BLACKFOX Review – What Does The Fox Say?

Blackfox-Wallpaper-1-350x500 BLACKFOX Review – What Does The Fox Say?

What Does The Fox Say?

  • Episodes: 1
  • Genre: Action
  • Airing Date: October 5, 2019
  • Producers: Studio 3Hz

Contains Spoilers

Blackfox – Introduction and Story

Rikka Isurugi is a girl who adores her father and grandfather. These influential men are a huge part of Rikka’s life and the family of three is extremely close-knit. Rikka’s grandfather, Hyoe, is a skilled fighter who has trained Rikka from a young age. Her father, Allen, is a notable researcher regarded for creating drones with great intelligence and abilities to assist humankind. Allen’s research and experiment are a success but unfortunately, fall prey to others who wish to use these drones for more nefarious reasons.

On her way home from the city, Rikka’s father sends her texts, hyping her for a sweet surprise and celebration. When she arrives, she is in shock, not from the party, but finding her family violently harmed. Rikka is distraught and devastated because the two most important people in her life are slain before her eyes. As her father and grandfather have told her to follow her path, Rikka’s determination to avenge the murder of her family is the only thing she wants to do. “I’m going to do what I think is right and protect it all!”

Why You Should Watch Blackfox

1. Highlights the Essentials of Life

Blackfox is not as cut-and-dried as everyone thinks. We believe the values of family, friendship, and following your path is emphasized in this film. Additionally, Rikka’s drones are seen as more than her machines, they are her equals and companions. However, Allen’s former colleague turned nemesis Lauren, who puts his ambitions and pride before his daughter Mia, doesn’t share this notion.

2. Memorable Characters

The cast of characters is relatively small so it’s easy to keep track of who is who. Tropes associated with the cast are transparent. Courageous young girl, compassionate family, sincere and loyal friends, and psychotic villain are seen in Blackfox. The story and design of this film make watching it simple and uncomplicated.

Why You Should Skip Blackfox

1. Not as Extraordinary as Expected

The outline of Blackfox isn’t unfamiliar to the anime community. Essentially, it is a theme that we have seen countless times; a family slain and the sole living relation swears retribution. We also see that the villain(s) were previously associated and had some sort of falling out. Although various networks were quick to hype Blackfox, we feel that this movie is good but forgettable.

2. Lacks Detail

A ton of questions pop up while watching Blackfox. For example, why did Allen have a fall-out with Lauren and Brad? Are the drones going to be produced for public consumption? and, why was Lauren so sour about something that hasn’t been distributed? What kind of detective work des Rikka do to sustain herself and Melissa? These are only a few queries of many that make Blackfox less than spectacular. Towards the end, Blackfox shares a scene that suggests a possible sequel, but it is uncertain if the studio plans to elaborate on Rikka’s journey.

Final Thoughts

Follow your heart and let us know if you agree with our review of Blackfox. The story sheds some great and so-so qualities, and let’s not forget how adorbs are Madara, Kasumi and Oboro are! Anyone else wants talking animal buddies?! Lastly, thanks for tuning in and see ya!

Blackfox-Wallpaper-1-350x500 BLACKFOX Review – What Does The Fox Say?


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