Bishounen Battle! Satoru Furuya vs. Yuki Souma: Who's Better Boyfriend Material?

Welcome to another round of Bishounen Battle! If you’re new to the arena, this is where we at Honey’s pit boyishly handsome guys against each other to find out who’s on top! Our battle today has Satoru Furuya from Diamond no Ace (Ace of the Diamond) and Yuki Souma from Fruits Basket competing to see who’s better boyfriend material. Both of these high school contenders are equally handsome, but who’s got the stuff that’ll make you swoon? Let’s find out!

A Quick Look at Our Contenders.

Satoru Furuya

Originally from Hokkaido in northern Japan, Furuya passes the entrance exam to Seidou High School and joins the Seidou High School baseball team as a pitcher. He absolutely loves pitching and is often called a monster for his insane strength and crazy fast pitches. His previous teammates in Hokkaido never really accepted him which led him to become a bit haughty and arrogant. However, after spending over a year with the Seidou team, he finally realizes that he has so much more growing to do and really starts shaping up into a fine, handsome young man!

Yuki Souma

In high school, Yuki’s classmates often refer to him as a prince because of his good looks, polite demeanor, and ease with which he excels at just about everything he does. However, he has his weaknesses and insecurities that he struggles to overcome, like looking more girly than he’d like. One of these struggles is the secret that he’s the rat from the Chinese Zodiac and he turns into a rat whenever he’s hugged by a woman. Still, he pushes forward and gradually begins to open up to those around him.

What Makes Furuya Boyfriend Material?

Furuya’s no slouch when it comes to the looks department. His lean body is toned from constant training for baseball and his fierce love and determination for the sport is sure to start stirring something up inside of you. While he can be haughty and put others down, once you’ve earned his respect, you’ve basically got him. He’s definitely a bit more refined and reserved than the typical Seidou baseball players! If you’re looking for someone who has some chill and will be fiercely devoted to you, Furuya’s an attractive partner for sure.

What Makes Yuki Souma Boyfriend Material?

The better question is, what *doesn’t* make Yuki boyfriend material? He’s got great looks, top grades, manners, and is overall talented at nearly anything he tries! However, just because he’s good a lot of things doesn’t mean he stops trying to better himself. He’s also a hard worker who’s really passionate about whatever he’s currently into. While he might not like his looks very much, his grey hair and purple eyes are unique and quite alluring. Anyone is sure to grab some attention when they’re out on the town on Yuki’s arm!

Final Result:

While both high school boys are handsome and will make anyone’s heart flutter from just a look thrown their way, there’s one clear winner for who’d make the best boyfriend and that’s… Furuya! His passion for baseball will, of course, transfer over to a relationship. Plus, he’s physically fit and is always trying to improve himself, both physically and as a person. He might be a bit too closed off and reserved for some, but he’s still young and has a ton of potential to grow as he comes into his own. Furuya’s not perfect, so that doesn’t mean Yuki can’t win against him next time!

Fruits-Basket-wallpaper Bishounen Battle! Satoru Furuya vs. Yuki Souma: Who's Better Boyfriend Material?


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