Assault Lily: Bouquet 101 - All You Need to Know!

Shaft studio, the producer of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, brings us yet another bunch of cute fighting girls. This time, however, there’s no need for a dark deal with a sketchy creature offering cuteness and power. Assault Lily: Bouquet is set in a world where things are already crappy.

Like in most worlds, monsters exist to terrorize humans in this world, and humanity’s only hope is the cute, weapon-wielding girls who have the athleticism to make even the best parkour athlete live in shame. However, we’re not going to review the world of Assault Lily: Bouquet in this article. Let’s leave that for a later one. Instead, we’ll discuss a few terms we’ll probably encounter multiple times in this series.


In the world of Assault Lily: Bouquet, girl warriors rightfully hog the spotlight. Since only the female population can resonate with CHARMs, the entire world focuses its resources on cultivating these female warriors called lilies. But don’t be fooled by the cute name. Although young, lilies are trained to fight gigantic monsters to save all of mankind. Think about Attack on Titan’s Survery Corps level of badass. Lilies, however, do not need special gear to maneuver mid-air. Instead, they control magi, using it to boost their fighting prowess.


Whoever came up with these names surely stuck with the theme. Lilies are both trained and educated in a school facility doubling as a military base called a garden. These gardens have their own specialties. It’s like an all-girls school, but with lots of weapons and fighting. In the series, we’ll be following a group of girls enrolled in Yurigaoka Jogakuin. That said, Yurigaoka Jogakuin is just one of the many other gardens in the world. Will we see other lilies from the other gardens? We can only wait with bated breath.


If Attack on Titan has titans, Assault Lilies: Bouquet has Huges. Huges are mankind’s worst nightmares. These creatures are the result of runaway cells called huge cells that manage to take form through repeated parasitism, predation, and growth. Yes, part of the predation aspect is attacking and consuming humans. Depending on the Huge’s size and strength, it can be classified into different classes: small, medium, large, giant, and altra. Small and medium Huges can be repelled through ordinary military weapons, but those of the higher classes can only be killed using CHARMs, which brings us to the final entry for this article.


The magical weapons that only lilies can use are called CHARMs, which is an abbreviation for Counter Huge ARMS. As its name suggests, lilies get to contract their own CHARM by infusing their magi into it. CHARMs have and are controlled through a magic gem called Magi Crystal Core. By replacing the core, the CHARMs can be customized to one’s own preferences. Although CHARMs are powerful, they only resonate well with females. Thus, the reason behind our all-girl Power Rangers.

Final Thoughts

Starting a new series basically means encountering a lot of new terms. It may be confusing at first, but we eventually get used to it. Still, it won’t do any harm to familiarize ourselves with the jargon the fandom will be using. For Assault Lily: Bouquet, which means lilies, gardens, Huges, and CHARMs, among many. As much as we’re excited to see the lilies’ story unfold, we don’t want to feel being left in the dark just because our brain didn’t process what we’re reading fast enough.

Did our little guide help you understand the world of Assault Lily: Bouquet? Or maybe we’ve missed something crucial and you want to add something on our list? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the comments below!

Assault-Lily-Wallpaper-433x500 Assault Lily: Bouquet 101 - All You Need to Know!


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Assault-Lily-Wallpaper-433x500 Assault Lily: Bouquet 101 - All You Need to Know!

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