Cynical, Clinical, Calculating, and… Changing? Meet Yuusuke Yotsuya of I’m Standing on a Million Lives!

In the 2nd season of 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru (I’m Standing on a Million Lives), Yuusuke Yotsuya continues to save the day with his critical thinking and conscious tossing of morality to survive. The party who completes these quests has to do so under penalty of death, and while Yuusuke has steeled himself to the experience, the same is not true for his teammates. Yuusuke has been interesting to watch for his cool way of thinking through complex problems and for his understanding of the world he has been unwillingly taken to. Without further ado, here is a little more about Yuusuke!

A Cold-Hearted Guy, Who Might Be The Reason Everyone is Still Alive

He Values The Lives of Others Without Emotional Input, He Says

Yuusuke surprises his co-adventurers repeatedly with his lack of care for others. He is open about only helping others because he has other goals (from Game Master) to accomplish. When he talks about battle and death, not a shred of empathy comes from him as he discusses who he can afford to have die while still accomplishing their goal.

What is even more unusual is that this attitude does not exclude himself. Yuusuke clearly has a list in mind of whose life is more valuable than his and why their contributions are more important. In recent episodes, he seems to start to care about others, just a tiny amount. Will he remain this calculating when it comes to lives, or will he begin to want others to live for his care for them?

Obvious Humanity-Hater. But Why?

It continuously comes up that Yuusuke hates just about all of humanity. When we first meet him, he seems to wonder why about going back to his world before he grasps the whole “dying if you don’t complete the quest” situation. In recent episodes, Yuusuke seems to dwell on this more, musing about how he dislikes anyone who is a human because that species kills out of malice and for convenience. Understanding this about humanity and others, Yuusuke seems to reject it all. But is he starting to make some real friends? What impact will that have on him?

Though it remains vague, Yuusuke has painful memories of his childhood that seem to be a launch point for his current emotional state. We have not been able to see what those memories entirely are yet, but it is clear that he has lost faith in people and himself.

The “Game” Seems Angled Against Him

Every ten levels, a player can roll for a new class, but with Yuusuke, it seems evident that some unknown party is putting their hand on the scale to throw the balance off of Yuusuke’s selection. Over and over, Yuusuke’s profession is both very rare and not suited to fighting. From first getting a farmer and then getting a chef, you would think the gag would stop there. Several more times, Yuusuke has these professions while every other party member gets something that can fight. Though it has been fun to watch, that does leave the question of who is watching Yuusuke.

The Most Rational Thinker

Though all of the people swept up in this debacle have been different types of gamers (or similar), Yuusuke is puts all of that knowledge to work in his adventure. He is constantly thinking about just where the line is of the rules and how to work around them to his party’s advantage. He considers each person’s abilities and skills and tries to use them all to their most significant potential while keeping everyone alive. His creativity of using his culinary skills to slay enemies or using his farming equip to use a larger blade is the type that keeps the whole group improving.

Final Thoughts

He doesn’t excel at making others feel good about themselves or even pretending to be kind when he does not feel like it. He values others like numbers, and he has no care if you know it. In a world that threatens their existence every time they visit, he might just be the guy everyone needs to stay alive. Do you think Yuusuke will have a change of heart? Or will he accidentally be a humanity-destroying catalyst? Let us know in the comments!

100-man-no-Inochi-no-Ue-ni-Ore-wa-Tatteiru-Wallpaper Cynical, Clinical, Calculating, and… Changing? Meet Yuusuke Yotsuya of I’m Standing on a Million Lives!


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