DARLING in the FRANXX Reveals Three Episode Impression!

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Darling-in-the-FrankXX-300x450 DARLING in the FRANXX Reveals Three Episode Impression!

Darling-in-the-FrankXX-300x450 DARLING in the FRANXX Reveals Three Episode Impression!


Sci-fi, Mecha, Fantasy

Airing Date:
January 13 2018

Studio Trigger, A-1 Pictures

Honey’s Highlights

Darling-in-the-FrankXX-300x450 DARLING in the FRANXX Reveals Three Episode Impression!
Children kept in a secret world away from everyone else in the ouside world?! This sounds just like Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau from Fall 2017!
Darling-in-the-FrankXX-300x450 DARLING in the FRANXX Reveals Three Episode Impression!
You forgot the mechas. This looks like it is going to be more like Chrome Shelled Regios and Eureka Seven. Japan loves a dystopia. I wonder what a modern day dystopian story would be like in anime form.
Darling-in-the-FrankXX-300x450 DARLING in the FRANXX Reveals Three Episode Impression!
Oh... yes... the mechas... eh.. he... he... But then how do they fuse to make a robot? Is it sexual or something? And we had a modern day dystopia in Zankyou no Terror.
Darling-in-the-FrankXX-300x450 DARLING in the FRANXX Reveals Three Episode Impression!
Ah riiiiiight. Well robots and dystopia will make a good anime. Another point to bring up is that Mika Nakashima is doing the opening for the series again. Bonus!

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They had dreams. Their dream was to be able to fly in the sky one day. Even though they knew they had no idea that the sky beyond the glass that surrounded them was much further than they thought.

The far future. A Fortified moving city known as “Plantation” was constructed and it moves across a landscape in ruin. There, the praises of civilization were sung.

Within this “plantation” exists a facility for raising pilots known as Mistilteinn. Called “the birdcage” it is where children live. They know nothing about the outside world. They do not know a free sky. The only mission that they are taught about is to fight...

Their enemies are “Kyouryuu.” They are giant living creatures shrouded in mystery. In order to face these enemies that they have never seen, the children spur each other on in robots known as “FranXX.” By riding one, they believe that they can prove their own existence.

There is a boy referred to as a “former prodigy.” His code number is 016 and his name is Hiro. Now, though, he is a dropout. Hiro’s existence is now considered “not essential.” It is said that if you cannot ride a FranXX, then you might as well not exist.

One day, right before his very eyes, a mysterious girl known as ZeroTwo appears in front of him. Two captivating horns protrude from her forehead as she says, “I’ve found you, my darling.”

Three Episode Impression

Welcome to the new world religion! Children are kept on lockdown and work in heteronormative pairs to pilot mecha, known as Franxx, to fight against the monsters that appear on the surface of their desolate world. A boy named Hiro however, cannot pilot. He was a prodigy, but something happened and now he cannot. Normally, children who cannot pilot are sent away, but for some strange reason, he is still here. When a new girl rolls up and is known for killing all of her partners after just three missions together, something changes as he now can pilot his mecha and work with her. Just what is Zero Two doing to him? This anime comes from A-1 Pictures (meh at best) and Trigger (yes yes yes!) and was rumored to be the spiritual successor to Gurren Lagann. The show is doing well to not hide in the shadow of its predecessor and make its own story. Although thinly veiled, there is rampant symbolism all throughout the series, mostly about sex, which is fun to pick up on. Let’s just see if they can take it a step further and help it evolve. It would be nice to see something other than boy-girl pairings, so keep an eye out for that if there is a ‘special’ paring this season. It has two cours to run, so we expect a lot!

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Yuuto Uemura

Code: 016
A flightless bird, he was called a prodigy in his past. He is a dropout pilot. He forms Strelizia with his partner ZeroTwo.
‘I’m good at naming things. I don’t have a place where I belong here. A flightless bird with nowhere to go.’


Voice Actor: Haruka Tomatsu

Code: 002
ZeroTwo is a red-horned, elite pilot who is a partner killer. She forms Strelizia with her partner Hiro.
‘A place where you belong is something you create. I think I’m intrigued by you. What is with the need to name every single thing?’


Voice Actor: Kana Ichinose

Ichigo is the leader of the children. A serious individual, she has a big-sisterly disposition and is a childhood friend of Gorou. Ichigo is an honors student pilot. She forms Delphinium with her partner Gorou.
‘A leader works hard. I think it is good to not get mixed up with that person. I felt something like a sense of security. You really suck...’


Voice Actor: Yuuichirou Umehara

Code: 056
Gorou sets the mood for the group and has been Ichigo’s best friend for a long time. He has a high ability score and is a good, young man. He forms Delphinium with his partner Ichigo. ‘You have wasted your perfect beauty. Our parents are watching. I am so happy that you stuck around. I guess you beat me to the punch.’


Voice Actor: Nanami Yamashita

Code: 390
Miku is naive, hates losing, has an amazing body, and is beautiful on the inside like she is on the outside. She forms Argentea with her partner Zorome.
‘H-hey! Don’t be so violent! Why does HE have to be the leader. We have come so far and you are still trying to pick up girls? It looks like the elite soldiers all get along.’


Voice Actor: Mutsumi Tamura

Code: 666
Zorome is emotional and impulsive. He may be loud and stupid, but you cannot hate him. He yearns to be older and is brimming with confidence. He forms Argentea with his partner Miku.
‘Look at the adults. Don’t be so full of yourself. Hey! Don’t you dare ignore me! I am confident that it will go well.’


Voice Actor: Saori Hayami

Code: 556
Kokoro is everyone’s Madonna. She gently takes things into consideration and has a maternal feel to her that envelops. She has a small curiosity about her. Kokoro forms Genista with her partner Futoshi.
‘Hahaha, your impersonation is great. Being alone just like this is great. Not at all! I think it’s great. Don’t fight! It will affect our numbers.’


Voice Actor: Hiroki Gotou

Code: 214
Futoshi is a bit thoughtless and does things at his own pace. He is unexpectedly straightforward and he loves to eat as well. He forms Genista with his partner Kokoro.
‘Don’t call me fat. We are really compatible together. It’s such a waste, so maybe I should eat this. I wonder if I really can become fighting capable.’


Voice Actor: Shizuka Ishigami

Code: 196
Ikuno is calm, cool, and collected and has a disillusioned heart. She is an avid reader as well as she has hidden desires. She forms Chlorophytum with her partner Mitsuru.
‘This feels forced. Don’t come to me looking for sympathy. No, not really, I am not interested. There is no point in quarrelling among allies.’


Voice Actor: Aoi Ichikawa

Code: 326
Mitsuru enjoys rivalry and is a proud individual. While he is self-righteous, he was traumatized in his past by betrayal. He forms Chlorophytum with his partner Ikuno.
‘If you pay lip service, then you had better be ready for what comes after. I am fine if this is all it is. Cut it out, and just accept it. You can team up with me and by my partner.’

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: KISS OF DEATH (Produced by HYDE) by Mika Nakashima
  • Ending Song: XX:me by Katsuhiko Sugiyama

Main Staff
  • Director: Atsushi Nishigori
  • Assistant Director: Toshifumi Akai
  • Series Composition: Atsushi Nishigori, Naotaka Hayashi
  • Character Design: Masayoshi Tanaka
  • Animation Director: Masayoshi Tanaka
  • Sound Director: Shouji Hata
  • Music: Asami Tachibana

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