Top 10 Most Dedicated Nisekoi Characters

Nisekoi in English means fake love.T On the surface level, it represents that Raku and Chitoge are entangled into a forced relationship in order to give their gangster families the impression that everything is going just swell. Otherwise, they would result in total war that would result in high casualties and even get the police is involved.

However, despite its title and beginnings, Nisekoi has a strangely high amount of characters who are extremely dedicated to something. Whether it be an ideal, their family, their friends or even a love of their life, many of the characters in NIsekoi show a high level of dedication to their cause. There is certainly nothing fake about their love at all. Therefore, here at Honey’s Anime we are proud to present to you the Top Ten Most dedicated Nisekoi characters; to show our dedication to you, our loyal readers.

Take note, minor spoilers abound, but only within the scope of the anime.

10. Shū Maiko

Shū starts out as the somewhat whimsical best friend of our main character Raku. He jokes around a lot and is more than content to spend his halcyon days teasing Raku and any girl that gets within a meter of him. More often than not, he plays the role of comic relief in the series and gets the snot beat out of him by enraged females because of his crude jokes.

However, like many things in this anime, his whimsical demeanour is merely a front for his deeper and much more serious self. When push comes to shove, Shū also proves himself when it Raku needs his help. Because Raku did something that cemented his loyalty in the past, Shū has become extremely dedicated to helping his best friend whenever Raku needs his help, especially when it comes to the main subject of the series, the Nisekoi.

9. Adelt Wogner Kirisaki and Ichijo Issei

Adelt and Issei are the fathers of Chitoge and Raku respectively, two of the main characters of the series who are caught up in a fake romantic entanglement. They are the only ones who were privy to the details of the fake relationship as it was them who arranged the whole thing in the first place. Despite them doing what is possibly a bad thing to their own children, they have good intentions for doing so. For one thing, they truly hope that their children can get along, as they already do enjoy a friendship with each other despite being leaders of rival gangs.

The greater reason is their dedication to the ideal of peace. Throughout the series, you will find that these are the most docile gangsters or yakuzas ever. They don’t seem to peddle drugs, start fights, murder anyone or mess with the police. That is, until their heirs get involved. This is due to the peaceful nature of their leaders and their want to keep the peace between the two gangs. It is the dedication of these two characters that sparked off the entire series, so how can they not be on this list?

8. Hana Kirisaki

Hana Kirisaki is the wife of Adelt Wagner Kirisaki and the mother of Chitoge Kirisaki. Despite being married to the mob boss, she seemingly has nothing to do with the operations of the gang at all. In fact, she actually has nothing to do with her own actual family at all, only returning on Christmas Day to celebrate before leaving once more. That is because she is entirely dedicated to her work and career.

Now you may ask, how can a character who is dedicated to something so shallow in comparison to her family be seen in a favourable light in any fashion? This is due to the sheer scale of her dedication towards her work. She is the business consultant of hundreds and possibly thousands of corporations around the world. The finances of the world economy is handled by her on an hourly to hour basis. She plans her schedule in minutes, as that is just how busy she is. Therefore, despite her seemingly shallow reasons, she is still extremely dedicated to something that she can fight for.

7. Paula McCoy

Paula is a hitwoman formerly working for the Bee Hive gang, also known as the gang that Chitoge is the heir of. However, you might be surprised to learn that the person she is dedicated to is not Chitoge but a fellow hitwoman who she was working with during her time at the gang; Seishirō Tsugumi.

When they first met, the two didn’t hit it off initially because they both thought the other was a male due to how they dressed or looked at that point in time. Soon enough, they had to work alongside each other on operations. Paula starts to find herself being outpaced by Tsugumi due to her superior skills a hitwoman. Surprisingly, she doesn’t get jealous but dedicates herself to surpassing Tsugumi due to how much she admires her skills. She even goes to the extent of following her to her new school in order to show how much she has improved since they last met.

6. Claude

Claude is the badass of the series. He works as the loyal hound of the Bee Hive gang, dedicating his life to its cause and the people within. His skills include shooting firearms with extreme precision, jumping up buildings that are way too tall, and beating the crap out of anyone in hand to hand combat. He is one of the only ones in the series who believes that the relationship between the two main characters to be fake.

