Anime Birthdays: Masaomi Kida from Durarara!!

Contains Spoilers

What You Need to Know:

  • Durarara!! is one of the most exciting anime of the 2010s as it showcases not only a colorful cast of characters with an incredible story, but it's one of the anime that contains some of the very best seiyuu on the planet! One notable character that we all know is of course Masaomi Kida, the main protagonist of the series, and the birthday boy for today!
  • He is the closest friend of Mikado Ryugamine, and he guides Mikado when he first arrives to Ikebukuro. He's an amusing character and a little cute but cool face allows him to make many friends. Mikado & Masaomi look to be very very connected friends--------seemingly.
  • Masaomi's true identity is "General" of Yellow Bandit ("Koukin-zoku"). It is a kind of color gang, who show their identities with using colored wardrobes. He used to reign color gang as making Yellow Bandits the strongest in Ikebukuro. But, the worst accident was that his girlfriend Saki was kidnapped by rival gang "Blue Square", and after some fights Masaomi decided to walk away from the Yellow Bandit & dark world.
  • But, the emergence of new force known as "Daraas" (which is called "color gang", but actually their color is nothing) makes Masaomi come back to the dark side of Ikebukuro. He aims to beat the leader of Daraas, but it is his closest friend Mikado.

  • Durarara-crunchyroll-560x315 Anime Birthdays: Masaomi Kida from Durarara!!
    The BEST character in the show! I love Masaomi!
    Durarara-crunchyroll-560x315 Anime Birthdays: Masaomi Kida from Durarara!!
    I LOVE him too! I just love Durarara!! as a whole!