6 Anime Like Märchen Mädchen [Recommendations]

Two words: “Moe Hogwarts.” That kind of sums up the world of Marchen Madchen. Hazuki Kagimura is a quiet girl who would rather spend her time with her nose buried in a book than being involved in most social interactions. It is not like she leads a rough life, her step-mother and step-sister are kind and loving and her family is well-off. Whenever something bad, uncomfortable or unpleasant happens, she finds a book and retreats into the world of stories. Hazuki calls it “Story Syndrome.”

Hazuki’s story begins with her finding a book she didn’t remember buying in her bag and a chance encounter with a girl that no one else can see. Then, in a nod to C.S. Lewis, she finds her way through a secret bookcase into a world of magic and a school that trains Madchen, girl magic users. The girls derive their powers from books called “Origins” that embodied power related to the story or myth they represent. Hazuki’s mystery book appears to be the origin Cinderella and has chosen her to be its wielder. We watch Hazuki struggle with magic, friendship and a Tri-Wizard-Tournament-like magic competition that holds the fate of the Japanese school and possibly the world in the balance. Marchen Madchen shares a lot of similarities with other magic school anime and we thought we’d give you some suggestions if you’re interested in getting lost in additional worlds of moe-powered magic.

Similar Anime to Märchen Mädchen

1 .Ange Vierge

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2016- Sep. 2016

The set up for Ange Vierge isn’t the easiest to explain but we’ll try. The universe is populated by five worlds. The Black World where magic reigns, the Red World where gods and angels reside, the White World of science, the militaristic Green World, and Earth. The worlds have all become connected letting people travel between them. A force is attempting to cause the worlds to collide and annihilate each other. Girls called Exceeds found on all these worlds have special powers and are responsible for preventing the force from bringing the worlds to destruction. The girls are gathered at a special school on the island of Seiran in the south pacific where they get their education and fly missions to save the universe.

Ange Vierge is another one of those shows that seems to only be populated by cute girls just like Marchen Madchen. The Exceeds each seem to have unique powers, from control of blood by the vampires, to high-tech weaponry for the cyborgs from the White World. We know that the equipment and power may come from various places but in the end, they are all pretty much magical girls just like the girls in Marchen Madchen. We do get some combat between the girls but you’ll have to watch to find out why. The character design is definitely moe, the girls are overly cute and their costuming emphasizes their girly qualities much like Marchen Madchen.

Ange Vierge PV

2. Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru (Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Oct. 2014- Dec. 2014

Yuuna Yuuki is a hero. The middle school girl does her best every day to help others regardless of whether the task is helping an elderly woman cross the street or putting a play on for some preschool kids. She joins four other girls in the hero club, a service club in her middle school. Yuuna and the other members of the club find an app on their phones and are given a mission to combat the Vertexes that threaten the world. When the girls activate the app they are transported to an otherworldly landscape and given super human ability and tools to fight the large creatures attempting to invade the earthly realm. The only question is (as in all magical girl stories), what is the cost?

Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero has a few obvious similarities with Marchen Madchen. The first of all is the elevation of regular girls to heroines in both stories. You also have girls that were chosen by an outside force. The girls in Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero were chosen by a mysterious organization linked to their religion and Hazuki and the girls in Marchen Madchen are chosen by the Origin Books to be magic wielders. The character design of both shows is also very similar with both shows having extremely cute characters. Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero is pretty light-hearted though it does have some darker moments. We don’t know at this point if Marchen Madchen will take a dark turn. We just know that as fans of this genre the trend is to go dark right now, so we’ll brace ourselves.

Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero (Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru) PV

3. Hina Logic- from Luck & Logic (Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2017- Sep. 2017

Liones Yellistrova isn’t a nobody or someone who had power suddenly thrust upon her to save the world. She is a princess from a small country who was born with the ability to make a contract with super-powered beings from different worlds and borrow their power. Hina Logic- from Luck & Logic is a light-hearted sequel to the more serious Luck & Logic. The end of Luck & Logic has the world out of crisis and the need for Logicalists waning, giving young Logicalists time to train their skills in a more traditional school setting. Hina is a cute and sweet-natured girl ready to begin her school life surrounded by other cute girls in this slice-of-life anime.

Marchen Madchen and Hina Logic- from Luck & Logic both take place at beautiful and ornate magic schools. The schools in both programs seem to be all-girl institutions. We also see a big slice-of-life element where the story focuses on the everyday, though Marchen Madchen focuses more on the hero’s journey. We get a lot of super-powered battles where the surroundings turn to rubble from the combat. The girls also transform, in true magical girl fashion, into frilly outfits and then fight each other for various reasons.

