My Hero Academia 5 Opening Theme Artist DISH// - On Their Way to No.1!

As much as we love seeing an old favourite anisong band announced for a new show’s opening or ending song, we also love seeing new names. DISH// is the latest example of the latter! DISH// was just announced as the group performing the 8th opening for the mega-popular anime My Hero Academia with their song “No. 1!” DISH// doesn’t have any other experience in the anisong world, but with the hype behind My Hero Academia, this could be just the first of many anisong numbers they perform.

If you’ve never heard of DISH// before, don’t worry; that’s exactly what we are here for! Today we are going to explore a bit more about the group, bringing you up to speed about who they are and where they came from leading up to their anisong debut. We hope you will be as excited about this announcement for My Hero Academia as we are!

The Road to the Anisong World

My Hero Academia Season 5 PV featuring “No. 1” by DISH//

DISH// is a Japanese rock dance band - but what exactly does that mean? Usually, dance music is only associated with pop bands. But DISH// breaks that stereotype, bringing great dance moves to their performances alongside heavier rock-style music. DISH// was formed with four members, Ryuji, Masaki, Takumi, and To-I in December 2011. Their first single on a major label, “I Can Hear,” came out in 2013 under Sony Music Records, after two years of releasing indie singles. It took a little while for them to gain real traction, though, but once they did there was no looking back.

DISH// has performed the past four years at Nippon Budokan on New Year’s Day, a really big music event that people all over Japan tune in to watch. It was here in 2017 that DISH// announced a new member would be replacing Ryuji in their group, Daichi Izumi from the band CustomiZ. In 2019, DISH// released a new album called “Junkfood Junction,” which reached the number 2 spot on the Oricon Japanese music charts. That same year, DISH// held their biggest live performance yet at the massive amusement park Fuji-Q Highland called SUMMER AMUSEMENT ‘19 [Junkfood Attraction].

From 2020, things kept looking up for DISH//. They released another single, “Neko (the First Take version)” which made it to the 11th position on Japan Hot 100. They also began collaborating with other big music artists, such as Glim Spanky, another Japanese rock band.

"Neko" by DISH//

And now, fast-forwarding to the present, DISH// has just announced that they will be performing the latest opening for the 5th season of My Hero Academia! Releasing an anisong opening or ending, especially for a huge anime like My Hero Academia is, can be a major break for any band. It gets them a lot more exposure, including to people that otherwise may have never found their music (ie, otaku like us!), and opens a lot of doors in the future if the song is well-received.

We will leave you with one more fun fact about DISH// member Takumi. He appeared in the live-action movie Let Me Eat Your Pancreas in 2017, a title you may be familiar with for the anime film from 2018 called I Want To Eat Your Pancreas (it’s hard to forget a name like that…). Both the live-action movie and anime movie were based on the same novel by Yoru Sumino. Not only was Takumi in the film, he also won an award for being the best Newcomer! If you like the anime film, you should check out the live-action too and watch out for Takumi! He plays Haruki Shiga, one of the main characters.

Final Thoughts

“Loser” by DISH//

DISH// certainly has the potential to bring something really cool to My Hero Academia. Their music is fun and upbeat. Plus since they’re a dance-pop band, you don’t have to resist the urge to dance along when you hear their stuff - that’s what it’s made for! We hope they can bring something special to the anisong world, especially for fans who like dance-style music as it’s not as popular of a choice for anime openings and endings as other genres. It’s great to see a new band coming onto the scene and we hope to see them more later. Until then, let’s ride the hype for the 8th season of My Hero Academia along with DISH//!
Are you ready to listen to some DISH// now that you know they exist? How do you like their song for My Hero Academia? How pumped are you for season 5 anyway!? Drop us a comment!

DISH-700x470 My Hero Academia 5 Opening Theme Artist DISH// - On Their Way to No.1!


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