Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko (By the Grace of the Gods) Review – An Above-Average Isekai with a Big Heart

An Above-Average Isekai with a Big Heart

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Adventure, Slice of Life, Magic, Fantasy
  • Airing Date : October 2020 – December 2020
  • Producers : Maho Film

Introduction and Story

When overworked and beaten down salaryman Ryouma Takebayashi unexpectedly perishes in his own home, he finds himself sitting at a tea table with the three gods of the universe. Because he suffered so much in his previous life, they decide to reincarnate him as a young boy in a peaceful fantasy world so he can relax and enjoy himself to his heart’s content. And thus, Ryouma begins his new path – raising different types of slimes, making friends with a local duke’s family, starting a laundry service, and generally having a much better time than he was before. It’s certainly a charming premise for an iyashikei isekai anime, but how does By the Grace of the Gods actually hold up as a complete show? Let’s gather our slimes and take a closer look!

Ryouma Is an Absolute Sweetheart

Ryouma takes absolutely nothing for granted, so even after he gets in the good graces of the Jamil family, he works hard to pay them back for the support they’ve given him. He starts out taking odd jobs at the adventuring guild (using his personally developed slime species to clean houses and public toilets), and then starts a laundry business to maintain a steady income. He strives to treat all of his employees with respect and gives them benefits like food, housing, and paid vacation days that he never got as a salaryman and that none of the fantasy world characters would even have considered. Rouma is overjoyed at being able to help others on his own terms, and cries at the notion that the Jamil family actually loves him as one of their own. His friendship with Eliaria Jamil is particularly adorable, since he finally has someone who appreciates him just the way he is.

Everything Else is Pretty Anemic

By the Grace of the Gods has a strong emotional core and a few well fleshed out characters, but unfortunately the worldbuilding and supporting cast leave a lot to be desired. It would’ve been nice to see more details about the region’s politics, the magic system, or how Ryouma’s inventions and innovative employment practices affect society – instead, the world is pretty much just a paint-by-numbers isekai with the same circular walled-in town, adventurer’s guilds, and catgirls as any other one of its ilk. The simplistic animation doesn’t help, although we suppose it’s difficult to expect more from a studio with only two previous titles to their name (one of which also aired this same season, which couldn’t have made production easy). This anime won’t win any awards, especially for its visuals, but at least it has a big heart.

Final Thoughts

Ryouma’s adventures in his new life are heartwarming and sure to cheer you up after a year of turmoil. Even though we wish the final product was more polished, we’re grateful to have watched this anime and encourage you to do so as well. Let us know what you think of By the Grace of the Gods in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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