6 Anime Like Tsurezure Children [Recommendations]

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We here at Honey’s Anime love the romance genre. Honestly it’s always fun to see an anime couple deal with the realities of maturing and becoming closer as a pair, sometimes having to deal with comedy or drama filled issues thrown in front of them. However, like many other fans of the genre, we always want more couples in a story just so we can see multiple romances blossom. That’s why we really in love with Studio Gokumi’s Tsurezure Children. Contained in each of the 12 minute long episodes are stories about multiple couples that are either trying to maintain their relationships or build them from the ground up. While we are currently watching Tsurezure Children, we began to wonder what other anime is similar to it?

Obviously, this leads us into crafting another list for your reading pleasure folks in the form of 6 Anime Like Tsurezure Children. For this list of anime like Tsurezure Children, we wanted anime that had not only cute romances—sometimes multiple in the series like Tsurezure Children—but we also wanted the comedy elements seen in Tsurezure Children. With our anime like Tsurezure Children list, we almost died a few times from cuteness overload but we gathered ourselves and continued to write this list without giving up. Now then folks if you’re ready to find out about some similar anime like Tsurezure Children then all you must do is keep on reading. Seriously, it’s actually that simple, just scroll down and our list continues.

Similar Anime to Tsurezure Children

1. Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr 7. 2017- Jun 30, 2017

School has started once again and for two souls, this New Year will bring new memories. Kotarou Azumi and Akane Mizuno don’t know each other but will soon come together when a series of events befall them. As the new couple to be will soon learn, school romance is far from easy. If Kotarou and Akane wish to make it work between them, they will have to face various trials and tribulations couples all face as their romance blossoms. Can they endure the struggles or will their love fizzle out like a bright but small firework? Find out in Tsuki ga Kirei.

Tsurezure Children teaches one thing very well in each short episode: love is hard. Tsuki ga Kirei aims to do the same but with more detail and plenty more cute but drama filled moments. Studio Feel continues to impress us here at Honey’s Anime with yet another animation that looks beautiful and has wonderful musical tones that sell each scene strongly. Kotarou and Akane are about to face a cute but all too harsh reality that love brings with it but you’ll want to witness their joy and pain in this wonderful series. Definitely check out Tsuki ga Kirei if you want a cute but all too realistic romance anime like Tsurezure Children.

2. Honobono Log

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Jun 7, 2016- Jun 18, 2016

Honobono Log follows the lives of several couples who are experiencing all sorts of different romances. Based off the very popular illustration book by Naka Fukamachi, each episode offers bite sized glimpses into different romance filled worlds. From a simple date to a rainy day, you’ll experience 2 minutes of what love is at its simplest and sometimes cutest. Crafted by studio Fanworks, each illustration is both wonderfully simple and yet extremely cute. If you’re someone who wants quick stories with a lot of heart, Honobono Log is what you’re looking for.

Now we know many people have issues with Tsurezure Children being only 12 minutes long in comparison to most anime’s regular 20+ minute length, but we feel there is a lot of heart in those 12 minutes. The same can be said of Honobono log which with all 10 episodes combined will take you roughly around 20 minutes to watch. These 2 minute stories are so simple but each story will make your heart fill with cute tales of love and couples at their best and silliest. Seriously folks, we here at Honey’s Anime binged Honobono Log not because of its short length but we couldn’t stop watch each amazing episode. Love sometimes doesn’t need to be complex and messy, love can be simple and fun which Honobono Log captures perfectly.

3. Momokuri

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Dec 24, 2015-Feb 4, 2016

Yuki Kurihara has finally had her wish granted. Yuki had always wanted to date her crush Momo and finally is able to do so making her extremely happy. Meanwhile Momo—while also happy—is trying to find out how to be a better boyfriend and make Yuki happy in their relationship. Momo, however, doesn’t realize that Yuki already is extremely infatuated with him. Literally Yuki tracks Momo’s every movement and action. What will become of this cute but somewhat odd couple?

