on his long quest to become a Great General of the historic Seven Warring States.

Xin and Ikuta are both orphans who are forced out of their natural habitat, and must now rely on their past training in order to survive in a war of full of bloodshed. The two share an incredible gift, in that on the battlefield they wield the ability to devise strategies without much thought, taking out their enemies with little effort and wounded casualties. They must now carve a path of their own seeking out assistance when they can from other experienced soldiers, while ensuring that their close friends stay alive and move ahead towards glory.

Kingdom Trailer

3. Senjyou no Valkyria [Valkyria Chronicles]

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 5, 2009 - September 27, 2009

The continent, called Europa, is divided into two main super powers: The Imperial Empire, a monarchy located in the east, and the alliance of democracies called the Federation in the west. Both seek out a very important resource called ragnite which can perform a range of things from fueling weapons of war to use in medical treatments. Since ragnite is such a vital resource to many, both nations are constantly at war with each other for it. Much of the story takes place in the neutral country of Gallia, known for its abundance of ragnite, when the greedy Empire decides to invade and seize the ragnite for themselves. Welkin, along with other comrades must band together to fight the Imperials in the ragtag Gallian militia group, Squad 7.

Senjyou no Valkyria or as we all know it as Valkyria Chronicles is all about determining the right strategy, and fulfilling that strategy at all costs. Much like the video game franchise, Welkin must join forces with his allies in order to stop the Imperials from bringing pain and suffering to the Empire. What's great about both shows is that there's a lot to learn with regards to history, and how many people survived during a time that was full of terror and gunfire. Both teach us that power is in numbers but more so, in your ability as a captain to lead your entire team to victory and restore peace back into the world you reside in.

Any Anime Like Alderamin?

4. Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta [The Pilot's Love Song]

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: January 6, 2014 - March 31, 2014

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta is another military style anime which takes place in an era riddled with war, and dictatorship. In order to uncover the "end of the sky," as spoken of in ancient mythology, main protagonist Kal-el Albus is sent to the island of Isla, which is situated in the sky. There he attends the prestigious Cadoques High's Aerial Division, where Kal-el enjoys a carefree life with his schoolmates. That suddenly all changes when a surprise attack by the feared air tribe touches down on the island, and begins to create havoc among the townspeople. Everyone must now band together to stop this bloody war from turning into a deadly massacre.

Ikuta and Kal-el don't really care for war and would rather not participate in such petty events. Unfortunately for them the enemy creates a major threat and the two are forced to join the army in order to put an end to all the terror. At first we see them as very collected individuals who are quite lazy in their approach to life, but when on the battlefield they become untouchable in their tactical efforts to restore balance to their society. Both stories are very moving and have you really rooting for them to overcome the obstacles that they're confronted with, while still maintaining a cool attitude about everything.

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Trailer

5. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 4, 2015 - September 19, 2015

JSDF officer and passionate otaku, Youji Itami, is on his way to attend a doujin convention in Ginza, when a mysterious portal in the shape of a large gate suddenly appears. From this unfortunate incident, Youji is then tasked with leading a special recon team, as part of a JSDF task force, that will be dispatched to the world beyond the gate known as the “Special Region”. The task force must now travel into this unfamiliar world in order to learn more about what they're up against, and attempt to befriend the locals in hopes of creating peaceful unions with the empire. What they're in for however is no walk in the park, and if they fail, there's a lot more at stake than they imagined.

Youji is an otaku who really didn't care much about his job as part of the JSDF task force, and felt that it was taking precious time away from his true purpose in life. All he really wanted to do was live the otaku life and attend events to keep him happy. Similarly, Ikuta just felt life would be better lying on a hammock than to participate in something that didn't serve a purpose for him. Unfortunately for these two, destiny was having none of that, and the two begrudgingly took the position just to fight in a war they didn't care about. Surprisingly Ikuta and Youji are extremely intuitive individuals and manage their teams effectively, even building great rapport with new allies along their adventures. Their strong sense of awareness keeps them moving forward, and defeat every enemy that comes their way.

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Trailer

6. Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu (The Legend of the Legendary Heroes)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: July 2, 2010 - December 17, 2010

The infamous eyes of "Alpha Stigma" are known to analyze a wide variety of magic. However, they are more infamously known as cursed eyes that bring upon destruction and death to those around them. Ryner, an Alpha Stigma bearer and powerful mage, was once a student of the Roland Empire's Magician Academy, which dedicated its time to training magicians for military objectives. Unfortunately after the untimely deaths of many of his classmates due to war, he makes a promise to himself to make the nation a more peaceful one, along with his best friend, Sion Astal. Together they all seek to uncover the secrets behind his cursed eyes.

Ryner much like Ikuta is teamed up with a beautiful female support who wields swords, and can decimate any enemy at will. Both are very close to one another and always coach each other on how to take our the enemy without taking too much damage. Ryner is a deep thinker much like Ikuta and is an incredible team leader, who always makes sure to bring morale up to where it should be. Their calm, cool, and collected demeanor really helps them out in battle, simply because they don't panic very easily under extreme pressure and ensure their plans are rightfully carried out by their team.

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu PV

Closing Statement
Diving into the heart of battle takes a lot of courage and the ability to always be on the alert for when the enemy strikes. Strategy is very important if you're looking to make an advance on your foes, so creating an elite team of fighters by your side will most certainly gain you the upper hand when necessary. Proper planning and execution are the true signs of a mastermind, and these protagonists surely proved that. If you have any other anime like Alderamin on the Sky that you feel should make the list, be sure to let us know in the comments section down below! And also follow us on twitter for the latest article updates and tweets!

As always for all of your sweet anime needs, keep it locked here on Honey's Anime.

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