6 Anime Waifu Like Onodera from Nisekoi [Recommendations]

One of the most controversial waifu battles of recent years, were team Onodera or team Chitoge? Personally, I'm team Marika, now and forever. But anyway, regardless of what team you were on, today we're here to talk about just one girl, and that's Kosaki Onodera. The quiet daughter from a family of Japanese sweet makers, Onodera embodies the traditional Japanese highschool girl, which will forever remain a favourite archetype of both harem authors and audiences alike.

So what are we looking for with waifu like Onodera? Well as we just mentioned, the traditional Japanese girl archetype is one thing to look out for, which brings about the image of a reserved and polite girl, who would never dream of wanting to hurt someone else. Onodera is also notoriously easy to embarrass, with her bright red face being a common theme throughout Nisekoi, usually accompanied by a brief freak out.

Lastly, we want someone honest and hardworking, as although Onodera may not have the best grades, she is definitely a girl who tries her best to get what she wants, even if she doesn't quite manage it most of the time. So with those points to look out for, we encourage you to keep scrolling and check out our list of 6 waifu like Onodera from Nisekoi.

1. Mahiru Inami from Working!!

One of the waiting staff at the dysfunctional family restaurant Wagnaria, like every other employee there Inami has a quirk of her own: severe androphobia, which comes with a nasty habit of smashing guys in the face. Not only is this a big issue when serving any male customers, but working with any male staff members presents some serious concerns regarding their health. Not only that but now that she's fallen for her co-worker Souma, she feels especially bad about beating him into the ground. Fingers crossed her condition improves soon.

Inami's shyness is the key link between her and Onodera, particularly when they're hanging around their crush. Inami takes it one step further though and is barely capable of being around Souma full stop. One of the only big differences between the two is actually their reaction when they get nervous, with Onodera panicking and shutting down, and Inami getting dangerously violent. Despite Inami's aggressive behaviour towards boys, like Onodera, she's actually a sweetheart, and is normally seen acting kind and shy and feeling bummed about her androphobia.

2. Haruna Sairenji from To Love-Ru

Holding the title of 'most normal girl' in the To Love-Ru series, Haruna is the only one to not be an alien, perverted, or have some kind of complex. The story between her and protagonist Rito is something out of a typical romcom, with both of them harbouring a secret crush for one another, but being too shy to confess. Of course, confessing isn't made any easier by the ecchi alien harem situation that has arisen and is unlikely to change anytime soon. Hopefully, Haruna at least makes it as part of the harem.

So these two are basically the same character, in fact, a lot of similarities can be drawn between Nisekoi and To Love-Ru when taken at face-value. Both Onodera and Haruna are hopelessly in love with their crush, but incapable of confessing, not just out of embarrassment, but because of other more complicated issues. They also react in a similar way when caught in embarrassing situations, going bright red and freaking out, although Haruna's panicked moments are a bit more violent. The two are also very much the traditional Japanese beauty type, with a simple but cute appearance, and a polite and kind personality. Haruna is basically Onodera but in a terribly, terribly ecchi situation.

3. Shiori Shiomiya from The World God Only Knows (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai)

The almost silent librarian, Shiori has serious trouble speaking to just about anyone, which unsurprisingly becomes a large issue in the story. Loving books more than anything else, Shiori runs into problems when the other library committee members try to install an audio-visual booth that she is none too happy about. Luckily her prince, Keima, is around to save her, in his own way slightly odd way. Although her speaking improves somewhat, Shiori always remains one of the shyest and quietest girls you will ever see in anime.

Shiori takes the quiet and cute trope up to a whole new level, barely being able to talk when she's nervous, which is actually fairly reminiscent of Onodera when she ends up in an embarrassing situation with Raku. Although both of them are in a romance harem series of sorts, the two have quite different objectives, with Shiori's being protecting the library rather than getting the boy. The way they approach the issue, however, is very similar, having a give it your all attitude despite how hopeless they are. Both very polite and proper, but also super adorable, if you liked Onodera be sure to check out Shiori.

4. Megumi Tadokoro from Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma)

One of the new female students at the Tootsuki Culinary Academy, Megumi brings her experience with homely, love filled cooking to the table, making meals that bring warmth to both mouths and hearts. Despite entering such a prestigious and harsh academy, Megumi is not the type that handles pressure well and spends a large amount of her time panicking rather than cooking. Despite this, she somehow makes it through the various trials that await her, with a healthy serving of Souma to help her along the way. With her cute face and heartwarming meals, Megumi is a surprisingly formidable student at the Tootsuki Culinary Academy.

Although Shokugeki no Souma is a very different genre to Nisekoi, Megumi and Onodera both share a similar role in the story as the sweet and kind friend of the main protagonist, the opposite of the angry and harsh other lead heroines. Both Megumi and Onodera have a terrible case of stage fright, freaking out whenever they need to 'perform', with Megumi struggling during tests and Onodera exploding when trying to talk with Raku. Their demeanor and polite way of speaking gives both of them an air of innocence and purity and cannot be tarnished, and turns them into a waifu who you want to protect from the evils of the world. Megumi is the Onodera of the ruthless shounen cooking genre.

5. Kaori Fujimiya from Isshuukan Friends. (One Week Friends)

Kaori's story is a sad one, with her seemingly destined to be alone forever. Every Monday, her happy memories from the week before disappear, and more importantly the memories of her friends. Knowing her own situation all too well, Kaori has resigned herself to spending her days alone and cutting herself off from the world. Things may be looking up for the poor girl, though, as classmate Hase has taken an interest in her, with the two now talking and spending lunch time together. With her memory problems not going away anytime soon, though, it's still going to be a rough ride for Kaori.

Onodera and Kaori share some slightly different similarities to the previous girls, largely related to the weakness of their character. The two of them are both very reluctant to take action due to the seemingly helpless situation that they are in, with Onodera thinking Raku would never be interested in her and Kaori not wanting to trouble others with her condition. Because of this, they both come off as kind of weak and pitiable, but also a character who you want to help and care for. This makes seeing them succeed all the more satisfying, though, and on top of both Onodera and Kaori being very cute, thoughtful, and kind, makes them both wonderful waifu.

6. Akane Sakurada from Joukamachi no Dandelion (Castle Town Dandelion)

They might look like a regular family, but the Sakurada household is, in fact, royalty living among the common people, with over 2000 security cameras placed around the town to ensure the princes and princesses remain safe. Not a fan of the security cameras, Akane does her best to avoid them whenever she leaves the house, not because she's a rebel, but because she's fantastically shy. With the elections for the next monarch coming up, Akane sees her chance to finally get rid of all the security cameras that do so ruin her life. All she has to do is beat her eight siblings in the next public popularity contest. Not an easy task for a girl who can't stand being the center of attention.

The major similarity between these two cuties? They both share the same voice actress, Hana Kanazawa. Known for voicing a very wide repertoire of characters, Akane is probably the most similar character to Onodera in her catalogue. Like Onodera, Akane is frequently seen trying to pump herself up to take action and overcome her unbearable shyness, though her desire to win the election is slightly different to Onodera's dreams of romance. The girl's constant blushing and adorable voice work are both enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.

Final Thoughts

Although there are many girls similar to Onodera, none are quite the substitute for the real thing, and if Nisekoi did anything right, it was creating some really lovable ladies. Why else would there be such a fierce battle between the shipping communities? Hopefully regardless of your preference, though, you can spare some love for the lasses on today's list.

Seen any of today's series? If so, which do you think is the best match for Onodera? Or maybe you have some better ideas of your own? Either way, we'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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