Another Round of This Delicious Dish, Please! - Isekai Shokudou 2 (Restaurant to Another World 2) First Impressions

Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to Another World) is back! With the first season out in 2017, this Fall 2021 release was a sweet treat for all fans of the franchise, as we were losing hope in getting a continuation. But, here it is! This charming isekai iyashikei anime graces our screens once again with our old favorite characters, new characters, and of course, mouthwatering dishes! Based on the light novel series by Inuzuka Junpei, Restaurant to Another World 2, continues where the first season back in 2017 left off, with Tenshu, Aletta, and Kuro serving delicious food to their faithful customers. Let’s take a look at the brand new season so far.

A Peaceful Place

What makes Restaurant to Another World 2 stand out is its core principle: good food can help people from all sorts of life come together, put their differences aside, and enjoy some peaceful time. Throughout the three first episodes, we see demons, humans, wizards, vampires, and dwarves meeting in peace to eat their favorite dishes. Leaving conflict behind is difficult for hardened warriors, but for the sake of a glass of cold beer or sake, they can call a truce behind the door of Youshoku no Nekoya.

Food Porn

Food is the real protagonist of Restaurant to Another World 2. Right from the start, we get delicious dishes of cheesecake, curry rice, beefsteak, and hamburgers. Most of the dishes are family restaurant staples, but the way they are prepared by Tenshu, full of umami, has the strange inhabitants of this fantasy world coming back for more.

There is not a strong surprise factor concerning the food, because we know the drill. The customers walk upon the strange door, enter the restaurant, order food, and get so obsessed with it that they rarely diverge from their initial choice in future visits. However, this is the charm of iyashikei anime, because they make predictable events shine, highlighting the calmness and comfort of having your favorite dish prepared for you, savoring each bite in a mindful way.

We Meet Again

Sarah Gold, the archaeologist, is back, and we get to see how life with Nekoya waitress and undercover demon Aletta is going since they started living together. Kuro, the dark elf who is actually an all-powerful dragon living on the moon, is there too, and she seems like she is more used to the company of other creatures. The charming little group of farmer boys is back too, with treats for Tenshou, and a big appetite. The familiarity of these reappearing characters is not a downside—to the contrary, it holds our interest in a series that is mainly episodic, with new creatures coming and going in each episode.

Animation and Sound

The excellent animation by Studio OLM, full of warm hues, light, and attention to detail, brings the food to life. This is what we are here for, and Restaurant to Another World 2 serves it in generous doses. There are even some action scenes, notably in the first episode which opens with an adventurer fleeing her enemies and finding refuge in the restaurant. The opening theme is cute and bubbly, and the overall sound quality is good, with an emphasis on the characters' live reactions to their ridiculously tasty meals.

Isekai Shokudou 2 PV

Final Thoughts

We love the Restaurant to Another World series and we do feel that our expectations are met in this season, too. This is a relaxing iyashikei with strong fantasy elements and heartwarming vibes. Even if you have not watched the first season, you will still be able to follow, albeit with some gaps about recurring characters, such as the restaurant’s main staff and regulars. We urge you to give Restaurant to Another World 2 a try, but be prepared to get hungry!

Have you caught up with the new season of Restaurant to Another World? Which was your favorite dish so far? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

isekai-shokudou-2-Wallpaper-3 Another Round of This Delicious Dish, Please! - Isekai Shokudou 2 (Restaurant to Another World 2) First Impressions


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