Comedy Seinen Manga Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro Announces Story, Staff, Seiyuu, Studio & More!

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Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

Comedy, Seinen

Airing Date:
July 2018


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Arriving safe and sound at school is now nothing short of a miracle! Below-average female high school student Chio Miyamo is assaulted by troubles both large and small! This includes troubles from road construction and confronting a biker gang, all the way to the sudden urge to use the bathroom. This extremely dramatic comedy about attending school starts now!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Chio Miyamo

Voice Actor: Naomi Oozora

Chio is a first-year student who attends Samejima Academy. She’s a PC gamer who loves western games and despises Japanese games. She abhors standing out, so her motto is “Be below-average”. She has absurdly good physical capabilities.

Manana Nonomura

Voice Actor: Chiaki Omigawa

Manana is Chio's childhood friend and best friend. She's also a first-year student at Samejima Academy and a former otaku with a strong desire to love her daily life. Manana and Chio both always manage to drag each other down in defeat.

Yuki Hosokawa

Voice Actor: Kaede Hondo

Yuki is Chio's classmate. She's cute, bright, and has a good personality. She's the star of the track and field team and is at the top of the pecking order for the school.

Madoka Kushitori

Voice Actor: You Taichi

Madoka is a third-year student at Samejima Academy and the head of the kabaddi club. She loves kabbadi and has massive boobs.


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Tadataka Kawasaki
  • Director: Takayuki Inagaki
  • Series Composition: Takayuki Inagaki
  • Character Design: Mayuko Matsumoto

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