6 Anime Movies Like Omae Umasou da na (You Are Umasou) [Recommendations]

When traveling the roads of life, everyone wants and needs to have a place where they feel belonging, particularly a family. Sometimes, a family isn’t an option, so people seek other places for comfort, such as groups or communities to feel included. This unit is unique because it ties every member all together whether by an interest, love, or common trait. As one, everyone in the community can live fuller and more productive lives, giving reasons to live life fully. From this sentiment, in the anime film, Omae Umasou da na or You Are Umasou, we observe the growth of Heart, a young Tyrannosaurs Rex who made a family with a herd of herbivores. In a chance encounter with a baby Ankylosaurus named Umasou, Heart demonstrates the very same openness and love he has experienced throughout his life onto this little one. With that said, here are our picks for 6 anime movies like You Are Umasou.

Similar Anime to Omae Umasou da na / Similar Anime to You Are Umasou

1. Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Wolf Children)

  • Aired: July 21, 2012

Wolf Children is the story of Hana, who during her studies in college, falls in love with a very mysterious and handsome man named Ookami. Hana and Ookami start dating, developing a deep, romantic relationship. Later on, Hana finds out that Ookami is part human, part wolf. When the pair begins a family, having a lovely girl and boy, Ookami tragically dies. Unfortunately, Hana is now a widow left to care for her young, who have also inherited his trait. We observe in Wolf Children that taming the animal in these kids isn’t an easy task. Furthermore, we see the unbreakable family bond, having the ability to overcome any obstacle.

Wolf Children and You Are Umasou discuss the matter of family and how the definition isn’t as narrow as we perceive. Both anime films express how our characters choose to live their lives with the circumstances they are dealt. In Wolf Children, it is the choice of living as a human or animal, and in You Are Umasou, it is whether to live as a carnivore or a herbivore. The overall messages in both films are heartwarming and engaging.

Wolf Children Trailer

2. Tokyo Godfathers

  • Aired: August 30, 2003

Tokyo Godfathers follows the lives of three homeless friends, a cross-dresser named Hana, a burly, hostile man named Gin, and a runaway teen, Miyuki. Tis the season for the holidays, as it is Christmas and these friends have chanced on their very own Christmas miracle. As luck would have it, Hana, Gin, and Miyuki find a swaddled infant in a dumpster. The trio has decided to take on caring for the baby, naming her Kiyoko, which means “pure one.” Unfortunately, it dawned on the them that they can’t sufficiently provide for the baby. So, with what little clues Kiyoko had with her when found, they set on a quest to find her mother, becoming entangled in a myriad of bizarre occurrences.

Tokyo Godfathers and You Are Umasou convey the idea that it is possible to make a home anywhere as long as one feels the warmth and belonging a home should provide. Setting in different time periods, this important concept is one that resonates throughout the ages. Furthermore, both films cast characters that include an infant. Tokyo Godfathers and You Are Umasou express the ease of togetherness, how both family units naturally mesh well and fit together. Their thoughts and attitudes are from the heart, and that’s what really counts.

3. Arashi no Yoru ni

  • Aired: December 10, 2005

Arashi no Yoru ni captures the story of a unique friendship between a goat named Mei and a wolf named Gabu. On a dark and stormy night, Gabu meets Mei in a barn. With little visibility, Gabu befriends Mei, giving him his word that he won’t harm her. Over time, Gabu must fight his natural instincts to keep Mei safe from himself and his pack. As the pack later challenges their friendship, the two take on a journey to find a place that won’t disturb their companionship.

Arashi no Yoru ni and You Are Umasou are both excellent children films that deal with the animal hierarchy of predator-prey relationships, and herbivores and carnivores. Highlighting the unusual friendships of Gabu and Mei, and Umasou and Heart, these creatures fight the laws of nature to reveal what’s honestly in their hearts. Portraying similarly brilliant animation, Arashi no Yoru ni shares with viewers a little more intense action than You Are Umasou.

Any Anime Like You Are Umasou / Any Anime Like Omae Umasou da na ?

4. Chirin no Suzu (Ringing Bell)

  • Aired: March 11, 1978

An oldie, but a goodie, Chirin no Suzu follows the story of a little lamb called Chirin. A bright and energetic little guy, Chirin is unaware of life’s danger until it flashes right in front of him. Wor, a ferocious black wolf, kills his mother, along with other sheep surrounding his home in an ambush. Succumbing to grief, Chirin wants revenge on Wor, going after him in his home in the mountains. Chirin comes to realize that it would be wiser to be the hunter instead of living in fear as the hunted.

While watching Chirin no Suzu, its story and premise significantly remind viewers of You Are Umasou. Chirin and Wor, and Heart and Umasou are diverse characters who are very opposite to one another. As the predatory Wor and Heart treat their would-be prey Chirin and Umasou as their own, the underlying message in both shows that it is possible to break free of societal restrictions.

5. Puka Puka Juju

  • Aired: March 19, 2012

Puka Puka Juju is an anime short film capturing the story of innocence. Mika is a young girl with an adventurous spirit. She wants to go to the beach over the weekend, but her father is always busy working as well as harboring a fear of the sea. Thoroughly disappointed, Mika is cheered up by her inflatable manatee companion named Juju.

Puka Puka Juju and You Are Umasou are similar because they are both kid-friendly films that showcase excitement and imagination. Friendship is found in surprising places. With happiness and gratitude, Umasou and Mika find their confidant by unlikely means, trusting in them when the world around them seems to have failed to fulfill their hopes.

6. Anata wo Zutto Aishiteru

  • Aired: June 6, 2015

Anata wo Zutto Aishiteru centers on the story of Toron, an infant Tyrannosaurus Rex who lost his parents. An orphan but an optimist, Toron is on a journey to fill the solitary void in his life. Toron seeks to meet exciting new friends, learning about the true meaning of living. Existing on this planet isn’t just about necessary sustenance, but the value in experiences and interactions gained from all walks of life.

Dinosaurs! is a notably common trait appearing in both Anata wo Zutto Aishiteru and You Are Umasou. The conflicts that arise in each film are not identical, but what both movies show viewers is that there are qualities of vitality and new experiences emanating when one opens themselves to diverse friendships. Moreover, Anata wo Zutto Aishiteru and You Are Umasou are high-spirited, kid-friendly anime movies enjoyable for all.

Anata wo Zutto Aishiteru PV

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations for 6 anime movies like You Are Umasou. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out all of these great titles, as they are ones that will not disappoint! You Are Umasou is a fantastic film suitable for all ages that translates the message that family doesn’t end with blood. Although we know these are only a few of many in comparison, let us know if we’ve missed any! What other anime films similar to these can you suggest to other readers and us? Leave your comments below! Until next time! Thanks!

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