6 Anime Like Seikaisuru Kado [Recommendations]

Seikaisuru Kado comes to us this season as a philosophical anime of grand proportion. It follows the negotiations that occur between Yaha-kui zaShunina and the Japanese government, after he entered Earth’s dimensions.

The premise and plot have so far been fairly straightforward. We have an alien being who has come to Earth in hopes of advancing humanity. However, he will only do so if humanity chooses the right answers during their negotiations. Assisting Yaha-kui zaShunina with communication is Shindou from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a man known across most government agencies for his silver tongue. Responding to the duos requests is the prodigy Tsukai Saraka.

As a sci-fi anime, the story does not try to rely on horror or action to push it forward. This anime takes pride in its writing and the powerful drama that can ensue through conversation. Overall, there are two extremely notable traits (outside of the CG being an extremely enjoyable viewing experience for a change) that make this show stand out. The first is the delight it takes in the human language. Negotiation and all the little tactics that occur when trying to persuade someone are evident. However, the creators take it to the next level. Episode by episode, the characters play with words and their meanings as they navigate the best way to phrase concepts beyond the imagination. The second aspect of this anime that is so enticing is how well it interweaves political discourse and the chain of command that accompanies a governing body.

Similar Anime to Seikaisuru Kado

1. ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan. 2017 – Mar. 2017

ACCA takes us to the nation of Dowa, which is comprised of 13 distinct districts. ACCA is essentially parliament and it ensures each district is happy and running smoothly so that the whole country of Dowa is progressing. However, at the moment it seems that rebellion is on everyone’s mind. That’s why we end up following Jean Otus, a member of the inspection agency, whose job is to check up on the proceedings of each district. His line of work has many people suspecting him of coordinating the coup. At the same time, some people trust him and think his position is the perfect way to discover who is really running the rumors of rebellion.

ACCA is an anime like Seikaisuru Kado, because it is all about reading between the lines and figuring out the subtext behind each conversation. The two-way speak of political discourse is at an all-time high in this anime, as we have multiple characters, all holding important positions in the nation, who are challenging each other. Whether it is the direct confrontations of Grossular and Lilium or the more passive aggressive approach of the crown prince Schwan, ACCA brings us endless wordplay. We are given a nice view of the political world and all the intrigues, whether personal or not, that keep the game for power afoot.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Trailer

2. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Jul. 2015 – Mar. 2016

One day hordes of orcs and other fantastical monsters suddenly invade Tokyo. People are in a panic and the military is called to action. However, the military mobilization does take a bit of time and ensuring the safety of his fellow humans in one neighborhood is Youji Itami. His heroic actions, a result of his anger towards the invasion shutting down his convention, cause him to be brought into the army as part of a special ops group that will be exploring the fantasy world that is now connected to Earth through an inter-dimensional gate.

Gate is like Seikaisuru Kado in a couple of ways. Both are using the “another world” premise to kick things off, and in both the initial contacts are made by the beings from “outside” Earth. Throughout the course of each anime, diplomatic means of negotiation are used consistently as nations and worlds try to navigate their newly joined realities. This makes dialogue quite important in both Seikaisuru Kado and Gate. However, there is a pretty big difference in how much focus is put on said dialogue. Gate uses these moments wisely, but definitely puts more of its cards into having kickass fight scenes. Its characters can also be fitted into pretty common tropes, while Seikaisuru Kado is building slightly more well-rounded characters.

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri PV

3. Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (The Tatami Galaxy)

  • Episodes: 11
  • Aired: Apr. 2010 – Jul. 2010

The Tatami Galaxy sends us into a time loop as one college student realizes that he let the last two years pass him by. Time and time again, we are brought into Watashi’s college days until he figures out exactly what it is he wants from life. His first goal during his first second chance is talking to his crush, Akashi.