His dedication to Chitoge is overwhelming throughout the series. He always seems to be shadowing her at a distance to ensure that Raku does not do anything untoward towards her, and is always trying to protect her to the best of his abilities. He has even trained another individual to protect his mistress at all times, because he cannot be everywhere at once. The level of his dedication could bother on creepy, but let’s take it as it is and say that he’s a swell guy.

5. Chitoge Kirisaki

Chitoge is the heir of the Bee Hive gang. However, that has caused her a large amount of stress throughout the years because everyone is fearful of her status to get too close to her. The terror that the gang can inflict on a normal passer-by is so great that even guys won’t get close to what is obviously a cute girl who has the brains to go along with the brawn. This has led her to being a lonely person throughout her life.

This all changes when she arrives in the school where the anime takes place. She quickly befriends a majority of the class who are willing to look past her background, and makes close friends to with the other heroine of the series, Onodera Kosaki. She starts to do everything she can to protect her new found friendships. You could say that she is dedicating herself to do everything she can to prevent her life from slipping back into the lonely state it was before; that’s how much her new friends mean to her.

4. Seishirō Tsugumi

Tsugumi is the bodyguard of Chitoge and does all that she can to protect her mistress from harm. As a child, she was found by Claude and raised in the art of assassination in order to give her the skills needed to protect Chitoge. However, Claude mistook her for a guy, and gave her the name Seishirō. His delusion of her gender continues throughout the years and he continues to treat her as such. However, when she finally meets her charge, Chitoge immediately properly identities her as a girl.

She remarks that a girl shouldn’t have a guy name and gives her the name Tsugumi in the spirit of her gender. This cements Tsugumi’s loyalty to Chitoge towards the series. She does everything she can to protect her mistress and goes so far as to attack Raku outright in order to determine if he is in fact fit to be her fiancé. They are not just mistress and servant, they are the greatest of childhood friends as well.

3. Onodera Kosaki

Onodera is one the main heroines of the series vying for the attention of the protagonist. She enjoys a high amount of popularity in school due to her cute “girl next door” look that she rocks extremely well. Despite that, she has never gotten hitched to any guy over the years. This is due to the fact that she is still holding hope that the “promise” still holds true.

This “promise” forms the basis of Raku’s character, so more on that later. She basically has the idea that Raku is the other participant in the promise and she holds on to the hope that he will be the one and remember the promise as well. This has led to her having a crush on him throughout the series, but she doesn’t confess because of her inherent shyness.

2. Raku Ichijo

Raku is the protagonist of the series who is involved in the main entanglement involving the fake love. On the surface, he appears to be a very typical guy going through his school life, albeit with a yakuza family backing him up on every step. This causes him to have less friends than normal, but it doesn’t entirely mean he’s isolated.

He has a crush on Onodera at the start of the series. However, he doesn’t do anything to go after her at all because he still remembers the “promise” he made with the girl when he was younger. The locket that he received from the exchange is still around his neck several years later. When Chitoge causes him to lose the locket, he loses his mind and spends several days searching for it, even when he is severely insulted for by her for cherishing something so childish. His dedication to the “promise” is the strongest throughout the series, only losing in intensity to the next character.

1. Marika Tachibana

When she was younger, Marika was extremely sickly. She could barely attend school and was always confined in the hospital. One day, Raku stumbles into her room and they befriend each other. He doesn’t seem to mind that she’s so sickly and spends some time with her before circumstances forced them apart. Over the years, he seems to have forgotten that he met the sickly girl in the hospital and his life continues forward.

On the other hand, she has fallen for him so hard that she does everything she can to become the perfect wife for him. Marika completely changes herself into the perfect fiancé by taking lessons that change her accent into a more feminine one, etiquette lessons that will let her be more womanly and even cooking classes to cement herself as the wife of the century. Because of her complete change in her very being due to her dedication to Raku, Marika places herself at the top of this list.

Final Thoughts

The series of Nisekoi hides the deeper meanings of each character by presenting them with an outward persona. It stays through to its title of Fake Love in a completely different way. Each character’s behaviour on the outside is Fake, to hide the great Love that they hold inside for the things that they cherish.

Have a character that you want to see on the list? Tell us in the comments below.

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