Controversial BL Anime vs Wholesome BL Anime: Hitorijime My Hero vs Yuri!!! On Ice

This time we have the forbidden high school love of Hitorijime My Hero and the highly competitive sports anime Yuri!!! On Ice. These anime will get your heart beating for different reasons. Both shows are 12 episodes long with satisfying endings, but you’ll definitely be wanting more. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Hitorijime My Hero

Controversial Elements: Some forced physical interaction, ultimatums, and teacher/underage student relationships.

Hitorijime My Hero centers on Masahiro and Kousuke and Kousuke’s younger brother Kensuke and Ayasa and their friend group. Kensuke and Ayasa’s relationship takes off first in the show but has quite a shaky start. Kensuke’s too simple to pick up on Ayase’s romantic feelings for him and Ayasa has probably never learned how to talk to people normally due to his rich upbringing. He’s definitely kinder to Kensuke than anyone else but he does threaten to end their friendship if Kensuke doesn’t sleep with him. He relents but he does force some light touching and kissing on Kensuke before Kensuke is ready for that.

After the two enter a romantic relationship, however, Ayase is content just cuddling all day together. He’ll occasionally show his rude, jealous side to Kensuke’s friends but Kensuke is completely able to tame his wild beast and doesn’t seem particularly worried. Ayase’s intensity pairs well with Kensuke’s desire to confirm his and others’ feelings often.

Our next couple is Masahiro and Kousuke. Kousuke being Masahiro’s teacher and much older partner is a bit of cause for alarm especially when he wants to make out with him at school. He teases Masahiro too much for someone who’s supposed to be an adult. Then again, Kousuke’s wild and aggressive side is part of why he’s so attractive. He can be a charming older man or a dangerous street fighter but he’s always thinking about Masahiro.

Masahiro learns to stand up for and care about himself more due to Kousuke but he never loses his desire to please those he cares about. While Kousuke is pushy about kissing, he does know how to reign himself in. When the two first confirm their feelings, Kousuke warns that he’ll try to be gentle but will not be to blame if he can’t hold back. Once they’re on the bed and he pushes a little farther, Masahiro seems to lose his resolve and becomes shy. Kousuke smiles and pulls Masahiro into a hug and just seems grateful to hold his loved one close.

Yuri!!! On Ice

Similarities: Student/teacher relationship, a younger guy wanting to become more like his role model, a guy with no confidence learning to have faith in himself.

After Katsuki Yuuri’s humiliating defeat at the Grand Prix Final, he wonders if there’s any hope left for him as a figure skater. As if he were an angel to answer his prayers, Victor Nikiforov arrives and declares he’ll be Yuuri’s teacher. Yuuri and Victor are both adults with similar hobbies and values, though Yuuri lacks Victor’s confidence.

Victor does a lot of the instigating when it comes to touching, but he doesn’t go beyond kissing Yuuri suddenly once. They’re rather even in their physical pursuits for a BL couple, especially when Yuuri comes off the ice expecting his hug. The most either of them has to put up with is when one of them gets drunk and they become clingy and troublesome. Other times, like when Victor is stroking Yuuri’s hand before skating to reassure him and Yuuri presses his head to Victor’s without breaking eye contact, they match the other’s intensity. Their affection is more in how passionately they touch each other rather than how far they go.

Even though Victor is the coach, he finds meaning in skating again through teaching Yuuri. It seems at first there’s no real reason for Victor to be so smitten with Yuuri but it’s revealed later in the show it was a drunken night at a party where Yuuri made such an impression on Victor that the older man was not able to forget him. Yuuri might not be the easiest to teach with his stage fright being as intense as it is but Victor never gives up on him. While the actual romantic parts are rather downplayed and few in number, their slow-burning relationship over the course of the show seems like it will last.

Final Thoughts

While a lot of shows that aren’t heavy on sex tend to want to sum everything up with a kiss, neither Hitorijime My Hero nor Yuri!!! On Ice fall into the trap. Hitorijime will definitely have more for BL lovers as physical moments are sparse in Yuri!!!, but the latter has a lot of story and competition to keep you focused on other things!

Instead of the danger of Yuuri and Victor being caught, you’re hanging on the edge of your seat hoping Yuuri is able to land his jumps with enough points to make it to the next round! While the relationships between the guys are the main focus in Hitorijime, it actually fares very well in terms of interesting and likable characters as well as respecting the wishes of their partners with just enough push to keep the story going.

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