Bishounen Battle! Nagisa Hazuki vs. Ikuya Kirishima: Who's the Cutest?

Here we are in this new challenge, this time intended to discover the cutest boy! The characters we chose are two of the cutest out there: Nagisa Hazuki, and Ikuya Kirishima, from Free!: Dive to the Future, which aired last summer. These two boys may share the cuteness, but their personalities differ a lot. Let's get to the heart of this challenge, though, and see what makes both of them cute, and who is the winner!

A Quick Look at Our Competitors:

Nagisa Hazuki

At the beginning of the series, Nagisa Hazuki is a first year at Iwatobi Swim Club. From the beginning, his sparkly personality pops up with all its might: he is the enthusiastic boy who strongly wanted the Iwatobi Swim Club to be reopened, and fought really hard to succeed. Nagisa is cheerful, and straight-forward, he isn't afraid to speak his mind, and most of the time his words are faster than his actions. He has always admired Haruka since elementary school, and enrolled the Iwatobi High hoping to swim together with him once again. In Free!: Dive to the Future he is a third year, and his specialty is breaststroke.

Ikuya Kirishima

Ikuya Kirishima's first apparition is in High☆Speed!: Free! Starting Days, the movie working as a prequel for the first series of Free!. In Free!: Dive to the Future he is a student at Shimogami University, and a member of its swim team. We can safely state that Ikuya is almost the exact opposite of Nagisa: he is quiet, cynical, and mistrustful of others. But Ikuya shares with Nagisa the straightforwardness; in fact, even though he is taciturn, he doesn't lose a single chance to show his annoyance. In spite some health issues, Ikuya demonstrates to be an excellent swimmer, and his specialty, too, is breaststroke.

What makes Nagisa a cute boy?

Nagisa's cuteness is in the open for everyone to see. He is the shortest of the Iwatobi Swim Club's members, with adorable wavy blond hair, and wonderful magenta eyes. His appearance, together with his sweet disposition toward the others, make Nagisa a cutie-pie. On the other side, he becomes very hot when he eventually shows his perfect, muscular body and starts swimming. Nagisa is like a ray of sun in the entire Free! universe, and also the one starting the funniest gags... in short, he is easy to love!

What makes Ikuya a cute boy?

If Nagisa is a ray of sun, Ikuya is a wonderful ray of moonlight. Ikuya has a small-framed body, with teal straight hair, and big amber-colored eyes. Even though he is muscular, he appears thinner than Haruka and the others, and so, he looks even cuter. His cynical attitude, then, covers up a softer side of his; in fact, it takes time, but Ikuya eventually warms up to his teammates, feeling like an important part of the team. Exactly like Nagisa, he admires Haruka, secretly hoping to become like him one day. That's why Ikuya, too, is easy to love!

Final Thoughts

Who is the winner, then? We pointed some similarities between Nagisa and Ikuya on one side; then, we highlighted their huge differences. Even though they are both cute, and probably the cutest in the series, there's only one winner here! And that is... Nagisa! With his sparkly personality, his enthusiasm, and his optimism, plus cute features like blond hair and small stature, we think he deserves victory. His opponent was a tough one, though, as Ikuya's cuteness may take more time to pop up, but when it does, he makes the girls go head over heels for him, as well. See you next time!

Free-Iwatobi-Swim-Club-capture-Wallpaper-500x281 Bishounen Battle! Nagisa Hazuki vs. Ikuya Kirishima: Who's the Cutest?


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