Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko 2nd Season (By The Grace of Gods 2nd Season) First Impressions - Ryoma's 2nd Life In The New World Continues!

Based on a light novel with the same name, Ryoma Takebayashi reincarnated into a world of magic after his untimely death. He lived in solitude for a while, with only his hobby of researching slimes to keep him busy. After encountering a duke's family, he sets off to explore the world he is living in. He meets new people, tames many slimes, and even successfully runs his own laundry business called Bamboo Forest. He makes every day count as he enjoys his second life in this new world. What new adventures await him next?

The first season of By The Grace of Gods left us with some calm, happy vibes as we got to know a little bit of Ryoma and how he tries to learn, adapt, and live in the new world. The second season starts where the first season of the anime left off. This season, we began to see Ryoma become more comfortable and settled in his new life in the world. So, how did the second season do so far compared to the last season? Let's take a look!

Familiar and New Faces

In By The Grace Of Gods' 2nd season, we already saw a few familiar faces that were introduced in the last season. In particular, we started to see the characters who work in Bamboo Forests getting settled into their roles, especially Ryoma. Unlike the first season, the second season shows us how accustomed Ryoma is to living in the new world. We especially want to point out that at one point in the season, we get to learn even more about Ryoma, his childhood, and the skills he gained in his previous life. Although small, we appreciate any small detail we could learn about Ryoma that made him who he is.

Besides seeing familiar faces, we finally saw some new faces in the second season, including gods, adventurers, and business people. Two characters, in particular, included in the new faces are the ancestors of another reincarnated person. By The Grace Of Gods is set where they often have someone reincarnate in the new world, and they gain achievements and make history. We only know a few characters. It was mentioned that they are descendants of reincarnations, so we wondered when they would expand on this or introduce more new characters connected to those reincarnates. So, introducing a few new characters in the second season allows their audience to learn more about the world in the series.

A Bit More World Building

In a world where many reincarnations before Ryoma made history, we expected to see some, if not a lot, world development regarding them and how much they have changed the world. Unfortunately, the last season of By The Grace Of Gods provided little world-building for the series. With such an interesting concept about the world, we hoped that the second season would give us more world-building than the last season.

Luckily, By The Grace of Gods Season 2 gave us that. Unlike the first season, where Ryoma stays in a specific area, we finally see Ryoma travel to a few different places in the second season. By having Ryoma travel out of his comfort zone and into the world, we see more of the world that By The Grace Of Gods is set upon. The downside is that we don't get much of that world-building like the last season. However, this is just a few episodes, so it's too early to tell. We hope it changes as the series progresses, and we can finally see more world development.

Final Thoughts

In By The Grace Of Gods 2nd Season, we continue to follow Ryoma's adventures in the new world where he was given a second life. This time we follow Ryoma as he explores more of the world instead and meets new people instead of having him stay in one area. The first few episodes allow us to learn more about the world and a bit more about Ryoma. While we have yet to determine how much world-building there will be this season, at least Ryoma's charms can compensate for it. We will have to wait and see to find out.

Have you seen By The Grace Of Gods 2nd season? What do you think about it so far? Let us know in the comments below!

by Gerrymelyn “Lyn”