Call of the Night - First Impressions! “A Night of Love and Vampires?”

Vampire anime with romance, seems like a pretty ordinary theme for an anime, right? There have been dozens of anime series all about some human boy/girl falling in love with a vampire and the series never seems to change up much—well, aside from how vampires are treated and their weaknesses. What if we told you, readers, that this Summer 2022s vampire-filled romance, Call of the Night, takes what you think you know about romance and vampires and completely rewrites the game!? Find it hard to believe? Well, we’re about to give you our first impression of Call of the Night and show you, fellow otaku why this is a Summer 2022 hit in the making and also, why it shows the vampire-romance genre still has some tricks up its sleeves!

To Be a Vampire, You Must Love a Vampire

yofukashi-no-uta-wallpaper-3-700x394 Call of the Night - First Impressions! “A Night of Love and Vampires?”

In case you need a quick set-up for Call of the Night, here it is. Insomniac/middle schooler Ko Yamori finds himself ditching school and living the nightlife due to some rather cruel events occurring in his life. During his nightly outings, Ko runs into a rather bizarre and brazen young woman who he soon discovers isn’t exactly normal but is a vampire named Nazuna Nanakusa. After our vampire sucks the blood of the unsuspecting Ko, he learns that he’s still a normal human and to become a vampire he must fall in love with one and then have his blood sucked. Now on a mission to join the creatures of the night, Ko tells Nazuna that his plan is simple, fall in love with her at all costs! Yes, folks, this is a rather unique setup for a vampire romance tale and we adore how it removes the typical comedy stylings of vampire romance comedies and goes in a completely different direction! Even by episode 4—which 6 are out as of this article being written—we still wonder what will occur next for our strange friends/future couple.

These Nights Look Amazing

Liden Films—animators behind Berserk and Terra Formars—have really done something special with Call of the Night. From the minute Nazuna and Ko flew through the night skies in episodes 1 and 2 to the duo’s following few nights together, we found ourselves extremely impressed by the beautiful animation in Call of the Night. For a series that relies heavily on nighttime affairs—very few scenes are set in the day—Call of the Night is absolutely stunning and vivid. Liden Films isn’t always considered one of the heavy contenders when it comes to animation but if they produced more series like Call of the Night, we could see them being more noticed in the animation world.

Do You Even Line…That Line Got Us

Ko and Nazuna are just two of the most perfect companions we’ve seen in a vampire anime. While there are other characters that are thrown into the series, these two are just so flawless together. Every scene they talk in feels realistic and the various oddities behind their characters just feel enjoyable to watch. How Nazuna teases the young and seemingly friendless Ko to how Ko takes jabs out at what makes Nazuna blush is just fun always. Even the other characters play out well to add to their story but, these two are the reason we hope they do become a proper vampire duo, eventually!

The Night Is for Dancing

From the opening song, Daten, to the ending rap called Yofukashi no Uta—both performed by Creepy Nuts, the soundtrack from Call of the Night is just a solid one, to say the least. Every tune has a purpose and most songs made us want to jump up and dance, while no one was watching at least. All poor dancing aside, we absolutely fell in love with the soundtrack within Call of the Night as it mixes so many genres together to create a very atmospheric tone for every single episode we’ve seen so far.

Final Thoughts

Call of the Night is superb and the fact people aren’t singing this series’ praise online more is a darn shame. Call of the Night can be watched on HIDIVE and we are seriously telling you it is worth subscribing just for this series alone! Without a doubt, Call of the Night is one of the better anime this Summer 2022 anime season!

Are you fellow otaku out there watching Call of the Night like us? Comment below to let us know your thoughts and share them with others! Don’t forget to keep stuck to our night-loving hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more coverage of the Summer 2022 anime season!

yofukashi-no-uta-wallpaper-3-700x394 Call of the Night - First Impressions! “A Night of Love and Vampires?”


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