A Creative History Lesson – Hetalia: Axis Power

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Interesting anime with a more realistic story that was based on our world’s history.
An interpretation of the political history most particularly the World War I and II era.
Majority of the characters are male as this serves as a stereotype that only men are capable of joining the military.

If only Hetalia existed back when I was in school...

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The First World War lasted for almost four years and it started in 1914, the Triple Entente (United Kingdom, France, Russian Empire, Italy, Japan and United States) VS. the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.)
On the other hand, the Second World War started in 1939 and lasted for 6 long years. It is considered the biggest and widespread war in our history and it directly involved approximately 100 million people from over 30 countries.

If only this anime existed back when I was in school, I would’ve understand history much better and not sleep through the whole class.

The character makes it absorbing and more understandable. There are even some famous historical figures that are featured in this series such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles VI, Michael Angelo, Pocahontas, and many more
Also, I might have forgotten to mention that even these characters have their own unique character design based on their real appearance. Amazing isn’t it?

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What’s interesting about this series is the characters are all named after a country and is a representation of that specific country.
For example the Italia Veneziano character is into pasta and pizzas. What’s amazing about this is the different personalities and culture of each individual character that are bound to coexist in one story. They all hold the personality and mannerisms of their specific country. How was the outcome? Well you better watch it to find out!

Although it is based on a real story with so many casualties, the series took a lighter and a more comedic approach. The series although should be taken in a serious and in an informative note, it is more understandable for younger viewers because the interpretation of the story.
Both positive and negative cultural personification of each character’s personality and people can find this offensive, just like with Korea where they banned the show saying that they are portraying the character Korea in a wrong way.

The protagonist of the story, the group of the Axis Powers, consist of Germany, Hungary, Italy and Japan. And the Allied Forces involving America, Britain, France, China and Russia.

Hetalia Characters


Italy – An Energetic young man and the grandson of the powerful Roman Empire, also known as Grandpa Rome. Brothers, Italy Veneziano represent the northern part of Italy while Italy Romano is for the south.


Germany – a muscular, serious and hard-working character who trains Italy and Japan.


Japan - a polite and a conservative man, he weirdly claims that he is old but his appearance is of a young man with brown eyes and black hair.


America – is a hyper, energetic and an adventurous man who is always after justice.


England – he is also known as United Kingdom, UK or Britain. He is a former pirate and holds the attitude one; he has a foul mouth and tends to curse a lot.


France - as we all expect it, France is a romantic person and he flirts with a lot of the female characters.


Russia - a mentally unstable man who appears to be sweet. He has two sisters namely Ukraine and Belarus.


China - the oldest of them all but ironically loves Hello Kitty, when he fights he chooses a Wok (round) and a ladle for a weapon, which somehow signifies that China has a rich and delicious cuisine.

Some of the little kids that are featured in the series are


Chibiitalia – Grandpa Rome’s grandchild, he sometimes need to rely on Mr. Australia whenever the other countries are targeting him.

Mr. Newspaper – this little creature of course spreads the latest news all over the city. So even if there wasn’t any television back in their time, people are aware of the current happenings. He may seem to be a young boy who’s interested in gossiping about other people’s business but we all need one or two of him to make our lives a little more interesting.

Seborga – a famous cheerful, friendly and independent nation, with an unusual speaking style.

Nikko Nikko Republic -a nation who proclaimed independency against Japan. He used to be a mountain hot spring but eventually returned to ordinary Japanese.

Chibiromano -On the contrary of his cute appearance, Chibiromano isn’t as nice as anyone would expect. He is hard headed, does not obey orders, and he curse a lot.

The word “Chibi” in every stands for short person or small child.
The Characters stated above are only a few of where the story will revolve too, but will eventually later on introduce and feature other characters from different countries, even if they weren’t part of the World War.

Official Trailer - Hetalia Axis Powers

  • Episodes: 52
  • Aired: Jan. 2009 - Mar. 2010
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by Adelane-Marie M. Banico