BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia II: Song I Am Movie Review - “It Takes the Five of Us to Be 'Us'”

It takes the five of us to be "us."

  • Movie : 70 Mins
  • Genre : Music
  • Airing Date : July 24, 2021 (NA)
  • Producers : SANZIGEN

Contains Spoilers

BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia II: Song I Am. Introduction and Story

After making up their minds to perform at FES and earn a spot in FUTURE WORLD FES, the members of Roselia start their practice sessions. Lisa, who always avoids conflict and keeps her comments to herself, starts to communicate more with the rest of the band, telling Sayo what to do to sound better with her guitar, and Ako when to start playing the drums. Sayo is surprised by the change in Lisa’s attitude, and it makes her think about herself. But while everyone is happy and decidedly moving forward, Ako is having some doubts. What will happen with Roselia after they perform at FWF? Since the band’s purpose from the beginning was to get to that stage, Ako is worried that the end of Roselia may be near.

Since it’s autumn, Sayo and Yukina go kayaking with Hagumi, Rimi, and Ran to watch the leaves fall from the trees. At the end of the day, each of them writes a postcard with a message to their future selves. Those postcards help reinforce Yukina’s determination to earn a spot in FWF.

Days go by between practice and school, and Rinko decides to write a song to show her peers how she feels about Roselia. The song sounds like an instant hit, so they decide to perform it at FES. Ako finally tells everyone else what’s been bothering her, and Yukina makes it clear that she doesn’t want Roselia to disband after FUTURE WORLD FES. Knowing this, Ako is ready to give her all during the performance.

The day of FES arrives and the members of the band are nervous: they have to win to earn a place in FWF. Cool and collected, Yukina tells them she’s sure they’re going to win and with that, they take the stage to perform Yakusoku and UNIONS Road—needless to say, people go crazy, and Roselia wins the chance to perform at FWF. When the day arrives, Yukina announces that they’ll be performing LOUDER for the last time that day. With that being said, Roselia takes the stage one more time, fulfilling their goal. Connecting their past with their present and future, the members of the band prove that Roselia is sticking around for a long time!

Why You Should Watch BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia II: Song I Am.

1. Beloved Characters from the Franchise

This second film focused on the girls from the band Roselia not only shows them practicing as a band to achieve their goals, but we also get to see some of the other characters from this big franchise. Sayo and Yukina spend a day out with Rimi, Ran and Hagumi, and they all write postcards to their fellow band members. We even get to see Rokka, from Raise a Suilen!

2. Character Development

When Roselia is born, all of the girls want different things, especially Yukina, the leader of the band. All she has in mind is earning a place at FWF to prove to her dad she can surpass him. In the film, while she still cares about that, Yukina also wants to move forward with her band, and achieve new goals together with them.

3. The Songs!

You know the film is going to be full of songs when it’s about one of the most popular bands to ever come out of a multimedia project. Of course, the star of the movie is Roselia’s new song, Song I Am, but we also get bits of fan-favorite LOUDER, as well as a full performance of UNIONS Road and Yakusoku (Promise). What a treat!

Why You Should Skip BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia II: Song I Am.

1. It's a Direct Sequel

This is the second film in the project focusing on Roselia, so it’s a direct continuation of BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia - Yakusoku. Before watching this one, you should definitely watch the first one, to understand what the members of Roselia are trying to achieve.

2. The Songs Get Cut

While some of the songs have full performances, we don’t get to hear them all. We understand it would be hard to include all of them, especially having to animate the characters singing and playing the instruments, but hearing the full versions of all of these songs would’ve been pretty cool. Guess we’ll have to play them over and over again on Spotify…

3. 3D Animation

If you’re a traditional animation person, then you’ll probably have a hard time adapting to BanG Dream’s animation style. It’s mostly 3D and, at times, that makes the characters’ movements look weird, especially their mouths. It looks pretty neat when they’re performing, though, like a cool MV!

Final Thoughts

BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia II: Song I Am. is the perfect continuation to the first film. If you want to fully experience Roselia’s path to achieving their goals, give it a watch! The film is not long, but with all the songs and entertaining visuals, it feels really short nevertheless!

BanG-Dream-Episode-of-Roselia-II-song-I-am-KV BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia II: Song I Am Movie Review - “It Takes the Five of Us to Be 'Us'”

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