Did BNA Miss the Mark?

When we hear of another project by studio Trigger our hearts legit leap with joy. Formed originally from former Gainax members, Trigger has become a well-renowned anime studio. Trigger has released some amazing works such as SSSS.Gridman, Kill la Kill, Space Patrol Luluco, and Darling in the FranXX; and most recently, BNA. The minute BNA—Brand New Animal—was announced, we had high hopes and thought this might be their next big anime series! However, when BNA wrapped up in early May our hopes were a bit dashed. A question hit us immediately here at Honey’s Anime. Did BNA Miss the Mark?

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

As BNA wrapped up, a thought hit us hard, this series did so many things right and missed so many marks. BNA had an intriguing premise that seemed to look at racism and succumbing to societal hierarchies all within a beautifully animated package. In the end, though, a lot of the story shied away from these premises and felt unexplored. Trigger still did an impressive job with BNA but we’ve seen better anime from them.

Needed Another Cour

In our honest opinion, BNA feels too short for how much it tries to establish. You have episodes focusing on fights with beastmen who have a distaste for humans—such as Giuliano Flip—and shady corporations who are all too eager to do human experiments to see if they can change humanity at its core. If BNA had another 12 episodes, we truly feel the story could have been dived into deeper.

That Studio Trigger Oddness

Humans turning into beast hybrids, special abilities and amazing—but bizarre—fights are just a few staples we’ve come to expect from Trigger. However, in BNA these strange oddities clash with the main theme of the series and can prevent the audience from taking the show seriously. We wanted to really love Michiru’s struggles as she tries to adapt to her new beastmen life but when she’s one minute fighting to survive and the next playing an insane game of baseball, her struggle falls on deaf ears. BNA is a Trigger work and while we love the oddness factor, we wonder if that causes the story to suffer a bit.

And Then…

BNA closes on an almost too convenient ending and that is probably its biggest sin committed. Without unleashing spoilers on our readers, Michiru and Shirou’s battle concludes with a way to save the beastmen, save the relationship between humans/beastmen and give our main heroine a new lease on life. Studio Trigger has been known for some pretty great—and ho-hum—endings but BNA closes the curtain and makes you wonder…is that really it? Here’s hoping we get another season or at least a movie to see our warriors return in a future that is closer to being ideal.

Final Thoughts

BNA isn’t disliked by us or many viewers out there but the common thought is this one. BNA misses the mark at being truly incredible. Studio Trigger has once against crafted a wonderfully animated series that looks—and sounds—awesome but it feels like this was meant to be a longer series then what we ended up with. Do you feel BNA turned out well or do you agree with our thoughts above? Comment below to let us know and remember to keep stuck to our incredible hive here at Honey’s Anime! Keep an eye out for our full review of BNA too!

BNA-Wallpaper-506x500 Did BNA Miss the Mark?


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