Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition - Content Reveal Trailer

What You Need to Know:

  • The release of the highly anticipated Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition is right around the corner, and will bring a plethora of new content when it touches down in September. All races and Star Players from the original board game will be available also!
  • The Legendary Edition isn't only adding 8 new races, but many new Star Players and cheerleaders gone wild, in addition to the brand new single-player mode Eternal League, an unending career as a coach for any of your available teams. The second new single-player mode is the Challenge Mode. This mode presents the player with crazy and wild match situations, which have to be solved within a single turn with a set of pre-rolled dice.
  • Look forward to more details pertaining to insane matches with the All-Star teams and the Mixed Teams, the new Khemri stadium, and many more when the release date draws near!

Source: Official Press Release

Official Trailer

Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition - Content Reveal Trailer

honeys anime character
Every time I see this game I'm constantly reminded of Mutant League.

honeys anime character
They probably found inspiration from those games.

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