[Action Shounen Fall 2018] Like Hunter x Hunter? Watch This!

After its reboot by Madhouse in 2011, Hunter x Hunter has had a lot of great reception and is a commonly recommended anime for anyone who enjoys a good Shounen. The Hunter x Hunter world and characters are very well put together and the animation itself is impeccable – why wouldn’t anyone want more? Anyone who enjoys this anime must definitely be pining for something fresh yet similar – and that’s what we’re here to show you!

Liked Hunter x Hunter? Watch Dororo!

  • Episodes: 23
  • Aired: January 2019 – Ongoing

A certain samurai lord has given away his newborn son’s organs to forty-eight demons in exchange for strength in battle. However, the child he abandons manages to survive after a medicine man finds him and gives him a set of lethal prosthetics. The child, Hyakkimaru, will use these prosthetics to find the father who abandoned him, as well as the multitude of demons that have helped themselves to his organs all in a bid to reclaim his body one part at a time. At such a time will Hyakkimaru go on to confront his father; however, while on his journey to find his organs, he encounters a certain orphan who claims to be the greatest thief in Japan.

Major Similarities Between Hunter x Hunter and Dororo

1. Abandoned Children

The main thing that Dororo has in common with Hunter x Hunter is the fact that both main characters, namely Hyakkimaru and Gon Freecss, set out to find their fathers who supposedly abandoned them at a very young age. While Gon’s search for his father is one done out of his desire to follow in his father’s footsteps, while Hyakkimaru’s journey is a bloody retaliation and desire for retribution against the father who traded his son’s life for power.

2. A Friend Along the Way

In both Hunter x Hunter and Dororo, the protagonists head out on their journeys to find their fathers; however, both journeys have detours that they must embark on before tackling the major goal – finding dad. In Hunter x Hunter, Gon must first acquire his Hunter License and it is at the Hunter Exam that he encounters his best friends who remain so for the duration of the series, most notably Killua Zoldyck. For Hyakkimaru, coming across Dororo is a similar meeting as the two take to the journey together and become friends.

Liked Hunter x Hunter? Watch Radiant!

  • Episodes: 21
  • Aired: October 2018 – Ongoing

Seth is an aspiring sorcerer from the Pompo Hills area and like all wizards, he’s an “Infected”, one of the few people to survive the contact of the “Nemesis”, creatures from the sky that destroy and contaminate everything they touch. Seth is immune to the Nemesis and wishes to become a Hunter in order to combat them; however, he wants to do more than just fight the Nemesis – he wants to find the Radiant, their cradle. With the help of fellow sorcerers, Seth travels the world looking for the Radiant.

Major Similarities Between Hunter x Hunter and Radiant

1. Young MC With a Dream

Radiant and Hunter x Hunter share a taste in protagonists in that both sets of main characters have their eyes set on lofty goals that involve searching for something illusive. Gon wishes to become a hunter and find his dad, while Seth is an aspiring sorcerer looking for the apparent source of suffering in his world, the origin of the creatures responsible for granting human beings power in the first place.

2. Humans with Supernatural Abilities

Both Hunter x Hunter and Radiant have characters who are capable of using certain supernatural abilities. In Radiant, those capable of sorcery owe their abilities to their contact with the dangerous Infected, while the characters in Hunter x Hunter are all fundamentally capable of using Nen, a sophisticated and well-defined manipulation of their own life energy. Unlike in Radiant, the Hunter x Hunter universe affords every single living being the ability to make use of this ability given their awareness of this potential.

Final Thoughts

Being the popular Shounen title that it is, Hunter x Hunter is a phenomenon very difficult to relive through other shows; however, where there is a genre tag, there is similarity. With that in mind, shows like Dororo and Radiant can definitely satiate certain cravings of Hunter x Hunter fans and even give rise to new favourites! Are there other new shows out that are similar to Hunter x Hunter? Drop a comment below and tell us all about them!

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