Hina Logic- from Luck & Logic PV

Any Anime Like Märchen Mädchen ?

4. Toji no Miko (Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Jan. 2018- ?

Aratma are malevolent creatures of various sizes that attack people and have become a plague on humanity. The extermination of these creatures is left to the Miko, female warriors that use special swords to exorcise the creatures. A series of schools were created to train young women to become Miko Toji and keep the peace. The story begins at a competition between the schools and a threat on the powerful head of the origami family. We are quickly lead on a journey of shifting alliances and conspiracies leaving us wondering whose side is the right side.

Katana Maidens is similar to Marchen Madchen first with is strictly female cast. You will see a male character here and there but unless you’re a girl you don’t seem to be important. We see a lot of combat in both stories. The girls in both series are also in tournaments pitting school against school. We see battles between girls in every episode. The Miko Toji all have special skills which makes it interesting to watch how they match up. We also get plenty of very cute characters in cute uniforms, always skirts, fighting each other and acting girly despite their ability to slice you in two.

Toji no Miko PV

5. School Girl Strikers: Animation Channel

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jan. 2017- Apr. 2017

School Girl Strikers is set in a not-too-far-off future in a clean, prosperous and futuristic Tokyo. The Goryoukan Academy is a symbol of the modern prosperity with its glass tower, well-decorated interiors and manicured grounds. We know looks can be deceiving as the school is a front for a special unit called 5th force. The teams, whose code names are a sort of dessert, are made up of high school girls. The mission of 5th force is to fight the O’bli, creatures from another dimension attempting to get into our own. The teammates in Altair Torte, the weakest team in 5th, are the focus of this story.

This story follows a group of girls at an all-girls school. The girls in 5th force combat the O’bli in a dimension that overlaps our own using fantastical high-tech weapons. The mages in Marchen Madchen perform a similar job by fighting to prevent outbreaks of Stains that eat Origins and sometimes become Flecks (large destructive beasts). We see a lot of girl-verses-girl conflict in both shows as well. The fights in School Girl Strikers: Animation Channel have the girls facing off against other members of 5th force in training and some rogue strikers while Marchen Madchen has the girls face off in a wizarding tournament. The two anime again have similar character design and animation styles, creating heroines that are so cute you can’t help but want to cuddle them.

School Girl Strikers: Animation Channel PV

6. Little Witch Academia

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Jan. 2017- Jun. 2017

The concept of Little Witch Academia is simple: What if? What if Harry Potter was the most untalented wizard ever -- and a girl? Atsuko Kagari is one of the worst wizards in the history of her school Luna Nova. The fact that she’s a laughing stock doesn’t deter her, either. She once saw a magic show by her idol Shiny Chariot and from that moment on was determined to become a great wizard just like her. She of course meets and makes friends, finds rivals and even a little romance. Atsuko is also drawn into a battle that holds the fate of magic in the world in the outcome.

Atsuko is extremely outgoing and self-confident compared to Hazuki in Marchen Madchen. Yet both girls have one or two similarities. Atsuko is overwhelmed when she comes to Luna Nova and she’s seen as an outsider considering she doesn’t come from a wizarding family. She has a steep learning curve to overcome. Hazuki has a similar learning curve coming from the mundane world and absolutely no knowledge of magic whatsoever. She and Atsuko also aren’t very good at magic. Hazuki can’t seem to perform the simplest spell: commanding her Origin to wrap her in its magic. Atsuko, on the other hand, can’t even levitate a broom, which is considered easy beginner’s magic. The two animation styles are very different. Atsuko and the other girls are cute but you can tell right away that it’s a Studio Trigger property. We aren’t saying that is bad, it’s just different than the other animation in this list.

Little Witch Academia PV

Final Thoughts

Hazuki is easy to identify with because we’ve all felt that need to retreat from the real world and immerse ourselves in fantasy worlds. We’d argue that’s why many of us watch anime. Who wouldn’t want to find a secret door to another world? We think that even more of us wouldn’t mind entering that world if it was filled with cute girls. The constant peril and drama that seems to come with the price of admission to a magical school is something we’re willing to accept. A connection that seems to run through all the programs is a light yuri element. The girls have crushes on other girls and there are plenty of scenes with them soaking in large baths. Marchen Madchen hasn’t finished its run just yet but we are ready to stick with it to find out how it all ends. If you need to more magic moe take a look at the girls from these other magic shows.

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