Anime Reboots to Watch with Dad!

With Father’s Day coming up, we thought it’d be fun to give some recommendations for anime to watch with dad! We will specifically be focusing on series remakes/reboots to appeal to that good ol’ old-meets-new generational harmony song and dance. In all seriousness, reboots can be a great way to foster shared experiences and connections so they felt appropriate for a father’s day mention. We’ll be focusing on series that your dad might actually know or would at least be able to get into relatively easily. Let’s get started!

Dororo (2019)

Although we’d imagine it’s not too likely that he’s seen or read the original 1960s series, your dad is likely familiar with Tezuka Osamu of Astro Boy fame and might be interested to see an excellent modern reboot of a series by the same author. Dads with a penchant for Japanese culture will also eat up the fantastic Sengoku-inspired “warring states period” setting infused with demons, samurai, and awesome fight sequences that satisfy what one might think of in a Japanese action series while still being its own thing with a compelling story of revenge following badass ronin Hyakkimaru destroying demons to reclaim his body parts and forming an unlikely bond with the titular street urchin Dororo. The art style also evokes a retro feeling brought up to solid modern production values for further appeal.

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

As one of the most popular shounen series out there, Hunter x Hunter might at first seem like a bit of a strange pick unless your dad was already aware of the series from the manga or the original late 90s/early 2000s anime. However, Hunter x Hunter is also arguably one of the most mature shounen anime, isn’t afraid to go into heavy territory, and does so with tact beyond shock value while still also being true to the classic shounen adventure formula. Hunter x Hunter follows a spirited boy named Gon and his friends through a world full of strange superpowered characters. Although definitely a time investment at nearly 150 episodes, its emotional depth and unique setting and characters have a cross-generational appeal that might awaken a bit of your dad’s boyish spirit of adventure in the beginning and hook you both into its later intensity. It’s also simply one of the most-loved series out there for good reasons with bonus points if you or your dad are Yu Yu Hakusho fans, as it's from the same original creator and is quite comparable.

Atom: The Beginning (2017)

If your dad is a bit older, it’s actually quite likely that they’re at least a little bit familiar with Tezuka Osamu’s legendary Tetsuwan Atom or Astro Boy as it’s known in the West. Atom: The Beginning, as its title suggests, is a prequel to the classic series. It follows scientists Dr. Tenma and Dr. Ochanomizu as they create Bewusstsein, an AI system that revolutionizes robotics and eventually leads to the development of the iconic robot himself: Astro Boy. Even beyond being a more mature take on a classic series, Atom: The Beginning is a pretty interesting show in its own right that might just be a perfect segue into watching more anime with your dad and at only 12 episodes won’t be a huge commitment either way.

Ushio to Tora (Ushio and Tora) (2015)

Based on a somewhat obscure manga that got its first animated adaptation in the 90s, Ushio to Tora can feel like a bit of a hidden gem with a thoroughly classic shounen feeling that might have your dad and/or yourself feeling nostalgic. It’s a demon-battling anime centered around the two titular characters, a young boy named Aotsuki Ushio who ends up freeing the long-sealed, tiger-like demon Tora from his basement to protect his house from other marauding yokai. The two slowly form an unlikely bond as they fight ever more dangerous demons together. Ushio to Tora is a classic series through and through with a lot of old school charm brought to life with modern production values that we think would be a great fit for younger dads who might have memories of watching shows like this back in the day.

Final Thoughts

We hope that at least one of these series sparks some good times to share with your dad on Father’s Day and beyond! Let us know what you, or your dad, thinks of our recommendations in the comments section below and be sure to stick around Honey’s Anime for more of all things awesome, potential parental bonding experiences and otherwise! Until next time, hug your dad! See ya~!

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Author: Oskar O.K. Strom

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