A Spirit of the Sun’ Will Shine as Maiden Japan’s New Acquisition

What You Need to Know:

  • Everyday here in the land of the rising, there's always a new idea that's born the minute the sun rises. Today is no exception as the addition of 'A Spirit of the Sun' arrives to Maiden Japan’s ever-growing collection of anime titles.
  • Based on the epic manga by Kaiji Kawaguchi and directed by Masayuki Kojima, the acclaimed director of titles like Monster, Made in Abyss and Black Bullet, the feature film explores a frighteningly possible world in which a series of natural disasters force the Japanese people to flee their homeland.
  • A Spirit of the Sun comes from Madhouse, the studio behind titles like Death Note, No Game No Life and High School of the Death. It was produced by the Tohokushinsha Film Corporation (Garo, Zankyou no Terror, Usagi Drop, Redline). For more details pertaining to the story, be sure to scroll down below!

Source: Official Press Release

Story Synopsis

When Japan is hit by the twin disasters of the eruption of Mt. Fuji and a massive earthquake, the island nation gets literally shattered and torn in two. With millions dead and the life-sustaining national infrastructure destroyed, mass evacuation of much of the country’s population was the only alternative. Now the Japanese refugees living in Taiwan find themselves in conflict with the native citizens. There’s not enough work, the living conditions are terrible, and what remains of Japan is occupied by China in the north and the U.S. in the south. Genichiro Ryu is just one of the survivors, but having been adopted by Taiwanese parents, he has a foot in both worlds and seeks to find a way to bring peace between the conflicting sides in A Spirit of the Sun.

honeys anime character
This story sounds so sad and yet, it paints somewhat of a harsh truth that could happen in real life too.

honeys anime character
Well let's hope the latter doesn't ever take place and that everyone can live together in complete harmony.