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Loli and tsundere are two elements that go well together, like peanut butter and Jelly. Combined any studio can work some amazing magic to create anime that will make people both go aww and laugh at the verbal abuse a good tsundere can dish out. Zero no Tsukaima was a great example of these two elements fused together perfectly, truly making one of the greatest series ever spawning several seasons and various other forms of medium. Maybe it was the Loli Louise that got our minds running but we ended up thinking of a great article to bring you today here at Honey’s Anime. We bring you another like this watch that article for those who loved Zero no Tsukaima.

Now lolis are definitely a mixed reaction concept in the world of anime; some love them and others can’t stand them, understandable on both trains of thought. However, aside from the concept of loli cuteness, there are other great elements to Zero no Tsukaima that make it a truly appealing fantasy romance story. There’s a lot of cool action coming from not only Louise but her familiar Saito and or the comedic nature thanks to the relationship formed between these two. It is why making this like this watch that article wasn’t too hard to find some good titles. If you’re curious about what those titles are though, you’ll have to read down below to find out.

About Zero no Tsukaima

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul, 2006- Sep, 2006

The great Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere has a lot to prove at her magical academy. While she’s not the worst mage, she’s pretty far from being the best and during a familiar summoning even Louise realizes this is her moment to shine. However, not everything goes according to plan and Louise’s familiar doesn’t come from in the form of a creature or monster but in the form of a young boy wearing strange clothes. His name is Saito Hiraga and he hails from Japan, and unknown region to those of the school. Trapped in an unfamiliar world Saito will have to deal with monsters, evil plots and surviving his master Louise as she loves to deal out punishment to those who oppose her.

Liked Zero no Tsukaima? Watch Eromanga-sensei!

  • Episodes: 9 currently (No set amount)
  • Aired: Apr, 2017- Present
  • Read More

Masamune Izumi lives a very interesting life as a light novel author who still is a high school student. Teamed up with the legendary Eromanga-sensei, the never before seen artist, Masamune’s works are propelled forward becoming quite popular and showing he has a bright future in the literature world. Oddly enough though, Even Masamune has never seen his partner Eromanga-sensei, similarly like how Masamune barely sees his shut-in sister, Sagiri. Then one day during an Eromanga-sensei live stream Masumune notices something in Eromanga sensei’s room and realizes who the legendary artist unknown to all truly is, Eromanga sensei is actually Masumune sister Sagiri! The odd sibling romance story begins properly here and oh what an odd love story it truly is.

Three Major Similarities Zero no Tsukaima and Eromanga-sensei

1. Double Loli

Louise and Sagiri are lolis that much is plainly seen if one knows the definition. While both girls may have skills in quite different fields, it isn’t hard to see that the viewer’s enjoyment of both Sagiri and Louise comes in the form of their cute mannerisms and appearances. We will say though that Louise tends to be the one who gets a bit mad at her appearance being attacked than Sagiri, this is evident in almost any episode when she is compared to the maid Siesta. Thankfully, when either one feels threatened their loli nature dissolves a bit and becomes the tsundere they are both truly. Speaking of tsundere, that brings us to our next similarity…

2. Double the Tsundere

Yes folks, not only are you dealing with double the lolis but you’re also dealing with double the tsunderes. Sagiri, in Eromanga-sensei, can go from super cute to very annoyed and defensive. A perfect example of that comes in episode 4 when Sagiri notices Masamune becoming closer to Elf, another loli like writer. While she doesn’t have magic to make her potential lover explode like Louise does almost constantly in Zero no Tsukaima, if she could she probably would make Masamune fly into a wall. Nonetheless the pain of both Masamune and Saito from the hands of the mirror like loli tsundere girls Louise and Sagiri, is our entertainment and will be yours too.

3. Blossoming but Awkward Love

The fate of Saito and Louise is already well established, we know of their relationship becoming tightly cemented as the series progressed. However, both Zero no Tsukaima and Eromanga-sensei share one major thing in their romance plots, the dance of awkward love. Look at the siblings of Eromanga-sensei, Sagiri and Masamune clearly are in love with one another and that is relevant early on, but the road to this relationship actually happening seems paved in awkward moments, jealousy and miscommunication. We won’t spoil Eromanga-sensei’s current status with the sibling duo but we can say that if you look at the romance that was built In Zero no Tsukaima you’ll have a good guess on what will eventually transpire. Though we here at Honey’s Anime are still twiddling our fingers waiting for Sagiri and Masamune to just admit their dang feelings already!

