Bishounen & Fujoshi Anime - Winter 2018: Sword Boys, Babysitting Boys, Singing Boys, Spiritual Boys & More Boys!

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Welcome to all of the Bishounen & Fujoshi anime that are coming for Winter 2018! What we have done here at Honey's Anime is prepared a preview of these shows for you, the readers, and if you want to know more about the show, then be sure to check out the database page listed beneath each show. Note: The order is a ranking of the order in which we here at Honey's Anime want to watch these shows starting from the one we want to see the most at #1.

If you would prefer to see them in no specific order, please check out the winter chart here

1. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru 2nd Season

  • Genres: Slice of Life
  • Air Date: January 8 2018

This is the 2nd Season of Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru.
Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru takes place in the year 2205, a time when Alternate Historicists are attacking the past in an attempt to change history. The Saniwa sage has a mission to protect that history and so has gathered the strongest type of Tsukumogami (inanimate objects inhabited by spirits) in the Inner Citadel: Touken Danshi (Sword Warriors).

This is Hanamaru, the tale of these boys in a certain Citadel who sometimes smile, sometimes feel lost, but always live earnestly.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru 2nd Season Official PV

2. Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE (4th Season)

  • Genres: Sports, Comedy, Drama
  • Air Date: Janaury 9 2018

The 4th season of Yowamushi Pedal.

First-year Sohoku High Bicycle Club member Sakamichi Onodera, alongside classmates Shunsuke Imaizumi and Shoukichi Naruko and third-years Shingo Kinjou, Yuusuke Makishima and Jin Tadokoro, participated in Inter High, the international tournament, as Team Sohoku. Battling through tough races with rival schools like Hakone Academy and Kyoto Fushimi High School, they achieved spectacular victory.

Now that that sweltering summer has passed, the third-years prepare to retire from the club, and the ‘new generation’ team start to sprint towards their goal - to become Inter High champions once more!

Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE Official PV

3. Gakuen Babysitters

  • Genres: Shoujo, Comedy
  • Air Date: January 7 2018

Ryuuichi and Koutarou are two brothers who lost both of their parents in a plane accident. The individual who comes to take care of the both of them is none other than the board chairwoman of Morinomiya Academy! She lost both her son and his wife in the same plane accident.

However! One of the conditions for his guardianship is that Ryuuichi works as a babysitter at the nursery within the academy. The nursery was established for the mothers who are teachers there. Ryuuichi now is to become the very first member of the “Babysitters Club” which was created to compensate for the lack of help…!?

Gakuen Babysitters Official PV

4. Osomatsu-san 2nd Season

  • Genres: Comedy, Parody
  • Air Date: October 3 2017

The 2nd season of Osomatsu-san.

Now no one can stop the tale of these six brothers running wild…!?

Osomatsu-san 2nd Season PV


  • Genres: Male Idol, Music
  • Air Date: January 7 2018

Aiming to be idols in the future, these “eggs” have been assembled at the Takanashi Agency.
Seven boys have all just met each other with each having different personalities and idiosyncrasies.

However, they each have a different appeal from one another, and have kept to themselves their hidden potential as idols.

Having formed a group, they all take their first big step forward. Their names? IDOLISH7.

Their dancing and singing figures upon the glittering stage will finally be able to capture the hearts of everyone.

In the showy, yet sometimes strict world of idols, they embrace their dreams while aiming for the top!

IDOLiSH7 Official PV

6. Dame x Prince Anime Caravan

  • Genres: Reverse Harem, Romance
  • Air Date: January 10 2018

Annie, the princess of the minor kingdom of Inaco, visits Serenfaren in order to preserve the peace between the religious kingdom and the military kingdom of Millidonia.
The peace signing ceremony was supposed to end without incident, but all the princes she meets are rather quirky…

Dame x Prince Anime Caravan Official PV

7. Spiritpact -Bond of the Underworld- (2nd Season)

  • Genres: BL, Action, Romance, Supernatural
  • Air Date: February 24 2018

Tanmoku Ki is a Youmeishi, a priest responsible for preserving the balance between the human world and the spirit realm. Putting his own life on the line to doso, he is not only the continuous target of evil spirits who want his spiritual power, but also of people who want to inherit his status. Relentlessly fighting evil spirits, Tanmoku Ki is helped by You Keika, his “Spirit Shadow” (影霊). Is their relationship simply that of a Youmeishi (Priest) and Spirit Shadow (影霊)? Under what kind of fate did the two meet?
In this new season, we will discover the backstory of Tanmoku Ki and who will learn through his memories who his ancestor Rakugetsu (章軒) was.

8. Sanrio Danshi

  • Genres: Slice of Life
  • Air Date: January 6 2018

So what if I'm a guy?

Kouta Hasegawa. 17 years-old. Second-year highschool student.

Kouta is your average of all average high school students. One day,, he meets Yuu Mizuno, Shunsuke Yoshino, Ryou Nichimiya, and Seiichirou Minamoto who all attend the same high school as him, Kiyokawa High.

His half-hearted, ordinary days are, for the first time in his life, are suddenly filled with a sparkling light.

Thus the story of the meeting of the Sanrio Danshi (Sanrio Boys) and their sparkling youth begins…

Sanrio Danshi Official PV

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