Best Kaiju Fight Scenes in SSSS.Gridman

If you’re a fan of popular franchises like Godzilla or Pacific Rim, then there is one thing you can certainly most appreciate: The beauty that is giant robots or humanoid beings going against monster or better known as kaiju. SSSS.Gridman—based off two older series that weren’t anime but live action—takes the beauty of kaiju battles and brings it into anime format. Today, we here at Honey’s Anime plan on looking at some of our favorite kaiju battles in SSSS.Gridman! Please be warned, minor spoilers will be down below for some episodes. With that warning stated, it’s time to get into our list!

4. Gridman versus Go’yavec

Yuuta and his classmates were expecting a nice and fun field trip but that all changed when Go’yavec attacked. Unlike most of the kaiju Gridman faced, Go’yavec was easily the largest one towering over our cyber-hero. Luckily for Gridman, his team was ready bringing with them Junk and allowing Yutta to transform into Gridman and combine with Borr to make Buster Gridman. This battle impressed us as it showed the resolve of Gridman’s team as well as how scarily large kaiju could be.

3. Gridman versus Anti

In episode 3, Akane creates a new kaiju that is able to blend in as a human but equally can transform into a menacing new kaiju. Dubbed Anti, this humanoid kaiju nearly defeats Gridman in a one on one duel and it’s the first time we see Yuuta/Gridman come so close to defeat! Luckily, Max—one of Gridman’s allies—enters the arena and allows Gridman to become Max Gridman and gives Anti a true beatdown. Unfortunately, due to Gridman’s earlier damage, he’s unable to keep the form for long but ironically, Anti also needs to bow out having taken substantial damage. Gridman shows that despite being a powerhouse, there are various kaiju out there that can match his mettle blow by blow. Anti later fights Gridman on numerous occasions—and even becomes an ally—but the first appearance by him is easily the most iconic of the show.

2. Bujack versus Gridman

In most of SSSS.Gridman, the kaiju might have secret powers hidden in wait to hurt Gridman but often are used during battle. Bujack is one of the rarer kaiju that is made from Akane and Alexis to manipulate the Gridman Alliance into believing their dreams are reality. Yuuta is one of the first of the Gridman Alliance to realize his dream girlfriend—who is Akane—is just that, a dream with the rest of the members following suit. Once Yuuta wakes up he’s able to turn into Gridman and defeat Bujack in what is a rather simple fight now that Bujack’s power is underwhelming. Still, if the resolve of Yuuta and his friends was any weaker…who knows what could have happened to Gridman’s future?

1. Gridman versus Alexis and Akane

The final battle of SSSS.Gridman is easily one of the most impressive kaiju duels in the whole series. Alexis absorbs Akane and becomes a full-on kaiju to battle against Gridman. Thankfully, the entirety of Gridman’s team enters into Gridman himself allowing the cyber warrior to become his true form, which mirrors the older shows. At first it looks as if Alexis is unstoppable with Gridman using every special attack he has in his repertoire to no avail. Alexis just rebirths himself and goes at Gridman with a seemingly invincible form. Gridman realizes quickly though that unlike kaiju or Alexis, his power comes from restoration and he uses this ability to repair Alexis and free Akane. It might seem like a corny final attack but fans of Hyper Agent Gridman or SuperHuman Samurai Syber-Squad will revel in this ability as it mirrors the ending of most episodes.

Final Thoughts

SSSS.Gridman was filled with several other great kaiju fights, but these four were our personal favorites. Do you have a fight scene that you think should have made our Best Kaiju Fight Scenes in SSSS.Gridman list? Comment below and let us know why your scene was so impressive to you! Be sure to keep stuck to our hive for more articles like this one done by us here at Honey’s Anime. Now if you’ll excuse us, we want to rewatch SSSS.Gridman again!

SSSS.Gridman-Capture Best Kaiju Fight Scenes in SSSS.Gridman


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SSSS.Gridman-Capture Best Kaiju Fight Scenes in SSSS.Gridman

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