Bishounen Battle! Asta Vs. Eijun Sawamura: Who's Cuter?

Bishounen Battle! Asta Vs. Eijun Sawamura: Who's Cuter?
Welcome to another round of Bishounen Battle! This is where two cute boys are going to battle it out for the title of ‘cutest.’ Asta from Black Clover and Eijun Sawamura from Diamond no Ace (Ace of the Diamond) are here to compete to win that very title today! They aren’t the stereotypical “hot” guys, but they’re cute and attractive in their own right! Now, let’s find out which of the two is the cutest!

A Quick Look at Our Contenders.


Asta grew up orphaned and without mana in a world where not having mana is almost unheard of. Asta’s faced people telling him that his dream of becoming the Wizard King was laughable. They told him he’s never going to become a Magic Knight, much less a Royal Knight. He’s just a mana-less peasant. However, he shows them with his insane strength from all of the physical training he does, as well as with his null-magic. While Asta can be loud, he’s more than passionate enough to make it endearing. All of his hard work pays off when he starts getting recognized for who he is and not by his upbringing. Even then, he’s still a stand-up guy who sends money back to the orphanage each month.

Eijun Sawamura

Sawamura’s a self-taught baseball player, which means he’s lacking in knowledge and skill. However, he’s got plenty of raw talent. That’s why a scout recruited him to come to Seidou High School where he can grow as a pitcher and learn how to become the Ace of the team. He’s not the only one trying to become the Ace, though, because Furuya came all the way from Hokkaido just to have Seidou’s famous catcher, Miyuki Kazuya, catch for him. Sawamura slowly learns that there are different types of players and gradually develops a friendship and rivalry with his fellow first-year pitcher.

What Makes Asta the Cutest?

He’s not the tallest, most attractive, or the quietest, but he’s full of passion, determination, and positivity. Hardly anything gets Asta down in the dumps! These are the qualities that attract people to Asta. He can also be adorably oblivious to obvious things. Oftentimes he doesn’t think before he speaks, which can cause those around him *cough* Noelle and Mimosa *cough* to blush and get flustered. And the way his eyes shine when he gets excited is incredibly cute. You’ll fall in love with him, too!

What Makes Eijun Sawamura the Cutest?

Eijun is one of those obnoxious teens that slowly grow on you over time. It’s important to note that his obnoxiousness stems from his passion. He wants to be the best, support his baseball teammates, and find ways to help improve everyone overall. When he improves, even if his team lost the game, the shining determination in his eyes is just the cutest thing. But, what makes him attractive next to handsome guys like Miyuki and Furuya is that he’s genuine in everything he says and does. Sawamura is that cute boy next door who’ll grow up into a hot loyal guy after high school.

Final Result:

When it comes to cuteness, there’s one clear winner and that’s… Asta! His boyish good looks are only an addition to his bubbly personality. No matter where you go, Asta will be there to keep the mood light and fun. Like Sawamura, he’s insanely focused on buffing up his personal skills. Asta’s got the edge with his silly and adorable antics with the female population. He’s got skills, even if he doesn’t know it yet! However, that doesn’t mean Sawamura can’t up his game and take the crown back from Asta next time! We’ll have to see how these two match up again after they’ve matured some more.

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