A Cute Cosmic Kerfuffle (Cosmo Familia Vol. 1)

A Cute Cosmic Kerfuffle
  • Mangaka : Hanokage
  • Publisher : Seven Seas
  • Genre : Manga, Magical girl
  • Published : March 2020

Alice Amakawa and the Aliens (No Spoilers)

The young miss Amakawa was asked to house-sit for her parents at the tender age of ten. She was left with the responsibility of taking care of her home and cute chaos causing creatures called Cosmofs. Alice did the job to the best of her abilities for 6 years as she waited for her parent's return. She often found herself fighting a losing battle to control the Cosmofs. The fluffy looking creatures gradually multiplied wreaking havoc by not only destroying much of her own home but her neighbors’ homes as well.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Alice has truly done her best to manage the situation of out of control alien cuteness. She has also been unwilling to give up on seeing her family again even after spending 6 years alone. The six years were not easy either as the spreading chaos of the Cosmof’s destroyed homes and nearby villages. She often got the blame for the Cosmofs or at least the cold shoulder from her neighbors. If she was fortunate she was just considered the unfortunate daughter of Raika the woman who is believed to have brought on the Cosmof infestation.

Why You Should Read Cosmo Familia Vol. 1
Cosmo-Familia-Vol-1-SS-1-300x428 A Cute Cosmic Kerfuffle (Cosmo Familia Vol. 1)

1. “Alien Invasions Have Never Been This Cute!”

The Cosmof’s are indeed cute. The shapes and proportions of these creatures fit right in with kawaii culture. You can’t see anything threatening about them as almost none of them have any pointy shapes as part of their design. The worse these giggle-inducing gremlins seem to do is gnaw on things. We’ll not just things like your shoes or purse, but more like your water heater and roof. If you are a fan of cute things you might enjoy this little alien invasion.

Why You Should Skip Cosmo Familia Vol. 1

1. Confusing Cuteness

We are told at the beginning of the story that the Cosmof’s were Alice’s mother’s pets and that they should be treated like family by Alice in her mother’s absence. The hand full of “pets” we see in the opening frame then become an out of control hoard. We don’t get an explanation of that at all. We are also introduced to characters that look human but are actually Cosmof’s. We even have two characters, Alice and Mira, who have such a similar character design it’s hard to tell them apart.

Final Thoughts

We do not want to judge a whole series from one volume because you never know what is waiting for you once all the character introductions are done. Yet, the story felt confusing, and as such, it was hard to stay invested. We understand it could have potential even with cute aliens whose main flaw is they gnaw on your stuff. We acknowledge that the mysterious backstory for Alice’s mother that is yet to be revealed either. So, before we put this one down for good, we will just have to see what happens in volume 2.

Cosmo-Familia-Vol-1-SS-1-300x428 A Cute Cosmic Kerfuffle (Cosmo Familia Vol. 1)


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