The Most Memorable Anime Moments of 2020

Despite the pandemic that shook up our foundations, 2020 gave us plenty of enjoyable anime series to watch and forget our worries. We picked the memorable scenes that made us laugh, long, and gasp in surprise, that did not fade after completing these shows. Let’s take a look and reminisce before we move on to the Winter anime season.

Contains Spoilers!

Adventures of the Wild Wooly Pantsu - or How Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Became Even More Hilarious

Princess Syalis was the quarantine buddy of our dreams. Her unabashed drive for comfort peaks in the series finale, with quest Obtain Special Christmas Woolen Underwear and Sleep in Warmth taking the Demon King Castle by storm. The monsters suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, so naturally, they want to help the pampered princess obtain her special underwear from her old bedroom just in time for Christmas. This is where Princess Syalis reconnects with the Queen, her mother, and then we realize who she takes after…

The Deca-Dence of the Notorious Second Episode - or When Many Dropped Deca-Dence, to Their Loss!

Maoujou-de-Oyasumi-Wallpaper-700x394 The Most Memorable Anime Moments of 2020

Deca-Dence had a tight sci-fi story with interesting characters - not just that, though. Deca-Dence creators made a brave move with the release of the second episode, revealing that all Gears are cyborgs, and really cute-looking at that. The sudden change in style made the show memorable, not a cookie-cutter sci-fi. The style, reminiscent of Cartoon Network animation, perhaps alienated some fans who were expecting a more straightforward depiction, but not the Honey’s Anime team - we believe this contrast was one of the winning elements of Deca-Dence.

Near Confession of Angsty Lesbian Teens - or Adachi, Just Confess Already Aaaaagh! (Adachi and Shimamura)

Fall season sweethearts Adachi and Shimamura won us over with their slow-burn romance, with an emphasis on the slow. Adachi, there is a difference between I am in love with you and I want to be best friends! Needless to say, Adachi’s adorable shyness is relatable to anyone, regardless of gender or orientation, who has experienced awkward teenage crushes. This is why we forgive Adachi and cross our fingers for a happy future with Shimamura.

Talentless Nana is a Tsundere - or When We Cried Our Eyes Out

The dramatic, absolutely heart wrenching ending of the first season was a heavy blow, with Michiru giving her life to save Nana, just one episode after our ruthless killer realized she had made a genuine friend. Nana suffers from a guilty conscience, believing she was directly responsible for her parents’ death. However, Michiru challenges her way of thinking and instills the doubt in her heart that will drive her in the rest of the story. Michiru’s death came early and added one more scar to Nana’s heart, and ours.

Final Thoughts

Honorable mentions are the opening scene of TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You, Yuki finally standing up to Akito in Fruits Basket 2nd Season, Minare dashing into the radio station in Wave! Listen to Me, and the Hypnosis Mic final battles. Do you agree with our picks? Thank you for reading and let’s take the conversation to the comments below!

Maoujou-de-Oyasumi-Wallpaper-700x394 The Most Memorable Anime Moments of 2020


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