Akuyaku Reijou nano de Last Boss wo Kattemimashita (I'm A Villainess So, I'm Taming The Final Boss) Review- A Romantic-Comedy Of A Villainess Avoiding Her Bad Ending

The villainess trope has been a popular trend in the manga and light novel industry, so it's no surprise that sooner or later, it would come to the anime industry. After the first villainess anime with Katarina, we finally have our second Villainess anime of the season: I'm Villainess So, I'm Taming The Final Boss.

Our Villainess, Aileen Lauren d' Autriche, has remembered her memories of her past life. The only problem is that she remembered her memories when she was already getting her engagement with the crown prince annulled and about to set off her death flag. This time our Villainess has her way of avoiding her lousy ending. To change her fate, she has no choice but to conquer the final boss through marriage!

Destroying Death Flags With The Power Of Love

The main goal for Aileen in I'm A Villainess So, I'm Taming The Final Boss is to avoid her horrible ending as the Villainess. Ever since recovering her memories, she does whatever she can to make sure none of her death flags are triggered. With this goal in mind and how everything the story sets up, it became an entertaining show full of romance and action, but after watching the whole series, we found a hidden theme: love conquers all.

Although the main goal is to avoid her bad ending, it starts to change from not just avoiding her death flags but also for love. Many of her actions and how she successfully avoided all the bad endings show that love conquers all themes. Even nearing the end of the series shows that love conquers all, even destroying death flags.

Sweet, Cringy, & Funny Romance scenes

As a romance-comedy, one of the biggest highlights of the series is the romance between the Villainess, Aileen, and the final boss, Claude. It felt like there were so many different types of romantic scenes cramped into this one 13-episode series. Some scenes were romantic to the point that you can't help but think how sweet their relationship was. While it's romantic, some scenes were also cringy that you can't help but feel second-hand embarrassment from watching them interact. There were romantic scenes that were fun to watch and even scenes that combined all three. Watching Aileen and Claude interact was enjoyable to watch. It not only showed the relationship between the two but also showed us their dynamics and how compatible they are with each other.

Weird Pacing, Missing Parts Of Story

If there were a couple of things that we find faults in the anime, one of them would be the pacing. The anime's pacing seems to be a bit all over the place. At the beginning of the series, it felt rushed. It speeds through to the climax of what appears to be the series' first story arc in a few episodes. As we got to the middle of the series, the pacing started to slow a bit, and we felt that it was a bit better than the first, but when we neared the end of the series, the pacing started to rush again. It feels like we rush through three story arcs in a span of 13 episodes.

Another fault was that the story might be missing important parts that help with the story's overall flow. Although it did not destroy the flow of the overall show, we feel that some points of the story should have made it into the anime. It's probably because the anime is only 13 episodes and the producers have to finish the story within the 13 episodes. It's perhaps also the reason why the pacing seems to be all over the place. This series would be better if they did not rush through the story. That way, they can also include the important parts of the story.

Final Thoughts

I'm A Villainess So, I'm Taming The Final Boss shows its uniqueness by showing us a new perspective of the Villainess through a different narrative. Although this romantic-comedy anime felt rushed and was missing a few parts, the romantic interaction between Aileen and Claude and Aileens determination to avoid the bad end make up for its faults. Whether it meets our expectation that the first Villainess sets up? It fulfilled our expectations as the 2nd Villainess anime and gave a good start for the villainess group in the anime industry.

If you have seen I'm A Villainess So, I'm Taming The Final Boss, tell us what you think. Did it live up to your expectations? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

by Gerrymelyn “Lyn”

Akuyaku-Reijou-nanode-Last-Boss-wo-Kattemimashita-wallpaper-1 Akuyaku Reijou nano de Last Boss wo Kattemimashita (I'm A Villainess So, I'm Taming The Final Boss) Review- A Romantic-Comedy Of A Villainess Avoiding Her Bad Ending

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