Best Horror Games of 2019

Gamers who love to be scared to death while playing games weren’t disappointed with the horror genre in 2019. Whether you loved horror titles that had you killing zombies or facing ghosts on a literal ghost ship, 2019 had you covered. Between our moments of not being able to sleep with the lights off, we sat down and crafted a list of what we considered the best horror games of 2019. Now it is time to see which horror games truly made us sleep with one eye open or cover ourselves with blankets praying for the sun to rise. Here is our Best Horror Games of 2019 list!

5. The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

  • System: PS4, PC, Xbox One
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
  • Developer: Supermassive Games
  • Release Dates: August 30, 2019

From the developers of Until Dawn comes the first entry in a series of games called The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. Based loosely on a true ghost tale, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan tasks players to keep their controlled characters alive through a series of decisions and actions. At any time, a story specific character could die which, in turn, would alter the faith of all those still alive in the story. The Dark Pictures next title has already been shown and we can’t wait to see our tale shift from a ghost ship to a Silent Hill-like town.

4. Blair Witch

  • System: Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • Publisher: Bloober Team
  • Developer: Bloober Team
  • Release Dates: August 30, 2019

Maybe the Blair Witch movie wasn’t that great but Bloober Team’s Blair Witch was leaps and bounds more horrifying. Based on the movie series, Blair Witch had players searching for a lost child in the woods famous for having the Blair Witch herself. Using only a flashlight, strange camera and armed with a faithful canine, Blair Witch made sure you knew danger wasn’t always something combatable. Those who want to feel how a found footage game would be like should check out Blair Witch. Just be sure to play with some lights on…

3. A Plague Tale: Innocence

  • System: PS4, PC, Xbox One
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Developer: Asobo Studio
  • Release Dates: May 14, 2019

The beauty of fear is that it doesn’t always have to come from ghosts, witches and/or goblins. A Plague Tale: Innocence scared players by unleashing plague-infested rats who wished to only feast on human flesh. Players needed to be crafty to avoid the rats and their usual horde set up but often that task was far from simple. We never liked rats before but now after playing A Plague Tale: Innocence, we like them a whole lot less. Time to arm our houses with some mouse traps!

2. Layers of Fear 2

  • System: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Publisher: Gun Media
  • Developer: Bloober Team
  • Release Dates: May 28, 2019_

Artists have it hard but actors/actresses also have it rough. Just look at Layers of Fear 2 the hit sequel to the original Layers of Fear. In Layers of Fear 2 players enter the mind of a down on his luck actor whose life has been spiraling slowly out of control. As he descends into madness, the world around the player shifts as well going from a cruise ship—a lot of ghost ships in 2019—to a hellish ship layered with pains of the character’s past. Layers of Fear 2 was just as spooky and spine-chilling as the first game which made it a must-play for fans in 2019!

1. Resident Evil 2

  • System: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom, Division 1
  • Release Dates: January 25, 2019

Taking our top spot for Best Horror Games of 2019 list is the long-awaited Resident Evil 2 remake. Taking control of either rookie cop Leon Kennedy or college student Claire Redfield, Resident Evil 2 returns fans—and newcomers—back to Raccoon City to survive the horde of undead civilians. Resident Evil 2 was scary when it came out back in the 90s but now in 2019, the horror has been revamped with some truly impressive new designs and realistic graphics using the same engine seen in Resident Evil 7. While the numbers might have gone back down, Resident Evil 2 shows this horror series can reset over and over again to still be one of the best examples of survival horror done right!

Final Thoughts

Horror games boomed in 2019 and we can only wonder can 2020 beat it? What do you folks out there think? Another question for you all is did your favorite horror game make our list or did we miss it? Comment down below with your answers and let us know what horror titles you’re looking forward to in 2020! For even more articles like this one be sure to keep stuck to our magnificent hive here at Honey’s Anime!

THE-DARK-PICTURES-MAN-OF-MEDAN-Wallpaper Best Horror Games of 2019


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