6 Romantic Spots in Tokyo You Have to Visit—Valentine's Day Or Not!

Tokyo is a hotspot for romance but, without the proper knowledge, it is easy to become lost in a sea of towering office buildings. Check out these five recommendations of romantic getaways in Tokyo to enjoy this Valentine’s Day, or whenever you get to visit!

6. Ninja Akasaka Restaurant

Ok, let’s get the elephant out of the room. This is not a traditional date spot. Should you match with someone on Tinder and proceed to take them here, you might find yourself with one less message thread in your inbox. However, this being Honey’s Anime, we felt this place deserved a small honorable mention for being a great date spot for otaku in Japan.

Should you be lucky enough to find a partner also interested in anime or Japanese culture, this Ninja themed restaurant is...an experience to say the least. Dimly lit, the ambiance is actually more romantic than you would expect. Moreover, the staff donned in ninja apparel (with a mask covering the mouth) rarely come over, leaving you to dine in private. Tradition is fine and everything but, if you find someone with similar interests to yours, be sure to date that person your way, and don’t listen to anyone telling you otherwise!

5. Rose Garden

Instead of spending your time inside a cramped building, why not take to the streets for a quaint stroll through one of Tokyo’s most beautiful rose gardens! New Otani Hotel offers lodging adjacent to an incredibly vibrant and lustrous garden. While the roses are bountiful, the greenery encompassing this garden and the Japanese garden are wonderful to stroll beside.

If all goes according to plan, the roses should be in bloom coinciding with Valentine’s Day! This year, enjoy the great outdoors of Japan with your partner, as you leisurely walk opposite a garden of flowers, soaking up the rich and fresh air of Tokyo.

4. Diver City (Odaiba)

Ninja-Akasaka-Restaurant-499x500 6 Romantic Spots in Tokyo You Have to Visit—Valentine's Day Or Not!

Odaiba is a truly wonderful date spot with a myriad of different things on offer. While an incredible outlet mall, an inside amusement park, and myriad of restaurants are available here, the true romantic majesty is fully realized on Odaiba’s wonderful beachside. Here, you can stare out into the ocean to a glorious view of glittering ships, the famous Rainbow Bridge, and a miniaturized Statue of Liberty.

Depending on when you go to Odaiba, watching the sunset with a partner is truly a magical experience. Whether it be on the beach itself, from a restaurant overlooking the bay, or atop the magnificent Ferris wheel opposite the station, you are spoilt for choice on pristine

3. Disney Sea

Disney Sea is the classic date spot for couples in Japan. Unlike its younger sibling, Disney Sea has more of a teenage/adult atmosphere. The rides and attractions are slightly more tailored to an older audience, the screaming children are far fewer in number, and, saving the best for last, alcohol is readily available at all kiosks throughout the venue!

Disney Sea is not only a popular spot for Disney fans but, due to the number of attractions, eateries, and alcohol on offer, it has transformed into a universal date spot for couples across the city. Do not be dissuaded by your disliking of Disney movies. Disney Sea is truly a magical place where dreams can come true (provided you ingest a comfortable yet responsible amount of alcohol)!

2. Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree has always been one of the most popular date spots in Tokyo. As the world’s tallest tower, visitors first traverse up the tower by specialized elevator, until reaching a point between 300 and 400 meters high! Should you go at night, what awaits you and your partner is a sea of glittering nights that illuminate the Tokyo skyline. An incredibly romantic viewing spot to enjoy with your special someone.

Then, after you soak up the atmosphere with your partner, journey below and enjoy a romantic meal for two at one of Tokyo Skytree’s many restaurants. Should you reserve in advance, the staff are more than willing to write a personalized message onto one of your desserts. Show your partner just how much you love them by expressing yourself through cake!

1. Ryokan Couple Hot Spring

While difficult to find in central Eastern Tokyo, a mere two-hour train ride to the suburbs allows you to partake in one of Japan’s oldest traditions - hot spring bathing. Places like Hakone and Echigo Yuzawa offer couples bathing at their resort. Ryokan differ slightly from ordinary onsens in that they provide lodging facilities for guests as well. After you finish your relaxing bath together, change into a yukata and enjoy a traditional Japanese menu provided in a grand and spacious hall.

Depending on where you go, while bathing with your partner, you can enjoy a luxurious view of the Japanese countryside, the ocean, or even Mt. Fuji. Hot spring bathing is one of Japan’s oldest cultural traditions and who better to embrace a foreign culture with than with your one and only!

Final Thoughts

So, these were our picks for the most romantic spots in Tokyo. As always, be sure to explore responsibly and take care as to abide by whatever regulations are in place at the time. Nevertheless, where will you be going this Valentine’s? Let us know in the comments below!

Ninja-Akasaka-Restaurant-499x500 6 Romantic Spots in Tokyo You Have to Visit—Valentine's Day Or Not!


Author: Ruel Butler

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