A New Way of Turning Into A Vampire In Call of the Night Vol. 1

  • Mangaka : Kotoyama
  • Publisher : VIZ Media
  • Genre : Shonen, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Supernatural, Vampire
  • Published : April 2021

It’s long past Halloween, but monsters and the supernatural don’t go out of fashion. Well, at least not in our book. We like reading series about monsters, fantasy, and other supernatural stuff all year round. Even though the theme is about supposedly scary creatures, We've read too much manga that we know there is no such thing as an evil creature. In manga, a certain species is evil only if the author deemed it to be evil. That being said, We' ve come across an interesting series featuring the affair between a human and a vampire.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

As we've mentioned above, Call of the Night tells the story of a human, Ko, and a vampire, Nanakusa. Ko has already stopped attending school after finding a bit of a slog. He has lost motivation to study and even continue his day-to-day tasks. In his bid to escape his monotonous routine, he wanders the town during the night. As he attempts to purchase beer, he meets a peculiar girl trying to stop. It turns out, however, that this girl is a vampire trying to feed off his blood. Catching her red hand-- err, teethed, she tells her about vampire lore. Now, he wants to become a vampire too.

Why You Should Read Call of the Night

1. Interesting Way To Become a Vampire

It’s common knowledge that vampires turn ordinary humans into vampires by sucking their blood dry. When they die, they regain a new life as a vampire. But in this series, Nanakusa, also known as Nazuna, explains that that’s not the case. In order to become a vampire, the human must first fall in love with the vampire. After meeting those criteria, the human then has to willingly give his blood for the vampire to drink. Only then will he be able to turn into one. Knowing that, Ko then does his best to fall in love with Nazuna, since giving his blood to her is already a normal deed.

2. The Beauty of the Night In All Its Glory

The author may have chosen the title due to Nazuna being a vampire. However, I can’t help finding how the series captures the beauty of the night interesting. Since Ko and Nazuna only meet during the lieu hours of the day, the streets are almost always empty. The only other people they meet are usually those piss drunk after a night of drinking. Other than that, the usually buzzing places turn dead silent. I find that tranquilizing, and it helps me focus on the characters more. It’s like Ko and Nazuna are dancing on a peaceful stage.

Why You Should Skip Call of the Night

1. Plotwise, It Becomes a Slog

When Ko lost his motivation to do anything productive, We kind of understood what he meant after reading the series. After a few chapters in, the plot and interaction between them get repetitive. The only hook, which is the new way of turning a human into a vampire, easily gets old as the story progresses. The only thing that re-spices it up is the appearance of a new character in the form of Ko’s childhood friend and schoolmate, however, it seems like Ko’s already dead set on being a vampire, so his decisions kind of become boring.

Final Thoughts

Call of the Night offers a fresh perspective on vampirism. It doesn’t put it in a bad light. However, there is a tendency for it to be repetitive and kind of a drag. We in no way saying it’s a bad series, but just that it’s not my cup of tea. We can see others enjoying it, especially if they are fond of seeing fuzzy interactions between the male and female leads.

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