Comiket Has to Be Moved!!! [Japanese News]

comiket88_hall_04 Comiket Has to Be Moved!!! [Japanese News]

What You Need to Know:

  • Comiket is the largest manga and doujin market that happens twice a year in Japan. It has shown up in countless anime, and Number 90 is coming up in August!
  • However, there is a slight issue with the 2020 Olympics, space, and Tokyo. A lot of construction needs to be done and many things have to be moved to accomodate for it.
  • First up on the chopping block is Comiket. Starting with Comiket 90, the organizers are trying to figure out where to hold it. Tokyo will be off limits due to the sheer number of people here for the Olympics.
  • The organizers have decided to test out two new locations start with this summer to avoid hiccups in 2020. The first new suggested area is Nagoya, Located in Aichi prefecture in the dead center between Tokyo and Osaka. It is the third largest city in all of Japan, and it's known for it's rich history with the famous warlord Oda Nobunaga, and their unique cuisine. The second place is Osaka, located beyond Nagoya and more towards the center of the country, it's known for it's fiery food and people with just as fiery personalities.
  • There is now a poll online asking people to respond saying whether they would go, regardless of location, only Osaka, only Nagoya, or neither. Japanese users are very fired up about it as you can see below!
comiket88_hall_04 Comiket Has to Be Moved!!! [Japanese News]

Source: Hachima Kikou

Reactions Around the Web

Hmm... If it was me, I wouldn't go. I would have to take days off from work.
If I just take Friday off, I should be fine.
Why don't we just go to Hokkaido and hold it at a hot spring???
If we had Summer Comket in Kanto and Winter Comiket in Osaka, that would be fine, but BOTH in Osaka?? I want to cry.
Who cares where it is?? Just go and stop complaining!
COMIKET IS FOR TOKYO. Screw any other place!

comiket88_hall_04 Comiket Has to Be Moved!!! [Japanese News]
Japanese netizens are such babies. It's on a weekend. Who cares? I'll go all the way to Okinawa for my Doujinshi!!!
comiket88_hall_04 Comiket Has to Be Moved!!! [Japanese News]
I don't care where they do it! I just want to go somewhere nice.

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