Meeting The Members of Yuyu's Legion—The Strongest in Assault Lily: Bouquet!?

We just can’t get enough of cute schoolgirls wielding huge magical weapons to kill mankind’s worst predator. Yes, we’re talking about Assault Lily: Bouquet. In the past few episodes, our main heroine, Riri, has been gathering people to join her schutzengel’s legion.

In this series, a legion means a troop of schoolgirls, whose purpose is to fight huge monsters as one unit. The lilies are free to form their own legion as long as it consists of nine members. In episode 5, Yuyu’s legion has finally been assembled. Given that Yuyu is Yurigaoka’s current ace, we might be looking at the making of Yurigaoka’s strongest legion, if it’s not already the strongest.

Without further ado, let’s meet the gang!

Riri Hitotsuyanagi

Both the main protagonist and Yuyu’s schild, Riri is one of the first two members of Yuyu’s legion for obvious reasons. She’s the one who did all the legwork to recruit most of the legion’s members. Her greatest role in the series is probably being Yuyu’s safety pin. Yuyu’s rare special skill “Lunatic Trancer” makes her go berserk, attacking both enemies and allies alike. Riri, however, can connect with her even at such a state.

In the latest episode (episode 5) at the moment of writing this article, it is revealed that Riri is suspected to have the rare skill called “Charisma” that allows her to affect others. So even though Riri’s combat skills are mediocre, she might possess a bigger role in the legion if Charisma is indeed her special skill.

Yuyu Shirai

Yuyu is the current ace of Yurigaoka Jogakuin. True to her reputation, she can fight an average huge on her own. However, things changed after she met Riri. Not that she can no longer single-handedly take down a huge, she still can. It’s just that she now has companions to do it with. Still, her combat skills and experience make her the sharpest sword among the lilies.

No character is perfect, though. Where’s the fun in that, right? Yuyu’s past is a bit mysterious, which is probably also the reason behind her cold facade. She witnessed the final moments of her schutzengel and is a suspect of being her murderer. The good thing, however, is that her name’s already been cleared. Still, we’re sure her character development will be one of the biggest in the entire series.

Kaede Nouvelle

Hailing from a family of CHARM manufacturers, it’s an understatement to say that Kaede has money and influence. In addition to that, she also has sharp wits, intellect, and even combat skills proven by topping Yurigaoka’s high school transfer examination.

Originally, Kaede wanted to have Yuyu as her schutzengel, but after a certain incident with a huge, Riri, and Yuyu, she realized Riri’s cuteness and has been head over heels for her ever since. She’s so into her that she rejected multiple invitations from other legions and volunteered to be part of Yuyu’s legion.
The series has only shed some light into her character, but we’re certain she’ll contribute a great deal to the team.

Fumi Futagawa

Fumi is the fourth lily to join Yuyu’s legion, although she isn’t really formally invited. Her application is somewhat taken as a given, which she accepted gratefully. Fitting of the term “Lily Otaku,” Fumi seems like a throwaway character at first glance. However, that’s far from reality. Like Kaede, Fumi has also received various offers from different legions, and not just because of her ability to sniff gossip. Fumi has a special skill that allows her to see long-range. Partnered with her knowledge with skills, CHARMs, and everything related to being a lily, we think she’ll fit a support role from the sidelines.

Miriam Hildegard V. Gropius

Another lily that volunteered to join the legion after getting hold of the news that Riri was assembling one is Miriam. Right from the beginning, Miriam is already sticking around Riri and the squad. She’s bright, friendly, and just loves talking to people. Partnered with Riri whose knowledge of the world of lilies is a bit lacking, Miriam acts as a lecturer discussing what they’re actually seeing. Her skills haven't really been highlighted yet, but we believe her character will come in handy during times the group may experience having a fallout.

Wang Yujia

Being the middle child of three girls, Yujia feels pressured to perform well. She aspires to be of help to her homeland but lacks confidence in her skills. As if on cue, Riri and the gang enter the picture in an attempt to recruit more members for the legion. Since Yujia’s self-esteem is as low as the gutter, Kuo Shenlin proposes a test to show them their abilities. True enough, we got a damn of a show from Yujia. Similar to Fumi’s special skill, Yujia is able to see things from afar. Hers, however, is in the form of a scope. Using her skill and her sniping skills, she can hit a target kilometers away from her. Not only that, she even knows how to adjust her shot depending on the wind’s direction, making her the perfect sniper.

Even though her and Fumi’s skills are quite similar in nature, we believe they’ll have different roles in the legion. Yujia’s sniping skills makes her the perfect ranged support watching everybody’s backs. Fumi, on the other hand, can focus more on the overall situation of the field and report it to everybody. On that note, these are all just speculations and predictions on our part.

Kuo Shenlin

Hailing from Taiwan, this headstrong lily is Yujia’s roommate and probably her best bud. Even though she seems to hate Yujia at first glance, the truth can’t be further from that. Since Yujia’s self-esteem is rather low, Shenlin tends to give her that extra push when needed. Even during Riri’s recruitment, it is Shenlin who proposes to have a test of skill to see what she and Yujia can do on the battlefield. If the test for Yujia is being a sniper, it’s being a target for Shenlin.

It’s a given that Yujia performed well, but Shenlin didn’t fall behind. Shenlin has deflected each and every one of Yujia’s shots. She even sent back the tenth one, forcing Yujia to defend from it. Even though she’s not as talented as Yujia, Shenlin is twice the hard worker. She figures if she doesn’t have the silver spoon in her mouth, she’ll just work her ass off to get it. With that attitude, we’re certain she’ll be another key character when fighting the huge.

Mai Thi Yoshimura

Just like Miriam, Mai has been around Riri just around the start of the series. However, she didn’t immediately join Yuyu’s legion even after hearing about it. In fact, she and Andou are the last ones to join. They have only decided to join after witnessing how much Yuyu actually cares for Riri. Even though we’ve already had a glimpse of her fighting skills, we haven’t really seen how good she is or what her special skill is yet. What we do know is that she wields a yellow gun-like CHARM. With only that to work on, we think she’ll be stationed in the middle, providing offensive and assistive firepower. With her jolly and amiable personality, we ought to see interesting things from her.

Tazusa Andou

Along with Mai, Andou joined the fray a little late in the game. That doesn’t mean that Riri and the others didn’t invite her, though. They’ve tried multiple times but were either met with a blatant 'no' or a murderous look. With that, your impression of her being very scary is somewhat spot on, but she has a very soft spot for cats. Every time she sees one, she can’t help acting like the cutest thing in the world. In happenstance, Mai has caught her red-handed. Mai then helps her to pet it, rather than giving her the typical grossed outlook. Yep, our yuri radar is tingling as well. As for her skills on the battlefield, we still have zero data about that, so we’ll have to see what she can do in future episodes.

Final Thoughts

Up until the current episode (episode 5 at the moment of writing), the series focuses more on character building, which we guess is important given that we’re following nine individuals. Even at present, our main characters aren’t that well established. Still, the series has pretty much introduced each and every main character. Since the legion has been formally formed, we expect to see them in action pretty soon, and given that their skills vary, we sure are hyped up!

Are you also excited to see them in action? What do you think of Yuyu’s legion? Do you also think they’re the strongest legion in the series? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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Assault-Lily-Wallpaper-5 Meeting The Members of Yuyu's Legion—The Strongest in Assault Lily: Bouquet!?

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