We Need More Anime Like SSSS.Gridman!

SSSS.Gridman is one of those anime that unleashes our inner childhood. Many of us here at Honey’s Anime grew up on Power Rangers, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and the Japanese original versions like Gridman! That’s why when Trigger released SSSS.Gridman—the SSSS stands for the English version of Gridman called Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad—our adult hearts performed a transformation! SSSS.Gridman wasn’t the only anime series that echoed with the themes of kaiju and tokusatsu series and that made us realize…we need more series like SSSS.Gridman!

Action, Suspense, and Giant Monster Fights

Superhuman-Samurai-Syber-Squad-Wallpaper We Need More Anime Like SSSS.Gridman!

We lived for every Saturday morning when we would watch the Power Rangers duke it out with various monsters and then jump into transforming robots that would do the same! The Ultraman series and Gridman took that same idea but focused a lot more on kaiju battles that made us sit a bit too close to our television screen. SSSS.Gridman captured that theme incredibly well and we want even more of it!

SSSS.Gridman starred our main amnesiac Yuta Hibiki who would utilize the powers of Gridman to save the city and its denizens. Yes, it had its corny moments where friends would yell as if that accomplished anything and Gridman would gain new armaments out of thin air because he needed to win. Yet, what isn’t enjoyable about this premise? We see this same theme in everything shounen and it has the same effect, we get excited and yell at our screens praying the hero wins!

Animation at its Best

Superhuman-Samurai-Syber-Squad-Wallpaper We Need More Anime Like SSSS.Gridman!

When we initially heard Trigger was adapting SSSS.Gridman, our eyes began to form tears of pure bliss. Trigger—known for their impressive works like Kiznaiver, Kill la Kill, and Little Witch Academia—has always been one of the studios we respect highly for their attention to minor details and SSSS.Gridman was no exception. Not only did SSSS.Gridman look good but it showed that kaiju series can be done with perfection.

Imagine a movie like Pacific Rim—which is getting an animation this 2021—being animated. Now imagine the sheer intensity of giant robots going at it with not silly rubber costumed kaiju like the olden days of tokusatsu but with animation. Doesn’t that just fill you with excitement? SSSS.Gridman showed us amazing kaiju animation is possible and now we pray that others will understand how there is no excuse for more series like it!

Simple and Fun

Yes, tokusatsu was never the most serious genre as it again was about kaiju and robots battling over small city-like models but that was the fun about it. We have so many giant monster series focusing on unneeded drama—like many of the American Godzilla films—that doesn’t capture what we loved from our youth. SSSS.Gridman—and series like it—remember that these are shows loved by the youth and keep it simple which is all we need for that ultimate experience.

A Sequel Coming

We weren’t the only ones here at Honey’s Anime that felt we needed more SSSS.Gridman. Not too long after studio Trigger released this amazing anime, we got word that a sequel was in the works called SSSS.Dynazenon and that proves this creation was quite loved in the anime community. SSSS.Dynazenon first trailer showed us a lot of what made SSSS.Gridman amazing and we can only hope this sequel helps us prove our desire for more shows like SSSS.Gridman!

Final Thoughts

Nostalgia is often met with the realism that as we get older the past doesn’t always look as amazing as it did once before. That’s why SSSS.Gridman gained so much of our respect! Not only did it prove that nostalgic returns to our past can sometimes be incredible but we can implement newer animation styles and loads of love to recreate a theme we loved when we were children.

Did you love SSSS.Gridman too? Let us know in the comments below! For even more coverage of SSSS.Dynazenon and other anime related articles keep stuck to our kaiju loving hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Superhuman-Samurai-Syber-Squad-Wallpaper We Need More Anime Like SSSS.Gridman!


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Superhuman-Samurai-Syber-Squad-Wallpaper We Need More Anime Like SSSS.Gridman!

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