ANiUTa’s second interview with Artist of the Month Run Girls, Run! it’s Up!

banner-aniuta-artist-of-the-month-run-girrls-run-week2-500x185 ANiUTa’s second interview with Artist of the Month Run Girls, Run! it’s Up!

What You Need to Know:

  • The second interview with Run Girls, Run! focused on Yuka Morishima (Mocchi). Mocchi is both the eldest member and the leader of Run Girls, Run! She made it to the finals during her first audition, and that was an experience she wouldn’t forget.
  • “It was a public audition, so I got to participate in a dialogue with the four other voice actresses trying for a part in Milky Holmes. That was a really great memory I won’t forget, and it made me start doing more auditions. I made it to the finals countless times, but I never landed a part. I decided that the ‘avex×81produce Wake Up, Girls! Audition 3 Anisong Vocal Audition’ would be the last time I tried. Because of that, I put everything I had into that audition, and I did everything I possibly could—including saying the thing about matcha. [laughter]”

  • Mocchi tells ANiUTa what caused her to first take an interest in voice acting:
  • “It was because I loved anime. I was never the kind of kid that played outside much, and whenever school ended, I went straight home to watch nothing but anime on recordings we had or DVDs my parents bought. When I was very young, I loved shows like Sailor Moon and Ojamajo Doremi. When I got to elementary school, I started reading the manga magazines Ciao and Nakayoshi and got really into anime like Shugo Chara! and Kamichama Karin. After that, I moved to Jump anime like Reborn! and Kuroko’s Basketball.”

  • With the release of Run Girls, Run!’s first single Slide Ride, 2018 was the year they started in earnest. As voice actresses, too, with the big release of Kiratto Pri☆chan, these three made a huge leap forward. Check the video of their first single!
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