6 Manga Like Jujutsu Kaisen [Recommendations]

We here at Honey’s Anime love a good story about the occult and supernatural. We love those mind-numbing and spine-chilling moments. We will not pretend to be the bravest of the brave. In reality, we are big cowards who love seeing those evil spirits and demons get butchered

Jujutsu Kaisen does just that. The manga follows the story of high school student Yuuji Itadori who recklessly ate the dried-up finger of Sukuna Ryounen, a powerful curse. This introduced him to the world of jujutsu and curses. Thankfully, though, he can control Sukuna, but he is still classified as a high-level dangerous curse. As such, he was given the quest to consume all of Sukuna’s 20 fingers and be exterminated alongside Sukuna. 

Similar Manga to Jujutsu Kaisen

1. Black Torch

  • Authors: Tsuyoshi Takaki
  • Genres: Action, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: December 2016 to July 2018

Jirou Azuma is a shinobi from a long-established clan. He, however, has a special supernatural ability--talking to animals to be their friend and protector. Using this ability, he was able to save Ragou, a black cat, from danger. It turns out that Ragou was actually a mononoke. Ragou then gave Jirou his remaining energy to save him after Jirou received a severe injury for protecting Ragou. In the end, Jirou gained other supernatural abilities.

Both Jirou and Yuuji were already exceptional compared to their peers. Jirou had the ability to communicate with animals, while Yuuji had extraordinary strength. These strengths were then augmented by a supernatural being. Not only that, but it also complemented their own fighting styles. In the end, they both used these powers to fight the same kind that gave them power in the first place.

2. Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

  • Authors: Kazue Katou
  • Genres: Adventure, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, School, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 24
  • Published: April 2009 to ongoing

During one eventful night, Rin Okumura learned that he is the son of Satan, fought his foster father, and indirectly killed him in the process. As a possible host for Satan himself, Rin acquired the ability to control blue flames. As such, he was considered a dangerous being. He was given the option to control the flames and be the strongest weapon or be executed to hopefully kill Satan alongside him.

Just like Yuuji, Rin happens to host the strongest evil creature inside his body. Not only that, but Satan also wants him to get stronger to be a good host. On the other hand, Rin also uses Satan’s power to exorcise demons. Pretty much the same with Yuuji using Sukuna’s curse to destroy other curses. Best of all, a death sentence is hanging on both of their necks for the fact that they host the worst evil entity there is.

3. Mononogatari

  • Authors: Onigunsou
  • Genres: Seinen, Action, Martial Arts, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 9
  • Published: April 2014 to Ongoing

Tsukumogami are spirits who have possessed old enough objects to give themselves a physical body. Hyoma Kunato is a descendant and heir of the Saenome clan. He also hates all tsukumogami after one killed his brother and sister. The clan’s primary duty is to guide the tsukumogami to where they want to be. Hyoma, however, refuses to do it a peaceful way and simply beats all tsukumogami. Due to this, his grandfather sent him to live with the Nagatsuki Family which consists of one human and six tsukumogami.

Instead of curses, Mononogatari has tsukumogami. The tsukumogami may also be utilized to eliminate other tsukumogami. Hyoma and Yuuji share the same amount of recklessness. Both of them would instantly jump into action without any regard for consequences. On the other hand, they do have great combat skills and can easily give tsukumogami and curses a run for their money. Their current situations were also influenced by their grandfathers. 

Any Manga Like Jujutsu Kaisen ?

4. AR∀GO: London Shikei Tokushu Hanzai Sousakan

  • Authors: Takahiro Arai
  • Genres: Action, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 9
  • Published: December 2009 to September 2011

Arago follows the story of the twins Ewan and the titular Arago. The twins’ parents were murdered by a criminal called the Patchman. Arago spent his years chasing the Patchman for revenge, while Ewan became a policeman. When they met years later, they also met and scuffled with the Patchman. They lost and the Patchman, who turns out to have a special ability, experimented on their bodies. Arago then assaulted the Patchman when the Patchman was about to kill Ewan. This resulted in Arago absorbing the Patchman’s powers.

Arago receives a special ability by absorbing the powers of an evil criminal. This is similar to how Yuuji gained his curse. In addition to that, only Yuuji and Arago can hold the powers within them. If others were to be the hosts of their supernatural ability, they will merely be corrupted and die. Unlike in Jujutsu Kaisen, however, Arago does not have a special team to exterminate evil creatures. He acts alone and solves cases posed as normal incidences.

5. Kemono Jihen

  • Authors: Shou Aimoto
  • Genres: Action, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 8
  • Published: December 2016 to Ongoing

Kohachi Inugami is a specialist from Tokyo that was sent to a remote village to investigate a series of strange animal killings. During his stay, he met Kabane, who was also known as Dorotabo. Kabane helped Inugami solve the mystery and kill the ghoul that was preying on the animals. Inugami, then, revealed his second objective--to kill Dorotabo. It turns out that Kabane is a human-ghoul hybrid and his aunt contacted Inugami to kill him. Inugami then shoots Kabane and kills Dorotabo. 

Instead of Jujutsu High School, it is Inugami Detective Office that exterminates unlikable evil beings. Unlike Yuuji, however, Kabane has been a hybrid since birth. It just so happens that his parents belonged to different races. On the other hand, he also uses his supernatural hybrid abilities to lay waste to other supernatural beings that are disturbing humanity’s peace.

6. Birdmen

  • Authors: Yellow Tanabe
  • Genres: Action, Shounen, Super Power, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 16
  • Published: July 2013 to Ongoing

Just like any good transformation story, Eishi Karasuma no longer needs to wear a pair of glasses. It all started when he and Mikisada Kamoda decided to skip classes and venture out. During their supposed fun time, they got into an accident together with a girl named Tsubame and a pretty boy called Rei Sagisawa. They received fatal injuries and were on the verge of death. Just before they died, a mysterious figure with wings approached them and made a contract to save their lives. In exchange, they will also become birdmen.

Instead of consuming a dried up finger of a curse, Eishi Karasuma had to make a contract with the birdman by ingesting his blood. After the contract with birdman, Eishi and the gang experienced supernatural changes in their bodies, but nothing grand like Yuuji. For them, they merely got better eyesights, got rid of allergies, better digestion, and… oh, wings! They got wings. To survive, they must master their newly developed skill and fight the supernatural.

Final Thoughts

The appeal of reading about the supernatural and the occult is learning while terrifying yourself. It may sound masochistic, but it is completely normal. At least, we want to believe so. It is also quite pleasurable to see the things that scare us the most get beaten by entities of their own kinds. These manga which we have listed above not only kick ass but also tell engaging and interesting stories that will make your hair stand on ends with both excitement and fear. If you think that a title should be included in this list, please comment down below!

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