The Hits Start Coming and they Don’t Stop Coming - I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2 Puts Season 1 Out of the Running

100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru 2nd Season (I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2) has been a story where everyone has to try to survive. Without the revive ability, everyone would have been dead many times over. In that respect, season two is similar to season one, but past that point, the newest season of I’m Standing on a Million Lives leaves season one in the dust. We see the party get more robust, and we watch Yuusuke become a little less cold to the rest of the world. The quests get more challenging, and there is a lot of new information. What did we get out of this season? Let’s take a look!

When it’s Kill or be Killed, Ready Your Weapons

The New Party Members Are Awesome

In season one, a total of four people were added to the party. For season two, we saw two new members, Keita Torii and an American named Glenda Carter. Keita is strong, broadly built, and fearless, but an absolute airhead who wastes his opportunity to ask Game Master the end-of-quest question and asks something unimportant. On the other hand, Glenda Carter does not have Keita’s charisma and is untrusting but smart. Glenda knew about the existence of this Game Master challenge before being selected to join a party. Both of these characters can fight and bring a lot to the party.

Action and Lots of Dying

The heroes in I’m Standing on a Million Lives cannot die entirely. After a timeout, they come back to life, unless they are someplace where they would die again immediately (like a lava pit). Because of this, the heroes have become somewhat self-sacrificing when protecting each other and accomplishing tasks. Since their last battle (which has yet to occur) will be on Earth, there is no word yet on how these heroes will develop into people who can get through a boss fight without their revive ability, as season two would have been very short without that skill.

Intense Situations and Hard Choices

It was made more than apparent in season one that the only way to get through the tasks would be to adapt and survive, no matter what. The heroes in I’m Standing on a Million Lives find themselves in situations where they are not the “good guys” as it would be easy to believe. Yuusuke, in particular, seems to think that he will take up some of the harder tasks so that another person’s hands are not tainted with sin. He appears to be as unforgiving with himself as others, but that does not make the challenging tasks more manageable.

Some of the Mystery has become Clearer… and We can See That it’s Danger

After the disappointing performance of the 5th party member’s awful post-quest question, Glen gets right to the point with Game Master in the final episode of the season. Game Master explains that there is a small, but growing, hole in between the two worlds and through that, a dragon will eventually be loose on Earth. This season did an excellent job of bringing the bizarre scenes from season one back into the forefront. This also set the scene for season three. The heroes find themselves with a renewed conviction to continue the path to preparing to fight against the forces that can end the world

A Mysterious Sorcerer and a Season Three Setup

Fatina is a sorcerer that we was briefly after the Jifon Buffo adventure. We do not see her again until the end of season two, but we learn that she works to prevent the Dragon Bishops from resurrecting a dragon. She seems a little bit lax as a person, but she has immense power, and the average Dragon Bishop is no match for her. Not much else is known, but she and our heroes seem to have similar end-goals. Let’s hope they become comrades in the future!

Final Thoughts

I’m Standing on a Million Lives has really come into its own in season two. Season one had to do all the setup work for season two, and that setup allowed an adventure of uncertainty and survival that pushed every character both emotionally and physically. There had better be a season two because not all of our questions have been answered! And just like the characters in this show, there is no way we’re quitting before we see this to the end. What was your favorite part of season two? Let us know in the comments!

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