Unboxing Bloody's B820R Keyboard Review

Welcome, Everyone, to Honey’s Anime’s first computer accessory product review. Today, we’re taking a look at Bloody’s gaming LK RGB Mechanical Keyboard, the B820R! First, let’s get to know Bloody a little more, shall we?! Bloody as has been in the business of making keyboards, mice, headsets, mouse pads and other accessories for many years. Since the conception of the company, they have honed their skills to be one of the leading creators in performance and innovated products of computer peripherals for over 30 years.

Interestingly enough, even though Bloody has been around for a long time now, they may have been better known as A4Tech, a Taiwanese company producing computer hardware and electronics.

I this review, we’ll be taking a look at the B820Rs features, its sleek design, and performance while working and/or playing. Let’s get right into it!


  • Connector: USB
  • Key Style: Optic switch
  • Key Response:0.2ms
  • Anti-Ghosting Key:100% Anti-ghosting key
  • Gaming Keycaps:8 convex silicon keys
  • Hotkey:Multimedia Hotkey
  • Space-Bar: Screw enhanced space-bar
  • Backlit:Customize RGB Animation
  • Backlit Brightness: Adjustable
  • Memory Backlight: 6 Free driver RGB lighting modes
  • Key Lifetime: Up to 100 million keystrokes
  • Report Rate: 1000Hz/1ms
  • Company Website: http://www.bloodyusa.com/index.php

At a Glance:

Bloodys-B82OR-Keyboard-TI-667x500 Unboxing Bloody's B820R Keyboard Review
When we first look at the B820R, we have what looks like a sleek and smooth design of about 444 mm in length, 132 mm in width, and 37 mm thick, with slightly rough texture on the keys which are easy to remove and replace if needed, the key switch is nicely designed for the molding of the switch is almost one with the panel and is very resistant to spillage from what seems to be a fair amount liquid (I actually accidentally spilled water on it…). Just make sure to clean it afterward as that is easy to do since like I mentioned earlier, the keys are easy to remove and the panel is from gunmetal aluminum alloy that is easy to wipe off from.

The gunmetal aluminum alloy panel is also built to last as it provides more resistance to corrosion than your normal keyboard panel because it has advanced nano-coating over the OCB part of the keyboard, which protects it from wet-air or caustic chemicals, helping to prolong the life of the keyboard. Bloody also installed a smart water flow system which are strategically placed channels and holes for drainage, ensuring liquids exit efficiently.

Bloodys-B82OR-Keyboard-TI-667x500 Unboxing Bloody's B820R Keyboard Review
In addition to the keys and the spill resistant panel, there are replacement keys for the B820R and are a very bright orange to use as the WASD keys. Of course, this helps identify the keys better but when you’re face-deep in a game, hence the screen, this won’t really matter but it is a nice thing to have in case of some unexpected mishap?! Let’s hope that doesn’t come to it.

Other aspects of the keyboard that caught our eye, and when plugged in, was the RGB Lighting when activated. The effects give you a warm welcome of what is to come in regards to it. The B820R has 6 preloaded effects that range from waves of light coming from left to right, pulsating effects, solid lighting, and even what looked like an animation of a bird flying. It doesn’t stop there as you have self-customization of the RGB lighting effect and can make it your own when it comes to showing off your new toy or for ambiance while playing competitively.

The Performance:

Bloodys-B82OR-Keyboard-TI-667x500 Unboxing Bloody's B820R Keyboard Review
The B820R features world class lightning speed mechanical switches, with light strike switch capability, it makes for the fastest response time in history, with .2 ms using LK Optical technology. The keystrokes are 25% faster than the conventional keyboard using metal switches. All of this, and includes ultra durable, 100 million keystroke life span. Using the B820R while playing some games was very nice and we never experienced any problems with the response time such as hiccups or lag. The response time was great, the texture of the keys made it very noticeable of when you were moving away from one to the other (something of a peeve of mine), and the slick look of the keyboard was great!

You can't necessarily tell how responsive the keys are when the timing is .2 ms compared to the conventional .30 ms response time of general keyboards. If you can tell the difference, then you're a different breed of nerd! It also boosts LK sound creator technology, which lasts longer than most metal switches after months of use. The sound of the creator system is very strong and hard to ignore.

Touching base, again, on the RGB lighting effects, after you have setup your preset selections using FN and “0-9”, you’ll be able to share those presets with your friends so they see what you customized! The sky's the limit as to what you can create using the RGB lighting functions for the B820R. It also has a very easy to use brightness adjustment setting which are the up and down arrows of the keyboard while utilizing the FN key.

The B820R is also 100% anti-ghosting and also has full key rollover to ensure all of your button mashing from playing fighting games every night or if you’re writing an article or story, of which we tried both and, yup, registered a whole lot of keys at the same time.

Honey's Pros:

  • Sleek look
  • Great customization in regards to the RGB lighting
  • Nice gunmetal panel finish.
  • Spill resistant
  • Light in weight
  • Great response time

Honey's Cons:

  • Keys are a bit bulky
  • Keys strike too deep for general writing
  • Keystrokes are loud in sound

Honey's Final Verdict:

Bloodys-B82OR-Keyboard-TI-667x500 Unboxing Bloody's B820R Keyboard Review
The B820R is a very nice gaming keyboard that will surely give you the fix you need but for those looking for something a little more elite, you'll need to look for another keyboard. The B820R is a great beginners keyboard as well as a casual gamer’s product of choice. Using the keyboard outside gaming, like writing an article, can be troublesome for few as the keys themselves are a bit bulky and the keystrokes sink a little too deep for comfort when it comes to fast typing.

In addition to this, and while we love the response time of the keys, they are indeed very loud. Almost makes you want to switch out keyboards just to get your writings finished and to escape the sounds of the keys strokes.

With that being said, the B820R gives you a very nice and pleasant nostalgic feeling from when computers were first being produced. For those who love the nostalgic feel, this keyboard is right up your alley. To give more glamour or incentive to purchase his lovely looking keyboard, would be the lighting effects and presets it has. Already programmed with 6 preset lighting effects, you're able to customize the effects for a more elaborate and unique sequence that will suit your gaming needs as far as looks.

The effects are beautiful to look at but, of course, while gaming they are the last thing you pay attention to.

About the lighting effects, and aforementioned, you have 6 preset effects which include a wave of colors moving from left to right, solid Orange, Red, Green, and Yellow. Although for some reason, I was unable to figure out how to keep those colors in place after a few seconds, they would always revert back to the Orange lighting?! But I could've been missing something very obvious.

Other than the nice customization of the backlighting of the keyboard, the fast response that almost seems unnoticeable, and the sleek design with nice key texture, is definitely a keyboard to consider having if you want to dress up your PC gear to look unique, or want to switch it up and try out something new. Again, hardcore gamers for PC will need to get there fix somewhere else, but this is also a great beginners keyboard to get if you're barely getting into PC gaming.

Bloodys-B82OR-Keyboard-TI-667x500 Unboxing Bloody's B820R Keyboard Review

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