Adachi to Shimamura (Adachi and Shimamura)

Adachi-to-Shimamura Adachi to Shimamura (Adachi and Shimamura)

Adachi-to-Shimamura Adachi to Shimamura (Adachi and Shimamura)

Adachi to Shimamura

Slice of Life, Yuri

Airing Date:
Fall 2020

Teduka Production

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The second floor of the school gym is where female high schoolers Adachi and Shimamura met. They soon became friends, talking about their favorite tv shows and cooking, playing ping pong and passing the days together. As their friendship grows, before long Adachi starts to develop special feelings for Shimamura. Although Adachi anguishes over these feelings, together the two of them continue their everyday lives a little offbeat.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Sakura Adachi

Voice Actor: Akari Kito

A young girl who rarely shows up to class. She can be found somewhere here or there in the school skipping class. Both the students and the teachers officially consider her a delinquent. The people around her say that she’s a beauty but leaves a cold impression. She rides her bike to school, and sometimes Shimamura hops on the back of it and they ride together. She works part-time at a Chinese restaurant and says she wears a Chinese dress at work “because she’s young.”

Hogetsu Shimamura

Voice Actor: Miku Ito

She doesn’t skip class as much as Adachi, but ever since they met at the gym and became close friends, they often skip together.

Akira Hino

Voice Actor: Manami Numakura

Shimamura’s classmate and friend. She’s easily flattered. Her hobby is fishing in fish ponds. She’s often prone to encountering “weirdos.” She never runs out of things to talk about.

Taeko Nagafuji

Voice Actor: Rena Ueda

Has been friends with Hino since kindergarten and is also Shimamura’s classmate and friend. She’s endowed with big boobs and has recently been feeling uneasy about how others look at her.

Yashiro Chikama

Voice Actor: Iori Saeki

One of the “weirdos” Hino encounters at a fish pond. A little girl around the age of an elementary school student who wears a pseudo space suit. She’s a self-proclaimed alien that has super powers.

Other TitleAdachi and Shimamura
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Kimi ni Aeta Hi" by Adachi (CV: Akari Kitou) & Shimamura (CV: Miku Itou)
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Iruma Hitoma
  • Director: Satoshi Kuwabara
  • Character Design: Shizue Kaneko
  • Sound Director: Tetsu Motoyama

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