6 Anime Like BNA [Recommendations]

When a person or thing is different than the norm, humanity tends to fear and/or ostracize it. This behavior isn’t always intentional, though, as humans fear what they can’t understand. It is why many cultures keep to themselves. Why blend into the world when you run the chance of being looked at like an abnormality? Truly, the world of humans can be just as terrifying as the world of beasts, brutal and ready to fight to survive.

That metaphor we mentioned above brings us today’s anime worth mentioning, BNA or Brand New Animal. Currently airing this Spring 2020 season, BNA focuses on the world of beastmen and how they have been on the lamb from humans due to their special—but scary—abilities and powers. BNA might be fantastical due to the whole concept of a woman—in this case Michiru Kagemori—turning into a tanuki-like being when she was previously a human. We won’t go into spoilers but BNA is yet another amazing work from studio Trigger and one we’re watching with wide-open eyes! While we all wait for each weekly episode to release why don’t we recommend 6 other anime just like BNA!

Similar Anime BNA

1. Beastars

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2019 – December 2019

Legoshi lives in a rather bizarre world. As a grey wolf, Legoshi is seen as a beast of prey aiming to hunt and kill due to his carnivorous instincts. Those who are herbivores believe that carnivores like Legoshi aren’t to be trusted and that feeling grows after a rather traumatic event. Tem the alpaca—and friend to Legoshi—is killed and it causes the Cherryton Academy to now see Legoshi in an even worse light, leading the grey wolf to go into hiding.

Louis—a deer and president of the academy’s drama club—seeks out Legoshi to act as a guard during a play which leads to a truly odd meeting. Legoshi runs into a white dwarf rabbit named Haru and rather than wishing to devour her begins to have feelings for her leading to a strange relationship. These two beasts live on the opposite spectrum of species and Legoshi begins to feel his inner hunter cry for blood. Can Haru and Legoshi prove to the world that both carnivores and herbivores can coexist or will he prove the growing distrust in the air is justified?

Beastars is a rather surprising series adapted by studio Orange. Echoing the themes of BNA, Beastars shows viewers how segregation can truly be a terrifying thing. As the various races within Beastars intermingle, their natural instincts begin to cause problems. BNA examines that same theme—albeit with a bit more action—but shows the issues when trust between races begins to breakdown. Lovers of BNA will no doubt want to check out Beastars as soon as possible!

Beastars PV

2. Guilty Crown

  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: October 2011 – March 2012

The Apocalypse Virus in the year 2039 changed the world for the worst. Japan felt the effects the worst during the event known as Lost Christmas, causing a large shift in power to occur. The GHQ is sent to Japan to restore law and order but their methods cause tension between the military and citizens. A rogue guerilla group dubbed Funeral Palor takes it upon themselves to rid Japan of the GHQ.

During an important mission for Funeral Parlor, Inori Yuzuriha meets Shuu Ouma and activates a hidden power within Shuu. Now the wielder of the Power of Kings, Shuu is able to obtain items/weapons from the voids within people. Funeral Parlor takes Shuu and makes him a main force in stopping the GHQ. Shuu will soon learn that with this self-created war, both sides hold dark secrets and his power will be the key to changing the fate of not only the war but the entire world…

Guilty Crown echoes with the famous theme created by Stan Lee in his Spider Man series, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Shuu—like Michiru—gains a power that can shape destiny not only for themselves but for those all around them. Both BNA and Guilty Crown focus on that theme of power and how it can be both a boon and a curse for the wielders of it…and those caught in the crossfire. We love both series equally and Guilty Crown is a timeless series in our minds here at Honey’s Anime. If you need another action series with a nice amount of human drama then we think you’ll also love Guilty Crown.

Guilty Crown Trailer

3. B: The Beginning

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: March 2018

Those living on the island of Cremona know all too well of the recent strain of murders. Dubbed Killer B, this vigilante has set off to take the law into his own hands causing the police to rely on a special division of agents to bring him to justice. The Royal Investigation Force has been activated and they know even they will need a special talent to take down Killer B. Keith Flick is summoned by the RIS to assist them in finding Killer B but as the detective begins his mission he soon learns there’s a deeper web of mysteries behind this killer.

