Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Season 5 – Reintroducing Class 1-A!

It is finally the Spring anime season and that means two things: 1) new anime and 2) the 5th season of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)! We have already been gifted with the first episode of the new season and it’s all aboard the hype train as we are brought back into the epic world of Quirks, Heroes, and Villains. So, what has the first episode of the new season brought to the table? Let’s have a long look at what we’re going to be getting in My Hero Academia Season 5!

In Case You Forgot…

While the first episode of the 5th season begins by recapping the epic fight between Endeavour (Quirk: Overheat), Hawks (Quirk: Fierce Wings) and the Nomu at the end of Season 4, the entirety of the episode serves as a bridge between the events soon thereafter, and what is to come. We are shown some of the more epic parts of the battle as Kirishima (Hero Name: Red Riot; Quirk: Hardening) excitedly recaps the Number 1 Hero’s brave display.

Just as Aizawa-sensei shows up to start class, alarms ring to indicate the initiation of an emergency drill at UA High. The various provisional heroes don their costumes and quickly head to the scene; however, there isn’t much trepidation or fear because they’re all aware that the point of the exercise is to keep them on their toes. Each member of Class 1-A has a brief introductory moment as the show takes the liberty of pausing the action with interesting comic-esque visuals and a brief introduction of the character being displayed.

As expected, Midoriya Izuku makes his heroic appearance with his inherited “SMASH!” catchphrase; however, just as we are introduced to the characters and their abilities, we are also given a small window into their personalities. The so-called “Big Three” of UA High are also dispatched to the emergency drill, but in slightly different roles to the first years of 1-A. Togata Mirio (Hero Name: Lemillion; Quirk: Permeation) is on a leave of absence after his intense battle against Chisaki Kai (Codename: Overhaul; Quirk: Overhaul), but he acts as the civilian in danger for the sake of the drill. This is truly one of the best parts of the first episode as Mirio hilariously pretends to be in danger while seeming absolutely at peace. The remaining two of the Big Three act as villains, which ends up being one of the problems presented to Class 1-A.

Winners, Losers and Overachievers

Our best boy protagonist Midoriya Izuku could have had an immense debut with an iconic Detroit Smash against Amajiki Tamaki (Hero Name: Suneater; Quirk: Manifest); however, he couldn’t follow through with his fist, choosing to restrain the “villain” instead, earning him Amajiki’s chagrin. Deku’s polar opposite, Katsuki Bakugo (Hero Name: Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite; Quirk: Explosion), finds it insulting for either side, “villains” or heroes, to hold back in the drill.

After the brilliant teamwork of Hagakure Toru (Hero Name: Invisible Girl; Quirk: Invisibility), Sero Hanta (Hero Name: Cellophane; Quirk: Tape) and Uraraka Ochako (Hero Name: Uravity; Quirk: Zero Gravity) in apprehending both villains Amajiki and Hado Nejire (Hero Name: Nejire-chan; Quirk: Wave Motion), the hotheaded Bakugo delivers the final blow despite the heroes’ overwhelming victory and control of the emergency. For Bakugou, anybody given the designation “Villain” is his enemy and will be dealt with! Bakugou lives up to his Hero Name in this instance by releasing a massive explosion from his body while literally sitting on top of his “enemy”, the poor Amajiki!

Post-Credits from the Hospital

The first episode of the 5th season of My Hero Academia begins as it ends with the Number 1 Hero Endeavour being shown on screen. In the episode post-credits, Endeavour is shown recovering in hospital from his battle against the Nomu. Hawks appears and mentions how Endeavour’s valiant victory pose at the end of that battle looks just like that of the former Number 1, All Might; however, Endeavour quickly corrects him saying that his pose was different because he raised his right fist instead of his left… sure, if you say so, Shoto’s dad! However, Endeavour’s win pose is not where things really ended in that fight. The villain Dabi (Quirk: Cremation) emerges from the smoke and rubble for a conversation that goes off-screen. We then cut back to Endeavour in his hospital bed before seeing Dabi again, waiting for a certain individual in a dark place. Things get incredibly tense when it is revealed to be Hawks meeting up with the villain.

Final Thoughts

Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Season 5 is showing a lot of promise when it comes to visuals; however, it is much too soon in the season to see where the story will be headed, nor do we know much about who the antagonist of the upcoming arc will be. It was a great first episode in that it was neither a recap nor a blatant continuation of the storyline, but somewhere in between filler and canon—it showed us important bits of the last episodes of last season, gave us low-stakes action (action, nonetheless) and good doses of humour, before driving home with a mysterious post-credits scene that definitely has us wondering just what is happening? Will it turn out to be one of the most important My Hero Academia episodes of the 5th season? Maybe not, but it was great fun and a good way to be reintroduced to the series and its characters, and with the ball getting rolling in the post-credits scene, we definitely can’t wait for more!

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