Momokuri can be at times very odd as a romance story. However, that is one thing that makes it so much like Tsurezure Children. Many of the couples within Tsurezure Children are somewhat peculiar and at times downright bizarre and thus why we consider Momokuri so similar to it. From studio Satelight, each episode clocks in at 12 minutes—like Tsurezure Children—and yet each episode will bring you plenty of laughs and cute romance filled events. If you’re waiting for more episodes of Tsurezure Children to air then we suggest watching Momokuri in the meantime.

Momokuri PV

Any Anime Like Tsurezure Children ?

4. Konbini Kareshi (Convenience Store Boy Friends)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul 7, 2017- Present

For several people, a new school term means a new lease on life. Each of these characters are dealing with the everyday hassle of not only school work and club activities but also the issues of love and romance. The only thing that seems to bind all of these characters together just so happens to be an ordinary nearby Convenience Store. How will these love stories play out? Follow the journeys of characters like Haruki Mishima, Tore Honda and Natsu Asumi in Konbini Kareshi.

Love stories always seem to have an odd means of connecting multiple characters to one area. In Konbini Kareshi that binding spot happens to be a run of the mill convenience store that all six characters will happen to go to. Honestly though, so far we’re seeing some impressive romance elements from Konbini Kareshi which seems to harken to the ideas you see in Tsurezure Children with quick stories and multiple couples. While there are only 5 episodes that have aired so far for Konbini Kareshi—out of a confirmed 12 episodes—we really think this show is pretty cool so far. Studio Pierrot may have a solid romance story in the form of Konbini Kareshi but only time will tell.

Konbini Kareshi PV

5. Toradora!

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Oct 2, 2008- Mar 26, 2009

Ryuuji Takasu may be a nice guy but unfortunately for him his looks say otherwise. Most see Ryuuji and immediately label him as a delinquent which at times does hurt his feelings. Meanwhile cute and small looking Taiga Aisaka might seem an ideal girlfriend but her actions lean towards a crass way of speaking and violent actions. These two share one major issue besides their looks though, they are in love with each other’s friends. Deciding to work together, Taiga and Ryuuji will find love but maybe not in the most obvious way.

A lot of the best romance lists on the internet include Toradora for a reason. This 25 episode story has some of the best examples of love’s various trials and we absolutely agree that it is one of the best romance anime of all time. If you love Tsurezure Children’s heartwarming and quirky couples then you’ll love Toradora for the same reasons. Studio J.C. Staff really has made one of the best looking—in terms of animation—romance anime of all time and if you haven’t watched it yourself you’re truly missing out folks. Toradora is a must watch for not only those who love Tsurezure Children but also the romance genre as a whole.

6. Acchi Kocchi (Place to Place)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr 6, 2012- Jun 29, 2012

Little Tsumiki Miniwa has a lot of love for her friend Io Otonashi. Even their friends wish the two would hook up but in the meantime that doesn’t stop them from messing with each other in multiple ways. Along the way they will both help and hinder their relationship from going forward with sometimes poorly timed jokes and stupid pranks. Watch as five friends get into a whole bunch of hijinks in this odd comedy slice of life story. Enter the crazy world of Tsumiki and Io in Acchi Kocchi.

Thus we end our list of anime like Tsurezure Children on quite possibly the funniest and sometimes goofest anime ever in the form of Acchi Kocchi. While Acchi Kocchi’s romance element gets pushed in the back for more slapstick humor and random mecha bear attacks, Acchi Kocchi does fulfill that romance itch in several ways. You’ll be rooting for the cute pairing of Tsumiki and Io to just confess their love for one another but when things go south or odd events happen you’ll equally just laugh as hard as we did. If you love your romance anime to be anything but the word normal, we here at Honey’s Anime fully recommend checking out Acchi Kocchi. Don’t forget to also check out the OVA episode when you finish the series. It acts as the ending episode of the anime.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, comedy and romance go together so well. We here at Honey’s Anime love a good romance anime like Tsurezure Children and we know we’re going to be sad when it finishes. Now then folks we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Are you currently enjoying Tsurezure Children? Are any of these anime shows you want to watch now because of us? All comments are appreciated and make sure if you did love this 6 Anime Like Tsurezure Children list, keep coming back to Honey’s Anime where we continuously write more articles so you can enjoy anime even more.

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