B: The Beginning—crafted by Production I.G.—launched on Netflix in 2018 and we immediately donned our detective hats to join Keith’s investigation. B: The Beginning might not have had beast-humans but it did have odd experimental creatures, a hidden society working in the shadows and plenty of action/mystery. BNA fans will find B: The Beginning the perfect binge series while they wait for the next BNA episode to drop.

B: The Beginning PV

Any Anime Like BNA?

4. Cop Craft

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2019 – October 2019

The world changed years ago when a strange gate appeared in the Pacific Ocean. Earth found itself open to another world filled with fairies and creatures and it was only a matter of time before the societies began to intermingle. A new city was made that houses these new inhabitants but problems soon arose. This led to a new police force being formed with Kei Matoba joining its ranks.

Kei—who was once a JSDF soldier—is known to solve crimes in a very unorthodox way and that doesn’t change when he gets a new partner. Tilarna Exedilka, a fairy of noble lineage joins Kei after he loses his former partner—Rick Fury—and the two don’t exactly get along initially. Yet, if Kei and Tilarna want to solve a case of an important fairy going missing and find Rick’s murderer the two will need to push their differences aside.

Cop Craft wasn’t mentioned much last year and that is a shame. While not a great show, Cop Craft is a lot like BNA as the two series have humans/non-humans working together for a greater good. We equally enjoyed Cop Craft’s mystery elements and high octane action. Most of you probably skipped Cop Craft for other shows that aired in 2019 but we’re going to say fans of BNA might want to give another peek at this underrated series.

Cop Craft PV

5. Ninja Slayer From Animation

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 2015 – October 2015

Long ago Ninja were seen as warriors of a different level than your typical human. Many ninja were beings capable of using special abilities that could devastate their foes and change the course of history. Using a special—but considered forbidden—form of hara-kiri, these ninja trapped their souls in the famed Kinkaku Temple. Their goal…to be resurrected in the future.

The ninja of yesteryear fell into obscurity and legend but now in the future, their rebirth has begun! In this technological future, Fujikido Kenji runs into the power of these evil ninja as his wife and kid are brutally slaughtered. Kenji nearly dies himself but a powerful ninja soul enters his body and gives him the power to take down the evil that has been resurrected into this world. As a Ninja Slayer, Kenji will seek his revenge on his family and rid the world of this once historical threat!

Studio Trigger can always be relied on to deliver truly outlandish anime series and Ninja Slayer From Animation is yet another one of their creations. Hyper action and a strange world filled with danger are just a few of themes that make this the perfect parallel to BNA. Ninja Slayer From Animation had its fair share of suspenseful battles and story that kept the audience guessing how much wilder Trigger could get! Sound familiar? Yes folks, BNA and Ninja Slayer From Animation are truly from the same studio and that’s why we know Trigger fans—and BNA fans—will want to check out this future themed ninja series!

Ninja Slayer From Animation PV

6. No Guns Life

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2019 – December 2019

Juuzou Inui was once a cybernetic soldier working for the Beruhren Corporation but his life changed once there was no need for their super soldiers called Extended. Now more machine than man, Inui has tried to change his life by working as a mercenary of sorts. Inui’s mission is to help those like him and learn of his forgotten past. Opportunity lands literally right in his office one day when a gigantic Extended lands in his office pleading for assistance. Arming his weapons—and the gun that is his head—Inui heads out to help this giant and see if he can learn the mysteries behind his creators and their corporation.

No Guns Life is…weird that much can be seen the minute you see its main protagonist and his literal gun head! Akin to BNA—which is also quite weird—the two series are chock full of action packed fights and mystery to really push your deductive skills. While No Guns Life might not have beasts running around, you’ll quickly learn Inui is a beast in his own right.

No Guns Life PV

Final Thoughts

BNA is a truly odd—but captivating—anime that is yet another example of the greatness that is studio Trigger! We fell in love with BNA from the first episode and constantly can’t wait to see what happens next! Are you loving BNA, or do you have differing opinions? Another question, do you feel the list above does BNA justice or did we miss a series like it? Feel free to talk to us using the comments below! For even more articles like this one be sure to keep stuck to our always busy hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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