The Tatami Galaxy’s lively narration is what makes it so much like Seikaisuru Kado. Both anime show a love and flavorful appreciation for wordplay and the way meanings can be misconstrued and reconstructed. This aspect should not come too much as a surprise as both The Tatami Galaxy and Seikaisuru Kado are targeted towards more adult audiences and prefer to portray more philosophical struggles. What’s nice about this focus is how it gives its audience a really unique viewing experience. We see just how much information we can gather about a person’s character simply from the way they talk in both of these shows. Their inflection, length of response, and other speech patterns give huge clues as to what’s going on in their minds, and yet there is no guarantee that we are right with our assumptions. This guessing game is half the fun though, as it help builds up the suspense and mystery.

That said, there is quite a massive disparity in terms of style. Both are pretty unique, but The Tatami Galaxy really pushes the boundary and is more avant-garde in its approach. However, even in this regard there is a slight similarity. The Tatami Galaxy’s animation is essentially the embodiment of a few of the concepts in Seikaisuru Kado, as it plays around with dimensional accuracy and how information is processed.

The Tatami Galaxy Trailer

Any Anime Like Seikaisuru Kado ?

4. Code Geass

  • Episodes: 50
  • Aired: Oct. 2006 – Sep. 2008

Code Geass follows Lelouch Lamperouge, an exiled prince, as he leads a rebel force against the ruling power in Japan, which happens to be his own family. The opportunity to lead such an organization came the day he received the power of Geass. His particular power is that of mind control, and this ability combined with his already impressive mind has revived the spirit of rebellion in the Japanese people.

Now you might be wondering how Code Geass is like Seikaisuru Kado. Code Geass is extraordinarily flashy, with a lot of action and over-the-top personalities. It cannot be denied that such differences exist. However, the political subtext and overall philosophical debate in Code Geass has a lot in common with Seikaisuru Kado. At the root of each show is the question of progress and whether people are ready to move forward into the future and towards advancement.

Code Geass PV

5. Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

  • Episodes: 11
  • Aired: Oct. 2015 – Dec. 2015

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider takes place on a mysterious island that has been the home of Shiki Magata, a genius programmer, for a long time. As a talented youth, she has earned the respect and recognition of many in the field, and it is when two such fans of hers visit the island that the plot goes into overdrive. The once cordial visit suddenly becomes a murder-mystery game and no one is safe.

Like Seikaisuru Kado, this anime takes us into the world of the mind and all the ways in which meaning can be broken down. It is a mystery anime, after all, and it really captures the cryptic way in which we tend to analyze our surroundings and how easily personal perspective, not to mention other factors, can disrupt or dismantle the true meaning of something. Such concepts are only enhanced by two other factors. First off, a singular setting that forces the occupants to adjust to its own particular set of rules, which are different from those of the world at large. The second is a conversational intensity, which really drives home personalities as well as the different ways information can be read. Interestingly enough, both of these factors are also used in Seikaisuru Kado to thicken the plot as well.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider PV

6. Katanagatari

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan. 2010 – Dec. 2010

Katanagatari follows the adventures of martial arts practitioner Shichika Yasuri, as he joins forces with the ambitious Togame who is searching for the twelve swords known as the “Deviant Blades”. Togame wants world recognition for collecting the swords while Shichika is simply interested in Togame. Together they take on the masters of these swords as well as many others who are searching glory.

If you haven’t seen the show, you might be wondering how Katanagatari is like Seikaisuru Kado. This is a pretty reasonable concern giving how much Katanagatari looks like it will be an action heavy anime. Though the show definitely does have some awesome battle moments, it is actually a dialogue-heavy anime. So not only do both anime cover a lot of philosophical points as the characters converse, but they each break the expected trope that comes with their respective genre. Katanagari brings a lot of interesting ideas into an action anime while Seikaisuru Kado avoids going with the war of the worlds plot.

Katanagatari Trailer

Final Thoughts:

So those are the 6 anime like Seikaisuru Kado. None are quite carbon copies of one another as Seikaisuru Kado has proven itself to be quite a unique show in its storyline and animation as well. It definitely handles sci-fi concepts, but doesn’t fall into the typical horror/action tropes that spring about such a story. As a result, the shows above won’t immediately feel similar, as they tend to progress at different speeds. If you are adamant on finding one that feels similar from the get go, then ACCA is probably your best bet.

seikaisuru-kado-dvd-300x422 6 Anime Like Seikaisuru Kado [Recommendations]


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