Liked Zero no Tsukaima? Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr, 2017- Present
  • Read More

Aiz Wallenstein known as the sword princess, once again heads to the dungeon alongside her faithful party. Their goal like many others is to conquer the dungeon a feat no man or woman has accomplished so far. As they go further into the odd labyrinth like dungeon, they begin to notice more and more strange occurrences. For Aiz and her team, it seems like something is getting closer to them. Nonetheless Aiz is unfazed and continues on into the depths of the dungeon. Then suddenly she meets a young boy named Bell and Aiz will realize that besides the sword, she will have something else on her mind now.

Three Major Similarities Between Zero no Tsukaima and Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria.

1. Sword and Sorcery

Both of these titles are action and fantasy orientated so it’s apparent that for them to appeal to the audience in that nature there has to be some great classical action. We have to ask who doesn’t love seeing Aiz fight against a slew of baddies or Saito and Louise as they team together as a sword and magic duo. While the cute girls of both Sword Oratoria and Zero no Tsukaima are appealing, the action is just as much so thanks to the brilliant animation both deliver. Truly some of the set pieces, such as the final episode of Zero no Tsukaima will leave you in awe just as much as episode 1 of Sword Oratoria. So if you grow tired of seeing just cute tsundere like girls and need something with more weight to focus on, Sword Oratoria delivers thanks to the great action it has like Zero no Tsukaima accomplished. We do wonder though can you truly tire of cute tsundere girls?

2. Plenty of Comedy

We can’t even count all the times the banter between Saito and Louise had us in stiches. Similarly, Sword Oratoria has some amazing comedy in this action fantasy. You will be laughing just as hard as you did in Zero no Tsukaima when you see Aiz react to her party member’s constant ribbing or even the moments of seeing Bell and reacting in a true tsundere like manner. That’s why we will strongly recommend you check out Sword Oratoria if you loved the comedic aspects of Zero no Tsukaima. Truly we appreciate any fantasy anime that knows when the right time is to make for some good jokes or laughter. We’d almost feel it would a wasted opportunity if you had loli tsunderes in the same show and didn’t apply comedy. Luckily that is only a bad dream as Sword Oratoria does a fantastic job with its comedy.

3. A fated Meeting

In both Sword Oratoria and Zero no Tsukaima the fantasy adventures of our two lovely main girls starts with a chance encounter. In Zero no Tsukaima we have the summoning of Saito and in Sword Oratoria it’s when Aiz meets Bell as she explores the dungeon’s higher floors. It is from these events that truly start both series proper and pave the way for some of the best fantasy adventures filled with drama, romance, action and plenty of well-timed banter. We here at Honey’s Anime think it’s very crucial that a fantasy story has a strong beginning, it’s what hooks the audience and makes them want to return weekly to watch another episode. Just like Zero no Tsukaima’s great start, Sword Oratoria doesn’t slouch with a great first episode meeting of a character that we know will eventually become a main character himself. Ah the start of adventure, that’s what we hear from you folks clicking to watch Sword Oratoria and beginning your own adventures into a great airing show from the spring 2017 season.

Final Thoughts

We have to ask, are you okay? Have you been able to survive the cuteness overload from the double lolis of Louise and Sagiri or the great action that both Zero no Tsukaima and Sword Oratoria delivers? We here at Honey’s Anime are sure you’re doing just fine and now are eagerly waiting to watch all these shows to get a true enjoyment only the world of tsunderes, lolis and fantasy action can deliver. When you’re done recuperating after so much anime binging, please let us know in the comments down below your thoughts on this article and the shows we mentioned. As always we hope you will return for more great like this watch that articles and plenty more here at Honey’s Anime.

eromanga-sensei-dvd-225x350 [Cute Loli Tsundere Spring 2017] Like Zero no Tsukaima? Watch This!


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